Instructional Technologist

Jamie Hill
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234


Human Affairs / Project Management Information Specialist with experience in developing, teaching, and leading. Supervise personnel, write grant proposals, coordinate logistics for large and small events, manage projects and budgets, and prepare annual program reports.


Idaho State University
Bachelor of Arts, Human Resource Development Training and Vocational Technical Education

State of Idaho
Certificate, Idaho State Advanced Occupational Specialist

Brigham Young University
A.A.S., General Studies/Communications


• Director and Coordinator, Technology Conference (200 participants, K-12 Educator).
• Chairperson, Learning Consortium (made up of seven K-12 districts) responsible to implement consortium-wide technology initiatives.
• Chairperson, Technical College Technology Committee responsible to evaluate and award internal technology grants totaling approximately $40K per year.
• Conceptualized, developed, and provided Training Workshops in integrating technology into curriculum, presentations and fundamental training skills.

• Hired, trained, scheduled and supervised 8 Instructors, 1 Web Developer, 5 Conference Coordinators, and 3 Administrative Support personnel. Have served on committees to hire 7 additional Instructors, a Web Master, an IT Division Manager, an Assistant Network Administrator, and an Assistant Librarian.

• Co-authored $160K GOALS 2000 grant and $60K grant extension.
• Authored two $40K Learning in Technology grants.
• Authored two $20K Learning Technology grants.
• Authored two $230K Library Network grants.
• Authored one $4,500 and one $8,000 Professional Development grant to Technology Committee.

• Developed and delivered online training using software along with teaching distance-learning courses.
• Taught courses on various software applications, technology integration, and assistive technology concepts.
• Performed needs assessments then developed appropriate training curricula for: Internet Systems Design, Information Management, Teacher Technology Training, Teaching With Technology, Web Resources for Instructors, and Overcoming Computer-Phobia.


Technical College, Idaho Falls, Idaho
1996 - Present
Instructional Technologist

Zane Data Services, Rigby, Idaho
1995 - 1996

Helix International, Idaho Falls, Idaho
1989 - 1995


Technology Course Topics Developed and Taught
• FrameMaker • Interleaf • Publisher
• Flash • WordPerfect • E-Listen
• I-Movie • Word • Excel
• Access • BlackBoard • WebCT

Courses Currently Developing
• Authorware
• DreamWeaver UltraDev
• Office XP (All Products)
• Windows XP

Other Technology Skills
• ColdFusion • Database Design • ArcView
• MacIntosh Systems • CorelDraw • Photoshop
• UNIX VI • MS Project • Designer's Edge
• ToolBook • QuickBooks


• FastTrack to ColdFusion, (24 hour) PCI Systems, Layton, Utah.
• ColdFusion Administrator (16 hour) PCI Systems, Layton, Utah.
• FirstClass Administration (40 hour) Dewberry Technologies, Fairfax, Virginia.
• Interleaf 5 Train the Trainer (40 hour), Interleaf, Inc., Seattle, Washington.
• Interleaf Advanced and LISP Coding (24 hour), Interleaf, Inc., Seattle, Washington.
• Interleaf 6 Train the Trainer (40 hour), Interleaf, Inc., Chicago, Illinois.
• Interleaf SGML (40 hour), Interleaf, Inc., Greenbelt, Maryland.
• FrameMaker Registered Trainer Certification (40 hours), Frame Technologies, San Jose, California.
• Novell Networking Technologies (40 hour), Computerland, Salt Lake City, Utah.
• SGML Fundamentals (40 hour), World Computing, Oakridge, Tennessee.
• Instructional Development, EG&G, Idaho Central Training, Idaho Falls, Idaho.
• Managing Interpersonal Relationships (24 hour), EG&G, Idaho Central Training, Idaho Falls, Idaho.
• Assistive Technology Standards and Services (32 hour), Conference Track, Los Angeles, California.

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