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Lee Robertson
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
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Seeking position in project management where extensive experience will add value. Skilled at building and leading cross-functional teams that produce outstanding results.


· Strong background in project management, with 10 years of experience. Proven track record of organizing, managing and completing complex projects on time and on budget.
· Served as Project Manager for six major technology projects since 1997 at US Bank, including Y2K initiative (done under close government scrutiny, with zero margin for error).
· Ranked as #1 employee for productivity among 150 personnel nationwide within International Banking Operations at US Bank (1999).


Business Analyst: US Bank, Minneapolis, MN
Managed projects while ensuring quality and improvement of US Bank Global Connections (international software package) and Kapiti/AS400 interfaces. Managed up to 25 direct reports.
· Analyzed, defined, set up and documented new functionality. Monitored and coordinated efforts of analysts, testers, programmers and support staff. Trained up to 35 end-users.
· Provided support to internal and external clients: troubleshooting, problem resolution, etc.
· Managed Web Foreign Exchange project to customize application for financial input. Defined testing requirements, wrote test cases, and coordinated testing, programming and support.
· Managed Equation 2-3 project to upgrade accounting application. Analyzed systems and new functionality, defined requirements, and coordinated efforts of testers, programmers, etc.
· Managed International Banking Y2K project, ensuring Y2K compliance of 16 applications and five vendors with federal regulations. Oversaw efforts of 65-75 staff (1998-2000).
· Managed project to convert international letter of credit application (Kapiti/AS400-based), essential for First Bank merger. Verified data accuracy for nearly 5,000 clients. Managed nine technical staff, working closely with Andersen Consulting. Done on time (1997).
· Promoted twice, to Grade 10 and 11. Qualified for promotion to Grade 12 in 2000.

International Customer Service Specialist: US Bank, Minneapolis, MN
Ensured accurate issuance and amending of standby letters of credit, in accordance with international regulations. Promoted through Grades 6-9 for efforts. Managed up to three staff.
· Monitored payment and collection of fees. Handled customer and officer requests, and assisted with problem resolution. Trained and supervised new employees.
· Programmed letters of credit in Excel; included fee schedules and documentation. Managed efforts to implement with customers, officers and participating banks.
· Assisted with input of new customer database and created forms for billing on new system.
· Programmed templates for all standby documentation in Microsoft Word, compiled 200+ page manual and provided training for employees.
· Awarded for superior performance, ranking in top 1% of over 10,000 employees (1994).

Assistant Export/Traffic Manager: Dakota Pork Industries, Minneapolis, MN
Managed all export transportation. Prepared customs and banking documentation.
· Involved daily contact with plants and distribution centers to verify status of orders. Secured deliveries and arranged appointments with customers and forwarders.
· Handled customer claims, approved freight bills and improved efficiency by standardizing export shipping documentation.
· Produced marked savings by locating new carriers at reduced cost.

Prior experience in Customer Service and Retail Management (two years) and Accounts Receivable (four years).


· Currently pursuing certification from Project Management Institute (PMI).
· Professional development includes extensive self-training in project management techniques while employed at US Bank (1997-present).
· Diploma: McConnell School, Minneapolis, MN (1982). Certified in travel industry.


Expertise includes Microsoft Project, Excel and Word; Visio, Automated Project Management (APM), Test Cycle (automated testing tool), Lotus Notes, Valley Test Pro and Visual Basic.


Volunteer Coordinator: Minnesota Special Olympics Spring Session. Coordinated efforts of 200+ volunteers during two-day event (1997-1999).

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