Assistant Vice President

Drew Sterling
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234


Trilingual executive and senior manager offering more than 3 years of international business development experience in the banking industry. Additional experience includes 2 years in retail management. Practiced negotiator and mediator. Language skills include Spanish, French, and English. Computer skills include Microsoft Windows 98, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook).


Union of Mexican Bankers, Mexico City, Mexico
1995 - 1997
Assistant Vice President - Legal Department
Managed all operations of the trust, judiciary, and appraisal divisions to support 46 banks throughout Mexico, including foreign banks such as Bank of America, Chase, Dresden, and BNP. Emphasized the establishment and revamping of policies and procedures. Interacted primarily with bank vice presidents and occasionally with chief executive officers. Organized and conducted weekly meetings. Reported to the President. Researched and analyzed information, wrote reports on recommendations, and forwarded to government banking officials for approval. Served as an interpreter.

• Participated in the development of legal rules and regulations to control large deposits and prevent money laundering
• Contributed to the development of policies and procedures for commercial and residential appraisals that reduced bank liability and implemented stronger controls to maintain actual value amounts
• Designed payment plans and structures for the payoff of high dollar amount credit card balances that was implemented throughout the system
• Created financial and account information statistical charts and reports that improved customer service and provided upper management with data used in the decision making process
• Approached by 3 banks with offers of executive-level positions

Banco Federal de Mexico, Mexico City, Mexico
1997 - 1998
Assistant Vice President/Trust Department Manager
Managed a $10 million (U.S.) portfolio of 15 individual and corporate accounts. Interacted with business owners, presidents, vice presidents, chief executive officers, legal counsel, and high-net-worth individuals. Reported to the Vice President of the Trust Department.

• Achieved 101% of plan within six months
• Secured a $1 billion large U.S. oil company account that was eventually managed by the Vice President due to its complexity, with personal responsibility for just a portion of this account

Hacienda Terrace, Houston, Texas
General Manager
Spearheaded and managed a high-end retail furniture and specialty shop in Town Park. Interacted with representatives from Harden, Barlow Tyrie, Royal Doulton, and Rosenthal China. Average contracts ranged up to $12,000. Coordinated and directed all operations including inventory purchase and control, pricing, sales and marketing, advertising, supervision of staff, and accounts payable and receivable.


Studied six years of law

HARVARD UNIVERSITY , Boston, Massachusetts
Continuing education

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