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Sam Sterling
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234


Management professional with more than 10 years experience providing consulting and training expertise to client projects representing a wide range of industries and corporations. Currently responsible for a $1.3 million department within a Fortune 500 corporation, that includes consulting, training, product development, and testing.

Management experience includes providing overall direction, establishing guidelines, updating and rewriting training materials, scheduling time and assignments, recruiting, hiring, training, and developing alternative sources of revenue to enhance projects.

Consulting experience includes performing needs assessments, establishing objectives and mission statements, observing performance to tasks, documenting findings, gathering appropriate documents to assess efficiency, analyzing processes and procedures, developing extensive proposals, scheduling projects, and developing cost analyses for implementation, training, and installation.


• Software: Microsoft Office 2000 (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, and Outlook), and Microsoft Project
• Languages: Html, Cold Fusion, and Visual Basic
• Databases: Oracle, Sequel Server, and FoxPro
• Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows NT and 98


1997 - Present
Serve as a hands-on consultant and project team leader, while managing $1.3 million in consulting and training operations in the U.S. for this global leader in the development of enterprise-wide, project management, and cost management solutions. Accounts represent the aerospace and defense, telecommunications, chemical, engineering and construction, shipbuilding, transportation, and information technology industries. Major accounts include Exxon, Solar Turbine, U.S. Navy, Lockheed Martin, Weyerhauser, Southwest Marine, Litton Marine, Avondale, and I-Cube.

• Led the consulting department for revenue generation from January to June 2000.
• Developed a three-part, standardized plan that provides scheduling guidelines and a template for each project's implementation, and establishes a quality control process for the marketing and sales presentation (anticipated to significantly drive consulting revenue, improve customer service and management expectations, reduce problems, and provide overall project coordination).
• Currently writing standardized departmental policies (anticipated to improve efficiency and drive revenue).
• Created and implemented a plan for the WelcomHome web-based project collaboration tool that facilitates the use of this product in a shorter amount of time (will provide the company with a new deliverable for income generation).
• Developed cold fusion reports, an important component of the WelcomHome product.
• Scheduled to conduct three one-hour presentations at the company's European Conference during the first week of October to reiterate previous presentations on product design changes.

1997 - 2000
Assigned to client projects as a technical consultant with responsibility for analyzing processes and developing solutions that best matched short-term and long-term objectives. Conducted training sessions. Developed custom applications. Projects ranged from $6,500 up to $400,000.

• Ranked as one of the top three producers in the consulting department for revenue generation in 1998 and 1999.
• Recognized as the first new consultant in company's history to become billable in less than one month, with a monthly bill rate equal to that of other consultants on staff.
• Ranked #3 in the company after only ten months of production in 1999.
• Developed the Html/Java scripting reports for a web-based project status tool.
• Conducted three one-hour presentations at the company's User Conference in May 2000: Changes to New Database Design; Preparation for and Benefits of Migration to Flagship Product, Open Plan; and Introduction and Demonstration of New Security Model for Use with All Company Products.

BOEING, New Orleans, Louisiana
1994 - 1997
Specialist, Facilities Resource Management - Manned Space Systems
Transferred to the facilities resource management department and continued to develop the Facilities Integrated Management System, while managing other programming and system operations projects.

• Recognized with the Great Ideas Award in 1996 for designing, developing, and implementing a network-based system for the Construction of Facilities application (reduced duplication of effort and decreased project time by 82%).
• Developed the network version of the Construction of Facilities application (reduced project manager's time by 80% by providing an electronic format for schedule updating and printing).
• Developed an online data gathering and charting application that tracked Request for Facilities progress and published charts that management reviewed on a monthly basis (improved output time and achieved an 87% reduction in project time).
• Received a Task Achievement Award in 1995 for participation on the Guidance Team that provided input for scheduling events, setting up the mini fair, and interfacing with other departments to coordinate the company-sponsored Drug Free Week Project.

BOEING, New Orleans, Louisiana
1990 - 1994
Associate Computer Systems Designer
Developed LAN-based database applications.

• Received the Director's Spot Award in 1993 for the development, testing, and implementation of the Facilities Integrated Management System, necessary to support CAP implementation and serve as a major link in the architecture (resulted in on-time delivery for meeting commitments to the CAP project).
• Recognized with a Task Achievement Award in 1991 for outstanding performance throughout the year, with primary focus on coordinating with the file server, configuration management, and other groups within MIS to assure accuracy and completeness of data within the hardware and software inventory system (significantly contributed to a "green" rating for the corporate audit).


Bachelor of Science, Computer Information Systems


Member of the Project Management Institute (1997 to Present)

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