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ClearCase Specialist / LAN Administrator

Self-directed and highly driven specialist with over 20 years of continuous experience in configuration management and Network LAN Administration. Combines strong troubleshooting and technical acumen with proven expertise in leadership and project management skills to consistently deliver beneficial solutions.

Valuable team player with strong strategic planning capabilities, able to strive for excellence in all assignments. Highly articulate, demonstrating excellent interpersonal skills across all levels including peers, management, clients and end-users. Core competencies include:

• Strategic Project Management • System Conversions & Troubleshooting
• ISO Knowledge & Training • Procurement & Inventory Control
• Implementation Planning & Management • Team Building & Leadership
• End User Training • Client Relationship Management


• HP Administration • Solaris Administration • ClearCase Administration • Network LAN Administration •
• Program Library System Administration • Microsoft PowerPoint • Microsoft Office Suite •
• Microsoft Project • Update Manager • SIRCC • Remedy • ProSTAR • ForthDimension •
• Basic SQL Database • Basic Bourne Shell • UNIX • Basic Perl •


JORBEL, Kanata, Ontario, Canada
1982 - 2002
(#1 software development company within technology world, marketing products globally)

Configuration Management
Network LAN Administrator
Load Builder
Data Base Administrator
Communications Logistic Procurement

Promoted through increasingly responsible positions with direct responsibility for core operating functions. Orchestrated, utilizing superior technical skills, implementation of ClearCase, computer code storage library, through entire lifecycle planning. Managed systems configuration and maintenance, problem troubleshooting, planning and directing upgrades, and testing operations to ensure optimum system functionality. Career highlights include:

Project Management Contributions:
• Defined requirements, then planned, implemented and managed Software Library ensuring safe, stable environment for storage of codes contributed from upwards of 800 multi-sited programmers.
• Administered lifecycle of multiple projects while Project Prime, assessing need, proposal writing, goal setting, managing daily scheduling, and formulating closeout plan.
• Recruited superior-level engineers and researchers to staff Jorbel's Internal Business lines, resulting in increased productivity through efficient managing and migrating of their Product Library System (PLS) to new releases.
• Improved efficiency 25% by streamlining through configuration management, Loadbuild process for policy services products, resulting in shorter, cleaner build cycles.

Technical Administration Highlights:
• Guided Database Administration and support activity for ClearCase and PLS servicing 500+ Internal Business Lines while troubleshooting daily difficulties.
• Instrumental in set-up of precise tracking tools ensuring 100% accountability for all purchase orders and inventory record keeping.
• Facilitated hardware repair and maintenance, through LAN administration support, of all company Macintosh, XMS workstations, HP's and Solaris fileservers, as well as end-user workstations.

Customer Management Contributions:
• Mediated ownership for problem identification and resolution by managing Teams in conflict throughout software release program.
• Championed innovative solutions to support contentious situations with customers, raising the bar in customer satisfaction and retainability.
• Forged strong alliances with multi-disciplined teams, ensuring continuous daily support allowing more efficient and timely completion of projects.

Communication and Training Accomplishments:
• Delivered intensive hands-on training programs at client sites using live systems. Ensured that end-users understood ClearCase Administration, PLS Administration, Loadbuild and network tape backup management.
• Developed various documentation assisting in product familiarization including: end-user guides, reporting documents, web-page content, and general release writings.
• Chaired multi-teamed release status meetings ensuring open lines of communication on topics dealing with current project status, and timeline maintenance.
• Negotiated, leveraged and nurtured partnerships to assist in the smooth operation of all departmental activities.


Energetic self-starter hired as entry-level mailroom clerk, eventually accumulating enough technical prowess to be identified as expert within Hi-Tech field. Innovative thinker, utilizing resourcefulness skills to astutely analyze, plan, and streamline processes, thereby saving time and money.

• Evaluated and rectified problems at different levels of organization through hands-on expertise gained from years of experience.
• Proven ability to handle complex obstacles, and exceed all expectations.


• Certificate of Merit: In recognition of outstanding contribution to Loadbuild Staff Support.
• Pride awards: Multi-year winner for outstanding ClearCase implementation.
• Performance Recognition: Received "EXCEED" performance recognition at Nortel for 10 years running

PRWRA Nicole Miller - President - Mil-Roy Consultants - 1729 Hunter's Run Drive - Orleans Ontario Canada K1C-6W2 - (613) 934-4031