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Robin Saunders
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Seasoned senior executive, offering 20+ years experience across Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Career progressing from shop floor to board level, driving renewed market expansion initiatives and revenue growth. Bottom-line focused; a big picture visionary. Excel in devising non-traditional solutions that transform stagnant or declining businesses into spirited and profitable operations. Expert team coach and mentor. Inspired to exploit emerging technologies to seize competitive advantage. Impressive personal center of influence traverses key decision-making members of business and government.

• Profit & Loss Accountability • Multimillion-Dollar Resource Management
• Operations Management • Seed Funding
• Legislative Compliance • International Market Expansion
• Strategic Planning • Cost Avoidance/Reduction
• Mergers & Acquisitions • Strategic Alliances
• New Business Development • Business Process Reengineering


Highland Corporation, Gosford
2000 - Present
Chief Executive Officer
Recruited to establish a "big picture" strategic vision, elevate profile throughout the business community, and review inefficient practices from self-managed regional groups undermining a cohesive methodology for project funding. Rolled out significant consolidation program spearheading a complete change in culture and unifying regional groups under a single entity. Despite widespread initial skepticism, a corporate communication and education process has stemmed fears and concerns, with the organization now primed to aggressively pursue venture capital, and proceed with solid long-term strategy in place.

• Personally amassed an imposing center of influence boasting key business and government players prepared to support new initiatives for community growth and expansion.
• Orchestrated $425,000 in local council and State Government co-funding projects in year 2001 creating 300 new jobs.
• Established "industry clusters" to capitalize on power of consolidated groups. Cluster groups in hydroponics vegetable industry created 300 jobs and spurred investment of $18 million; embryonic Aquaculture cluster now employs 45, and has prompted $5 million in investment, with $8 million in the pipeline.
• Merged 3 peak regional development bodies to form a single entity for pursuing economic development.

China Motors International, Hong Kong SAR China
1995 - 2000
Managing Director
Launched in conjunction with silent business partner, new start-up venture to exploit opportunities in exporting motor vehicle parts from mainland China to USA and Europe. Propelled company from unknown start-up to number 2 industry player, catapulting international sales from zero to US $5 million in just 3 years. As with all self-employment endeavors, maintained proactive hands-on involvement in all core business disciplines from marketing and business expansion, through driving customer relationship management programs, "deal making" with shipping and customs officials, banking and government officers, and business owners in China, US and Europe.

• Aggressively pursued, won, and maintained 8 reliable suppliers in China, overcoming all cultural obstacles in business communications.
• Personally established and nurtured 10 distributors across the United States and Germany.

Baker Hydraulics P/L, Castle Hill, NSW
1992 - 1995
Division General Manager
Reported to: Managing Director. Operating Budget: $10 million. Staff: 280 (Australia & New Zealand)

Profit and loss accountability for this rapidly expanding business enterprise with outstanding growth potential, hindered in part by inefficient work practices impacting customer satisfaction and revenues. Spearheaded 3-year strategic plan and annual business blueprints to document intended long-term directions; orchestrated a series of infrastructure consolidations and changes that yielded positive outcomes.

• Slashed stock holdings by $5 million, boosted order fill rates to 98% and dramatically elevated customer satisfaction rates by merging 3 distinct warehouse operations to a single national warehouse.
• Pioneered start-up hose manufacturing facility that boosted sales by $4 million.
• Delivered $3 million in additional new business revenues by capitalizing on credibility stemming from the introduction of the ISO 9001 quality accreditation program.
• Overcame litigious obstacles to proposed franchise chain acquisition and successfully integrated new business into established business infrastructure.

Bradford New Zealand, Limited, India, Indonesia and Sri Lanka
1988 - 1992
Chief Executive Officer
Bottom-line accountability for turning around poor performances of 5 vertically integrated tire companies producing sales of $95 million across manufacturing, importation, distribution, and retail sectors. Challenged to "fix it or close it," the business was plagued with internal issues, lack of retail outlets, and in critical need of strategic alliances. In just 3 years:

• Reversed company fortunes from a $2 million loss to $5 million profit, surpassing all industry expectations and forecasts.
• More than doubled retail outlets, contributing $35 million in new business.
• Personally secured national distribution rights for Michelin Tires in New Zealand, yielding sales of $15 million in Year 1 and increasing market share by 6%.
• Established joint-venture operations in Malaysia, India, Indonesia and Sri Lanka.


Auckland University, New Zealand
Certificate, General Management

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