Telecommunications Technician

Chris Fong
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234


Telecommunications technician with more than 5 years of highly skilled experience, which includes one year as an electrical technician. Proven track record as a leader, receiving high accolades for quality workmanship and for achieving objectives without encountering outages.

Areas of expertise include:
• Equipment inventory management • Performing power connections
• Developing cable management systems • Installing and testing cabling
• Performing cabling y-splicing • Building fiber trays
• Equipment installing/testing/turn-up • Equipment power-up
• Monitoring for 24 hours • Troubleshooting/repairing problems
• Migrations without outages • Utilizing methods of procedure (MOP)


• Specialty Items: Austron PRR-10/50 GPS clocks (small and large site configurations), and Harris WS 3800 alarm units.
• Timing/Telemetry: GPS Timing Source, Symmetricom ST2, and DCD-523.
• Dac Installations/Expansions: Tellabs and Alcatel.
• Switches/Routers: Cisco, Nortel DMS 100/500, Lucent CBX 500/9000, and Larscom Orion 4000.
• Hardware: Cabling, racking, ironwork, proper fire stopping, earthquake bracing, and fiber tray construction.
• Test Equipment: 107 ThrowMaster and T-Bird testers.
• Certifications: MCI WorldCom and BNC connectors 2000.


Industrial Communication Systems, Houston, TX
1999 - Present
Telecommunications Technician III
Served in a lead role for special assignments such as MCI WorldCom and Nortel, traveling throughout the Houston metropolitan area to install telecommunication systems. Supervised up to 16 technicians and assigned tasks according to individual capabilities. Maintained quality control responsibility. Reported to field engineers. Interacted with directors of security, safety directors, site directors, and IT managers.

• Installed timing and telemetry for an NFL site, which was used as a template per client's request for Denver site which was having problems.
• Negated future problems for a client by recognizing a code violation in work being performed by another contractor for a brand new facility.
• Decommissioned an ST2 clock, and installed and migrated timing cabling to DCD-523 with no service interruption.

Doyle Communications, Burlington, VT
1996 - 1999
Splicing Technician
Served in several lead roles with full, onsite responsibility while working exclusively on Nortel projects across the U.S., ranging from 30,000 lines up to 130,000. Reported to the company president.

• Updated a step switch to digital, attending meetings with both Nortel and Bell managers to provide MOP on how to prevent outages.
• Spliced in overhead cable racking and cosmic MDF, performing final dress work for cables.
• Updated outside plant line maps, for both aerial and buried cable.

Helix Communications, Boston, MA
1995 - 1996
Served as a lead technician for primarily three telecommunications projects, an elementary school, a combined nursing home and correctional facility, and a remodeled office building. Managed crews of up to five technicians.
• Created an overall telephone system that linked two entirely separate facilities under one roof.

SFB Incorporated, Boston, MA
1994 - 1995
Electrical Technician
All stages of electrical work for both residential and commercial project - Pulled cabling to each patient's room for a CAT5 installation at a remodeled hospital.


Lincoln Vocational School, Worchester, MA
Attended an electrical apprentice program.

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