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Robin Saunders
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Management career leading international organizations through start-up, change, revitalization, turnaround and accelerated growth. Cross-functional expertise with proven success in optimizing organizational growth, productivity, and efficiency. Expert team building, team leadership, communication and interpersonal relations skills. Strategic and analytical with outstanding problem-solving and negotiating performance.

Strategic International Product Development Leadership
Organizational Development
Fortune 500 Manufacturing
International Marketing Savvy
Co-Developer and Marketer, Dishwashing Liquid


Industrial Development Corporation, New York, NY
1990 - Present
International Consultant
• Prepared technical frame of reference reports for detergent industry upgrades in developing countries. Participated in next phase of project, a multi-nation tour of specific facilities.

• Delivered technical papers on natural-origin surfactants and detergent technology at International Symposium of Chemical and Petrochemical Products in Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil, co-sponsored by UNIDO/UNDP and Government of the State of Rio Grande do Sul. Provided technical and marketing consulting services to several soap, detergents, and cleaning products companies. Symposium helped promote industrial development in Rio Grande do Sul by establishing direct links between international experts and local companies and prospective investors.

• Selected by Chinese Government to assist Research Institute of Daily Chemical Industries (RIDCI) of the People's Republic of China. The project objective was to develop surfactants derived from natural, renewable fats and oils for use in laundry detergents and industrial cleaners. Project participation led to month-long technical visit to RIDCI'S headquarters in Taiwan (P.R.C.). Upon returning from China, organized and hosted visit by senior Chinese industrial officials to several U.S. chemical and consumer products companies.

Acme Resources, New York, NY
1988 - 1990
Consultant, Economic Development Group
• Provided technical leadership in project which studied feasibility of developing, producing, and marketing surfactants and institutional cleaning products derived from by-product fatty acids of regional forestry industry.

Manning Chemical Corporation
1986 - 1988
Technical Advisor
Provided technical advice and submitted the following two reports:
• "A Business Expansion and Diversification Proposal for MAK Chemical Corporation."
• "The Recovery of Pure Cellophane From Nitrocellulose Coated Cellophane."

Octagon Industries, Chicago, IL
1984 - 1986
Manager of Production and Planning, Boundary Surgical Products
Overall Responsibilities:
• Managed manufacturing facilities in numerous locations both domestically and internationally.
• Supervised design of new, integrated manufacturing facility and administrative offices.
• Managed product development (soaps, laundry detergents, and toilet goods), technical packaging, supplier development, and professional relations with Mexican Government and medical/dental associations.
• Led process development and factory service for Export and Special Operations, and later Asia and Latin America divisions.
• Established wide variety of process and product development projects in U.S. and abroad.

Selected Accomplishments:
• Jointly developed, designed, tested, oversaw production, and marketed introduction of a successful nationally distributed dishwashing detergent.
• Developed contract manufacturing facilities in Dominican Republic and Guatemala.
• Conducted or directed major projects, including new product introductions and new manufacturing facility startups in Latin America, Asia, and Middle East.

Octagon Industries, Chicago, IL
1980 - 1984
Manager of Product Development

Octagon Industries, Chicago, IL
1979 - 1980
Technical Brand Manager
Member of Company Management Committee

Octagon Industries, Chicago, IL
1977 - 1979
Process Development Engineer


• Agricultural Sprayer Calibration, article granted U.S. copyrights No. TXU 521 621 and No. TXU 530 301, 1992.
• Cash Flow Analysis, financial management computer software granted U.S. Copyright TXU-142-455, 1983.
• Oxygen Carrier for Detergent Compositions, U.S. Patent 3, 562, 171, 1971.
• Application of Critical Path Analysis to New Consumer Products Development, Xavier University, 1965.


Masters, Business Administration

Bachelor of Science, Chemical Engineering

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