Aeronautical Engineer

Stacey McGovern
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234


A position employing education in Aeronautical / Mechanical Engineering to contribute to the timely completion of space projects.


Reed Polytechnic Institute, Rochester, NY
Bachelor of Science, Aeronautical Engineering / Mechanical Engineering
GPA: 3.5, Relevant Courses
Fixed Wing Design* / Space Flight Dynamics
Elements of Mechanical Design / Experimental Fluid Dynamics
Vehicular Dynamics and Automatic Control
*Designed a four- seat GA aircraft with a turbofan engine.

Awards & Scholarships
Graduated Cum Laude (1999)
Dean's List
Pi Tau Sigma
(Mechanical Engineering Honor Fraternity)


• Academically competent in all areas of design, development and testing of aircraft or space vehicles.
• Skillfully apply knowledge of aerodynamics to theory, development and modification of aircraft / components.
• Research and analyze data to develop mechanical and electro-mechanical products and systems.
• Expertly organize project guidelines.
• Systematically test prototypes / subassemblies to study and evaluate effects of stress.
• Ensure conformance of engineered product to design and customer specification.
• Coordinate operation, maintenance and repair activities to maximize productivity.
• Computer Knowledge:
Operating Systems: Unix / Windows
Programming Languages: C / HTML
Applications: Word / CAD / Maple / SAS / Matlab (Simulink) / Alpha 5, P-Spice


Geo Laboratories, Inc., Syracuse, NY
1997 - Present
Computer Technician
• Developed database system for use in a warehouse / reorganized warehouse.

Zane Furnishings, Albany, NY
1996 - 1997
• Prepared large and heavy furniture and appliances for transport.
• Identified and delivered client possessions.


Academic Tutor
GM Week Committee Member
Eagle Scout--12 years of dedicated service
National Conservation Award
National Thespian Society

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