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Executive position or business opportunity applying organizational development experience, CFO success, sales and marketing background to achieve the financial goals of the company.

20 years of successful managerial, strategic business planning, and financial management experience in executive positions serving organizations with extensive acquisitions and sales, multiple entities, divisions, joint ventures, corporations, limited and general partnerships in various states and sales of up to $400 million annually.


• Skilled in all aspects of business development, sales and marketing, capitalization and funding, operational management, staff development, training procedures, major account and territory management, client relations, organizational audits, management information systems coordination, high tech business integration, and financial analysis of acquisition / divestiture opportunities.
• Financial management skills include integrating buying and selling systems, resource allocation, developing productive relationships with banks and investment firms, accounting department training, supervision, and organization, development of financial analysis, control, and reporting systems, conducting and overseeing audits and profitability studies, cash flow management, negotiating financing, strategic planning, making business policy recommendations, tracking financial performance, and forecasting capital requirements.
• Well-developed communication skills demonstrated through production of concisely written business communications, training and motivational speaking, presentation skills, ability to produce in-depth proposals and reports, and expertise in business communications.
• Experienced in consulting, media and public relations, project management, business plan development, advertising and marketing campaign coordination, and board-level negotiations.
• Knowledgeable in computer operations and applications including various operating systems, databases, spreadsheets, contact management software, billing and invoicing systems, custom and off-the-shelf accounting packages, office application and word processing programs, Internet, and E-mail.
• Consistently noted by senior management, partners, staff, auditors, legal counsel, board of directors members, and key clients for superior detail-oriented management skills, ability to prioritize tasks to accomplish maximum results, timely completion of projects, and ability to solve organizational problems with innovative solutions.


Jaybird Recreation, Buffalo, NY
1998 - Present
Chief Financial Officer
• Managed and directed a wide range of strategic planning, financial analysis, and organizational management functions for an entity with seven stores in two states and annual sales in excess of $100 million.
• Completely reorganized accounting department, ensured standards of performance and qualification for financial personnel, made recommendations concerning business policy, resource allocation, and strategic planning activities to improve bottom-line financial performance, and implemented control and reporting systems to adequately monitor and provide financial insight into business operations.
• Coordinated activities of outside audit firms, computer systems vendors, and financial / legal services required by firm and managed the firm's personnel and human resource requirements.

Helix International, Buffalo, NY
1994 - 1998
Vice President / CFO
• Worked closely with owners to develop a viable financial and operational strategic plan and managed activities of corporate legal counsel, accountants, insurance brokers, banks, manufacturers, retail lenders, flooring companies, and employee benefits administrators for five entities with annual sales of nearly $100 million in four states.
• Restructured all entities and their ownership, managed all acquisitions and sales of dealerships, initiated intensive profitability studies, and implemented fundamental operational changes in all entities.

Industrial Chemicals, Inc., Syracuse, NY
1992 - 1994
Vice President
• Coordinated and directed all requirements for financial analysis, planning, control, and reporting systems, made recommendations regarding business policy, resource allocation, and activities to improve the financial performance of an entity with 16 stores in three states and annual sales of $30 million.
• Successfully restructured cash management and control systems reducing short-term financing requirements by $400,000, forecasted capital requirements, evaluated alternative financing methods, consolidated banking relations, and maintained and negotiated new financing contracts.

SFB Corporation, Rochester, NY
1990 - 1992
Chief Financial Officer
• Managed all accounting, financial, personnel, and computer systems activities for a combined group of entities with two trusts, six joint ventures, four "S" corporations, and over 60 limited and general partnerships with over $125 million in assets throughout five states. Negotiated over $50 million in new loans.
• Supervised relationships with auditors, insurance brokers, banking institutions, computer vendors, and corporate legal counsel. Managed audits, cash and credit management, negotiation of lease and purchase agreements, quarterly and annual SEC compliant financial reporting, and human resource issues.

Maxwell Incorporated, Erie, PA
1986 - 1990
Corporate Controller / MIS Director
• Managed all accounting, financial, and automated systems activities for a consolidated group consisting of 10 entities with 19 divisions and annual sales in excess of $95 million and operations in 10 states, including audits, cash and credit management, transport rate negotiations, negotiation of lease and purchase agreements, staffing projections, budgets, forecasts, and proformas. Coordinated with executive management, internal auditors, and outside consultants on strategic planning, corporate acquisitions, and sale of corporate entity on two occasions.
• Personally led the research, design, and implementation of new communication and information systems as a result of rapid growth and governmental reporting requirements, and managed the integration of accounting and computer systems functions for three corporate acquisitions with operations in ten states, seven facilities, and combined annual sales of $34 million.

World Management Corporation, Buffalo, NY
1985 - 1986
Corporate Controller
• Directed all accounting and financial systems development for a consolidated group consisting of five entities, eight divisions, and annual gross sales of $25 million, oversaw intensive profitability and cost benefit analysis of all entities, divisions, and automated systems, managed shutdown of one entity and reorganization of parent company, and implemented annual audit and dealings with outside consultants relative to computer hardware and software changes, bonding, insurance, banking agreements, and litigation.

Goldman and Frank, Pittsburgh, PA
1984 - 1985
Staff Auditor
• Engaged in the audit of clients in oil and gas, real estate development and syndication, construction, commodity brokerage, and manufacturing industries throughout the region, and prepared tax information and filings for individuals, corporations, partnerships, and joint ventures.

Reed and Associates, Pittsburgh, PA
1980 - 1984
Acquisitions Analyst and Supervisor
• Supervised accounting and professional staffing requirements for property purchases and sales exceeding $450 million annually, analyzed purchase and sale agreements, managed evaluation of all capital, income, and expense items, engaged in analysis of purchase and sale agreements, engineering reports, and all other documentation for lease acquisitions, and evaluated economic the feasibility of prospective purchases.


• Certified Public Accountant (C.P.A.)
• Certified Managerial Accountant (C.M.A.)
• Private Pilot, Pursuing Instrument Rating


M.A., Organizational Management

Bachelor of Science, Accounting

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