Laboratory Manager

Marion McLeod
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
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Senior Level Executive with 20 years experience in Technology, Applications, and Laboratory Management. Background in leadership and initiative, with a track record of achieving consistent profitability and stability while overseeing considerable growth. Strengths include coordinating domestic/international sales and technical teams to expand market penetration in a competitive arena, while growing sales and exceeding revenue goals. Skilled in managing diverse groups, developing relationships across department lines and communicating with employees at all levels. Published author with expertise in developing, writing, and presenting technical publications, validations, SOPs, ISO9000, newsletters, applications, and marketing collateral.


• Product Development and Management • Competitive Strategies/Pricing
• International and Domestic Sales/Markets • Profit and Revenue Growth Strategies
• New Ventures/Start-Up • New Product Research and Implementation
• Marketing/Sales/Public Relations • Budgeting and Administration
• Productivity/Profitability/Cost Containment • Policy and Procedures Development
• Product Introduction/Coordination • Technical Service Management


• Served as consultant to companies seeking FDA, NIST, and/or other quality approvals, lending technical expertise. Served as expert witness.
• Challenged to develop within a two-week time period, sales/service training courses for a partnership with one of the largest analytical instrumentation-labeling companies in the U.S. Courses designed to expand the company's growth into international markets. Trained 80+ domestic and international sales/service teams within a record three-month period.
• Served as technical support expert, achieved a sales closure rate of 95%. Assisted sales teams in demonstrating the products' and services' benefits and uses; providing customers with special instrument procedures, performance evaluations, data interpretation, and physical science support.
• Designed and authored an 80-page device/instrument process validation document used by medical companies to meet FDA approval. Structured a business plan outlining packaging, distribution, marketing, and training. Achieved $50,000 in new revenue in 1998 in the international market.
• Developed and launched a new lab service providing particle size measurement and consultation services, grossing over $300,000 in sales in 12 months.
• Achieved sales growth of over 1000% within five years providing technical training course in-house, on-site, and at industry events, including business sector meetings and trade shows. Wrote and presented all marketing and promotional materials, providing in-depth information training courses designed to educate customers on business, marketing, and technical aspects of company's products and services.
• Challenged to develop an on-line sales manual used for sales training courses on company's products/services. Initial material and pursuant updates transmitted to over 100 domestic and international sales personnel via e-mail.
• Promoted company's visibility in the marketplace and continued marketing success by presenting particle size measurement publications at 35 medical, metal, fine particle, ceramic, and other technical conferences.
• Collaborated on division's sales and marketing plans, and contributed to company's strategic plan. Developed and wrote application bulletins, white papers, and client newsletters.

1999 - Present
Adjunct Professor Chemistry
Recruited to instruct 13 in-coming freshmen in General Chemistry, pre-requisite for college-level chemistry series.

1996 - 1999
Senior Product Manager
Oversaw strategic planning, staffing, departmental budgeting and operations. Key participant in the design, development, production, and marketing of lab instrumentation products for a multi-million dollar corporation serving organizations worldwide.
• Managed day-to-day activities of three laboratory employees overseeing strict compliance policies and procedures related to development of instrument procedures. Administered a $200,000 annual budget.
• Contributed to company's 20% annual product growth by designing advanced applications based on clients' needs. Developed materials to be used while conducting marketing and training seminars, created and introduced a quarterly industry-related newsletter, promoted company at trade shows and promotional events, and wrote/published industry-related technical manuals and publications.
• Worked with engineers in design and development process, provided technical support to end-users, and directed follow-up and resolution of customer problems.
• Presented with company award based on project leadership for instrument/product validation and outstanding contribution to problem resolution and product development.

GOLDMAN AND FRANK, Anytown, Pennsylvania
1995 - 1996
Instrumentation/Validation Instructor
Recruited to provide instructions and training in particle size instrumentation, sample preparation, and validation to analytical/formulation chemists, chemical engineers, validation specialists, and key personnel of manufacturing facilities.
• Developed and presented numerous educational seminars traveling to client locations throughout the U.S. and Europe.
• Direct user-specific training programs and educational curricula for groups geared to international protocol.

REED AND ASSOCIATES, St. Petersburg, Florida
1992 - 1995
Laboratory Manager
Administered all operations of the chemistry/instrumentation lab, managed a team of administrative and support technicians.
• Oversaw strict adherence to safety policies and procedures while using instruments during testing, ensured proper application of materials, administered vital hazardous materials program for facility, developed procedures for handling hazardous materials - use and disposal.
• Provided critical interface with the sales department, coordinating marketing efforts promoting lab services to industrial customers.
• Managed laboratory staff, hiring, scheduling, motivating and evaluating performance. Ensured work met specified standards and safety codes.

REED AND ASSOCIATES, St. Petersburg, Florida
1979 - 1992
Technical Support Manager
Provided domestic/international sales and technical teams with training and systems support in particle size measurement instrumentation.
• Worked directly with customers developing new instrument applications. Provided troubleshooting and problem resolution.
• Coordinating efforts with sales and marketing, developed methods and procedures to meet clients' needs and requirements.
• Provided training and system support, follow-up; skilled at listening to clients' needs and concerns, developing effective solutions.


M.S., Food Chemistry and Biochemistry

DREXEL UNIVERSITY, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
B.S., Chemistry

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