Quality Manager

Frances O 'Malley
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234


Quality Manager with experience directing and overseeing quality assurance processes in an automotive manufacturing environment. Maintain specifications, produce statistical documentation and communicate with senior-level managers regarding quality issues. Provide supervision and training to quality team members. Sustain quality and compliance levels.

• Manufacturing Operations • TQM
• Customer Relations • Safety Awareness / Training
• QS-9000 Compliance • Certified Auditor and Trainer
• Calibration and Instrumentation • Supervision
• Process Improvements • Statistical Analysis
• Documentation and Reporting • Policy / Procedure Development


SFB (Machining Facility), Ohio
1989 - Present
SFB ranks among the world's leading automotive, transportation and services companies producing passenger car brands. The Ohio machining facility produces steering columns, torque converters, and transmission components.

Recruited in a supervisory role to direct and optimize quality assurance levels and carry out mission of producing quality vehicles. Promoted to supervisory role managing overall functionality and quality machining of steering columns, torque converter and transmission parts, playing an integral role in plant's operational success and profitability through the early detection of quality deficits, avoiding costly errors. Maintain a continuous leadership role in the TQM program and serve as a trainer and member of the internal audit team. Supervise 15 direct reports and 35 indirect reports in a 24/7 operation. Maintain direct oversight for a $1.5 million quality budget. Report directly to the Plant Operations Manager.

Scope of responsibility includes the development and implementation of policies and procedures to ensure conformity to specifications as mandated SFB. Work closely with production supervisors and senior plant management team to enforce and maintain quality standards. Develop and analyze statistical data and product specifications, establish quality protocols, participate in quality training and safety programs, and develop procedures and reports to capture statistical data. Evaluate precision and accuracy of production equipment, testing, measurement and analytical equipment. Train supervisors and hourly staff in quality testing procedures. Foster relationships with customers, vendors and cross-functional team members.
• Recognized for achieving personal goals, accuracy of quality records, documentation of hourly and daily test results, and ability to track and resolve production issues.
• Proven track record of recording "zero" findings during quality audits over the past eight years.
• Implemented initiatives to improve production output saving more than $800,000 annually.
• Spearheaded design and implementation of a company-wide incentive program centering on quarterly production output, quality and safety goals.
• Developed and maintain expert knowledge using quality planning applications to accelerate the flow of quality-relevant data and information between SFB and internal plant management communications.

SFB (Machining Facility), Ohio
1993 - Present

SFB (Machining Facility), Ohio
1989 - 1993


University of Toledo, Toledo, Ohio
M.B.A., Management

University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, Illinois
B.S., Manufacturing Operations

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