Purchasing Manager

Devin Saunders
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
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Purchasing and engineering professional with 21 years experience in negotiating prices and terms, improving inventory control and purchasing systems, overseeing quality control, shipping and receiving, purchasing and inspection of high tech parts, electronic components, and equipment. Noted for staff leadership, improving accuracy, efficiency, and cost reduction.


Helix Semiconductor, Calabasas, CA
1994 - Present
Purchasing, Receiving & Inventory / Quality Control Supervisor
• Hired as Purchasing Agent and Receiving Clerk but promoted to Inventory Control Supervisor, Receiving Supervisor, Quality Control Supervisor, and Purchasing Supervisor due to management capabilities, technical skills, and ability to motivate employees.
• Oversee all purchasing operations for this $1 million company providing assembly of switching systems for various electronic applications, and coordinate daily work schedules and special projects with a staff of 20-30 employees, including training and supervision.
• Major clients include Raytheon Systems Corp., Raytheon E-Systems, Boeing Defense & Space Group, Boeing North American Rocketdyne Division, and Lucent Technologies.
• Handle purchasing, inspecting, and negotiating favorable pricing on inventory with a $60,000 purchase value / $500,000 inventory value, including printed circuit boards, sheet metal machine parts, and various electronic components (capacitors, resistors, connectors, conductors, transformers, etc.).
• Determine bidders list, analyze quotations, read data sheets and blueprints, select qualified vendors, negotiate prices and ship terms, compare quality, oversee receiving, inspection, and returns, and manage inventory control and stockroom.
• Seek ways to reduce purchasing costs on machine-fabricated and sheet metal parts through engineering knowledge and successful negotiations. For example, reorganized the stockroom resulting in more accurate inventory procedures and better recordkeeping.

Engineering Inc., Canoga Park, CA
1991 - 1994
Design Mechanical Engineer
• Served as Design Engineer for a sheet metal machine shop / engineering firm providing housings, and other sheet metal items for defense contractors, government contractors, and aerospace companies.
• Handled analysis of engineering sketches, reviewing specifications, and using data and drawings to assist in production. Determined design factors including size, geometric shape, depth, and wall thickness to set up computerized numerical control (CNC) to produce machine parts and components from blueprint.
• Established programs to produce electronic hardware and tooling for production requirements, performed in-process quality inspections, and ensured compliance with design specifications.

Knitwear Factory, Siauliai, Lithuania
1988 - 1991
Knitwear Technologist
• Set up computerized knitting machines for various knitwear designs and sizes for production of sweaters sold in upscale department stores and other retail shops.
• Inspected products for quality and thickness, selected knitwear by rate and size, and assisted designers in preparing new fabrics into production.

Fabric Factory, Vilnius, Lithuania
1984 - 1988
• Designed three new, high-quality, cotton upholstery fabrics, as well as two original designs utilized in ongoing production for end use in furniture upholstery, curtains, draperies, and other fabric applications.
• Created new color variations and introduced new interweaves in fabric production, set up looms and jacard machines, checked patterns and inspected fabrics in-process to ensure design quality. Prepared for trade shows.

1981 - 1984
Production Supervisor
• Supervised a crew of 120 employees in a carpet manufacturing plant specializing in production of wool and cotton natural fiber rugs. Duties included organizing workflow, planning materials availability, scheduling shifts, and forecasting production levels.
• Additionally responsible for HR functions, training of new staff, supervision of crews, quality control, safety, maintenance of equipment, and overall facilities management.


Occupational Center, Woodland Hills, CA
CAD / Electronic Drafting Studies
• Completed two semesters and over 120 hours of instruction.

State of California
Notary Public License

Payroll Corporation
PC Payroll Certification

Semiconductor XYZ, Calabasas, CA
On-the-Job Training
• Purchase and Price Negotiations, Maximize Optimum Stock Levels, Management of Shipping and Receiving, Inventory Control, Ensuring Quality Control, Vendor Relations, Understanding Electronic Components, Use of Blueprints for Inspection of Parts and Equipment

University, Kaunas, Lithuania
Bachelor of Science, Engineering Technology / Textile Engineering

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