Unit Director Retail Stores

Lee Robertson
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234


Executive Management Leader

· With 14 years of top leadership experience.
· Currently managing 4 locations with 927 employees, producing $176 million in annual revenues.
· Organized and orchestrated the opening of 4 stores throughout tenure with current company.
· Communicated successfully with architects for store design and décor, construction supervisors and other contractors for facilities management and maintenance, vendors for inventory and merchandising, and dignitaries, guest speakers, and the media for pre-opening celebrations.
· Overachieved on store income budgets and garnered double digit net income from one location, which was well above industry average.
· Active participant in company mentorship and leadership development programs.
· Bilingual with the ability to speak, read, and write in fluent Spanish.
· Computer skills include Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Publisher), and People Soft (Human Resource Function).


1995 to Present
Houston, Laredo, and Hondo, Texas
Unit Director / Team Leader – Houston, Texas (March 2002 to Present)
Primary focus on managing an 86,000 square foot, $51 million store at Stuebner Airline and Louetta.
Coordinated and directed all operations from store design to construction and grand opening of two new stores in one year, including managing multi-million dollar budgets and negotiating contracts.
· August 2003, Stuebner Airline and Louetta (store currently managing).
· January 2003, Beltway 8 and Beechnut, 91,400 square feet, $49 million in annual sales.

Provide team leadership and mentoring to nurture and develop top management personnel at three locations—includes developmental plans and coaching on budget management and driving top line numbers, as well as bi-annual performance reviews.
· Kingwood, a $30 million, 56,000 square foot facility.
· Attasocita, an 86,000 square foot store producing $46 million in revenues.
· Beechnut (one of new construction locations), 91,400 square feet and $49 million in annual sales.

New Construction Accomplishments:
· Brought to Houston to open new stores based on previous success with company.
· Opened Stuebner Airline store 2 weeks ahead of schedule with 4,700 less hours and $263,000 less in expenses.
· Reduced expenses by $176,000 at Beechnut store and opened under budget with 3,400 less hours.

Store Management Accomplishments:
· Currently at 118.87% of sales plan year-to-date.
· Came in 1.15% under budget for manager controllables (training, payroll, payroll taxes, benefits, sick leave, Workmen’s Compensation, store supplies, store services, utilities, insurance, and cash management).
· Chaired a team that established the 5-S Program for total control of back room with perpetual inventory control and reduced total store shrink by more than 40%, achieving 1.91%.

Mentorship and Leadership Accomplishments:
· Contributed to the attainment of 117% of budgeted sales at Beechnut location for first year’s production.
· Currently a Leadership Development Center (LDC) Assessor, evaluating and assessing performance of unit directors and team leaders through intensive training programs established by Personal Decisions International (PDI).
· Selected to serve as Master of Ceremonies for three years at company’s annual meetings, with over 6,000 managers from store management to senior officers from the H.E.B. organization.

Unit Director / Team Leader – Laredo, Texas (April 1998 to March 2002)
Managed all operations of the 71,000 square foot McPherson store, which produced $65 million in annual revenues. Supervised 266 employees.

Major Accomplishments:
· Delivered and maintained double digit store net income in fourth quarter, maximizing at 12.6% well above national average.
· Garnered an annual net income of $5.8 million or 8.92% of annual sales.
· Grew the business from $30 million to $65 million in 3 years and 9 months.

Store Director – Hondo, Texas (March 1997 to April 1998)
Maintained sole responsibility for coordinating and directing all operations of this 42,000 square foot store that generated $23 million in annual revenue. Supervised 121 employees.

Major Accomplishments:
· Produced 152% of goal by increasing revenue to $23 million within 6 months after opening new store.
· Attained maximum partner share payout for senior management by overachieving on budget.

Store Director – Laredo, Texas (May 1995 to March 1997)
Worked under the direction of a unit director, managing the San Dario store location, an 88,000 square foot store producing $60 million in revenue per year. Reduced total store expenses by 11%.

ALBERTSON’S, San Antonio, Texas
1985 to 1995
Store Director (August 1990 to May 1995)
Selected for fast-track management program, receiving promotion to store director after just 5 years and 3 months, the youngest store director appointed in Albertson’s Southwest Region. Previous positions held included drug store clerk, camera shop manager, assistant drug manager, drug manager, and assistant store director.


Bachelor of Business Administration Program – Emphasis on Finance

· Select for Success
· Leadership Development Center (LDC) - PDI Evaluation
· Manage Execution Trainer
· Behavioral Base Feedback Coach
· Diversity Management
· Leadership I and II
· Legal I, II, and III
· HIPPA Certification


Former Member / Vice President Board of Directors
Former Member / Vice President
LAREDO FOOD BANK – Laredo, Texas
Former Officer
Former Member Advisory Board / School of Trustees

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