Director of Information Technology

Devin Saunders
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234


Information Technology (IT) Director with 11 years experience in managing IT operations and business activities. Responsibilities include troubleshooting, prioritizing client spending to meet business objectives, and developing solutions that improve the efficiency of IT operations. Proven record of success reducing downtime, improving security, saving costs, and improving customer satisfaction. Background includes business-to-business, business-to-consumer, and eCommerce activities.

Areas of Expertise Include:
• Business Plan Authoring • Client Needs Assessment
• Data Mining • Business Development and Sales
• Project Management • Database Marketing
• Recruiting and Hiring • Solutions Development
• Process Automation • Facilitator of Training
• Profit and Loss Analysis • Client Servers System Design


Highland Corporation, Houston, Texas
Director of Information Technology, 1998 - Present
Carry multiple areas of responsibility, which include business management activities such as profit and loss, identify and secure new clients, assemble, monitor, and complete domestic and global IT projects on a consulting basis. Accounts represent the healthcare, finance, engineering, manufacturing, and insurance industries. Develop and supervise project teams consisting of network specialists, database administrators, help desk staff, and other project managers. Negotiate contracts that range from $10,000 to $750,000. Interact with IT directors, chief operating officers, chief executive officers, company presidents, executives, and regional technology managers.
· Grew the business to $2 million in annual revenue by securing various accounts.
· Reduced costs by creating business development relationships with Internet service providers and staff contracting services, such as a 35% reduction in hourly contract fees for programmers.
· Saved client 50% in costs by recognizing and implementing measures to eliminate database crashes, maximize application performance, and repair data, which was completed in a timely manner while concentrating on developing the database in preparation for building and constructing eCommerce services.
· Shaved six months off a $500,000 eCommerce solution project for client by establishing timetables, goals, and milestones, providing technical leadership, and maximizing efficiency.
· Reduced maintenance time, increased security, and significantly reduced travel expenses to five locations in the United States and one in Canada by a cohesive Windows/NT 2000 network architecture for client that allowed end-users to be centrally managed for better performance.
· Improved reliability and performance of desktops for client by establishing a Cisco network solution, and optimized and resolved issues with financial information services.

Baker and Baker, Inc., Farmingdale, New York
IT Project Manager, 1997 - 1998
Managed IT projects to support existing applications at more than 500 retail outlets across the United States and Canada, and developed new applications for this global automotive paint corporation. Supervised a six-member team of help desk staff, programmers, and network specialists. Served on a management team overseeing 200 field representatives to insure program integrity through both maintenance and support. Worked with executive management to determine departmental budgets. Negotiated with hardware and software vendors to purchase equipment, managing a $375,000 annual budget.
· Improved application performance by 40% by recognizing failures in existing system and upgrading database.
· Saved thousands of dollars in support costs and improved customer satisfaction by standardizing the configuration of software and hardware solutions.

Goldman and Frank, New York, New York
Senior IT Manager, 1995 - 1997
Recruited by the chief technology officer to develop the company's eCommerce strategy and presence, provide IT support, and serve in a pre-sales capacity for large client engagements for this IT integrator. Supervised a 10-member team, including network and telecom engineers, helpdesk staff, computer operators, and developers.
· Developed the company's first multi-platform LAN and WAN to support 700 end-users at seven locations across the United States and to integrate five different subsidiaries.
· Saved $1 million from the IT budget by using meticulous project management methodologies such as PROMPT and PRINCE, creating cost saving strategies which were monitored through monthly reports.
· Reduced downtime by 75% and increased client satisfaction by establishing a complete helpdesk department and remotely resolving client issues through the use of network management products.
· Managed the development of Windows NT server infrastructure through the design of a multiple master domain backbone to support company eCommerce and Internet initiatives.

Octagon, Inc., Massapequa, New York
Sales Engineer / Service Installation Manager, 1991 - 1995
Hired as a service installation manager, visiting client sites and managing teams involved in the installation and integration of company's warehouse management and logistics software applications. Promoted in 1993 to a sales engineer position, serving as a consultant to determine clients' needs, perform facility assessments, develop proposals, create strategies, and determine network feasibility and impact on LAN's, WAN's, and existing systems. Accompanied sales representatives on sales calls to provide technical direction.
· Contributed significantly to the company's realization of highest closing sales rates for personal accounts.
· Developed the company's first end-user conference, which as dedicated to integration training and knowledge.


Project Management Institute (PMI)
Association Information Technology Professionals (AITP)


New York University
Bachelor of Science, Management Science (MIS)

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