Contract Manager Federal Employment

Stacey McGovern
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234

Candidate Source: External
Veteran Status: 30% Disabled
Citizenship: United States
Federal Status: None
Clearance: TOP SECRET (Active)
Highest Federal Civilian Grade Held: None

Announcement Number: BOR-MP-04-033(DV)
Department of the Interior, Bureau of Reclamation

Detail-oriented, deadline-driven, military trained Senior Supply Procurement Manager with 22 years’ comprehensive, supervisory, expert experience in military and corporate procurement systems.

· Strong communicator at all levels: Conveys expert knowledge of complex governing supply regulations, procedures, and instructions, supply functions, operations, program requirements, and work methods to be easily understood.
· Experienced in budget preparation and execution with knowledge of commonly used budgetary methods, practices, procedures, regulations, policies, and processes.
· Talented trainer, project leader, and team builder: Effectively instill “Quality First” and “Do-the-job-right-the-first-time” attitude. Certified US Navy Master Trainer in Supply Management.
· Auditing experience includes materials inventory management, accounting records, food service, and retail store records.
· Skilled in purchasing equipment and repair parts for corporate and DoD procurement systems.
· Skilled in gathering, assembling, and analyzing factual information from accounting and work reports, inventory and supply data.
· Proficient in data entry, automated supply systems, and office automation software programs, Microsoft Word, Works, and Excel, WordPerfect, Lotus 1-2-3, CorelDraw.


Albert Foods
23 Albert Drive
40 hours / week
Austin, TX 78710
Starting Salary: $48,000
Supervisor: Mr. John Doe: 512-555 1212, May be contacted.
Ending Salary: $35,000
Exercised comprehensive knowledge of supply functions, operations, program requirements, and work methods in oversight of annual purchasing volume of $2.5 million. Purchased all repair parts, equipment, general use consumables, and protective clothing required to support and maintain 12 production lines of various types of pickled products for food processing plant that employed 200 fulltime employees and up to 250 additional seasonal employees.
· Made efficient use of maintenance funds in managing 500 vendors worldwide for development and manufacture of obsolete repair parts and other critical, high-use, high-cost items.
· Performed total vendor administration, including disputes resolution, payment, and formal written correspondence, among other functions.
· Supervised inventory control of approximately 10,000 line items stored. Saved approximately 8% on annual budget.
· Reduced average cost per item 71% through rigorous research.
· Read, interpreted, and applied supply regulations, manuals, catalogs, records, and orders to resolve complex supply problems for plant maintenance requested frequently by other plants.
· First one in company to perform data entry and processing of supply transitions on DataStream MB2 (automated maintenance scheduling and supply system).
· Used various office automation software programs, tools, and techniques, such as Microsoft Word and Excel, DataStream, and MP2 software to produce letters, reports, spreadsheets, databases, and graphs.

US Navy
OCT 1991 to MAY 1995
Fleet Transportation Office
40 hours / week
Pearl Harbor, HI 96860
Supervisor: Mr. John Doe, Phone: 555-555 1212, May be contacted.
Supervised eight enlisted and civilian administrative personnel in analysis and determination of transportation requirements to provide support to pacific fleet units. Exercised expert knowledge of supply functions, operations, program requirements, work methods, governing supply regulations, procedures, and instructions to interpret DoD policy for movement of material worldwide. Routinely read, interpreted, and applied supply regulations, manuals, catalogs, records, and orders to accomplish tasks and resolve complex supply problems as follows:
· Reduced command annual budget of $62,000 by 33% in first year, 30% in second year, and 30% in third year, through expenditure cuts, waste and abuse identification, and administrative efficiencies.
· Coordinated Special Assignment Airlift Missions (SAAMS) for scheduled, rapid reaction and emergency requirements.
· Reviewed transportation channels to ensure air/sea cargo support for Navy requirements. Coordinated training programs for PACFLT units.
· Represented CINCPACFLT at joint service meetings for airlift scheduling, personal property requirements, sealift, and other transportation topics.
· Assisted fleet petroleum officer in developing OPLANS and Joint Operation Planning System, and analysis of inventory level/re-supply schedules for PACFLT activities in Pacific and Indian Oceans, and Southeast Asia operating areas.
· Prepared written instructions to disseminate PACFLT policy on transportation matters.
· Served as fleet transportation systems officer in his absence.

US Navy
JUN 1989 to SEP 1991
Physical Distribution Management School
40 hours / week
Oakland, CA 12345
Supervisor: Capt. James Doe, Phone: 555-555 1212, May be contacted.
Ranked #1 Instructor. Provided formal Instruction in various areas of Physical Distribution Management. Instructed in classroom and at off site locations for military and DoD activities throughout United States and Canada
· Subject areas taught included:
· Warehouse Management; Air Cargo Loading; MILSTAMP procedures;
· Passenger Transportation, including associated governing supply regulations, procedures, and instructions;
· Supply Functions, Operations, Program Requirements, and Work Methods; and
· How to read, interpret, and apply applicable reference material, such as supply regulations, manuals, catalogs, records, and orders.
· Wrote course outlines and presented material to over 3000 students in 3-year period.
· Arranged and coordinated tours to various bay area facilities (both military and civilian), so students could observe hands on application of material being presented.
· Wrote MILSTAMP manual–Military Standard Transportation and Movement Procedures and course for Navy transportation, both still in use today.

US Navy
NOV 1985 to MAY 1989
USS Vreeland (FF 1068)
40 hours / week
FPO San Francisco, 12345
Supervisor: CDR John Doe, 555-555 1212, May be contacted.
Managed department of 23 military personnel for supply, food services, and retail store operations divisions on ship with crew of 130.
· Used expert knowledge of supply functions, operations, program requirements, and work methods in purchasing, inventory control, logistics, and management of supply chain.
· Applied expert knowledge of commonly used budgetary methods, practices, procedures, regulations, policies and processes in preparing and executed ships financial management plan for all ships departments.
· Audited non‑appropriated funds, ordering of ships supply parts, food service requirements, and outfitting of retail store.
· Provided inventory management and proper storage for incoming supplies and acted as purchasing officer to obtain required operational supplies and equipment in remote areas throughout world.


Bachelor of Science Degree, University of Wisconsin—LaCrosse, LaCrosse, WI, Major: Business Administration, Minor: None, 1985, GPA: 3.00.
Certificate, Micro Computer Specialist, (24 semester hours), Northeast Wisconsin Technical, Green Bay, WI, 1995, GPA: 3.80.


Navy Transportation Management School, Dec Jun 1989, Honor Graduate.
Navy Supply Corps School, Mar Oct 1985, Graduated Top 10%


Contracting Officer (Small Purchasing), Apr 1985


Navy Commendation Medal, Apr 2004.
Navy Commendation Medal, Dec 2003
Navy Achievement Medal, Oct 2002
Master Training Specialist, Jan 2001

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