Procurement Manager Federal Employment

Pat Hernandez
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Pleasantville, CA 94588
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01/2003 - present, 40 hours per week, PROCUREMENT MANAGER, $81,500 annually. SEALOG, 29 Road 300, Cairo, Egypt. Supervisor: John Doe, (20) 2-555-1212, Ext: 112, May be contacted.

Duties and Responsibilities: Manage staff of 10 in all in-country purchasing activities and CONUS procurements for sourcing and procurement of materials, equipment, and services to fulfill customer needs. Use complex procurement information database to provide status on all requisitions. Review all purchase orders, blanket purchase agreements, and service agreements. Develop, review, and administer all subcontracts. Confer with local and US vendors on product specifications and contractual requirements. Prepare required management, technical, and Contract Data Requirements List (CDRL) reports. Coordinate with program management and government officials on requisition review and approval. Provide guidance to US-based procurement staff.

· Administered $6.5M in 1587 purchase orders, covering 5531 line items to date.
· Purchased 8 digital copiers for total $44,000 in savings against incumbent, with new vendor performing monthly preventive maintenance free of charge during 1-year warranty.
· Saved $32,000 by promoting 51 SUVs competition among three major US car manufacturers, ordering 39 2004 Grand Cherokees (4x2) at $19,499 versus $26,480 and 12 2004 Grand Cherokees (4x4) at $20,995 versus $28,450.
· Expedited purchasing and contracting actions with increased operations economy by establishing comprehensive purchasing controls.

01/2000 - 12/2000, 40 hrs per week, SUBCONTRACT MANAGER, $72,000 annually.
Vertex Corporation, 3142 Liberty Street, Suite 101, Fairfax, VA 22033. Supervisor: John Doe, 703-555-1212, May be contacted.

Duties and Responsibilities: Established, negotiated, and evaluated subcontracts and blanket purchase agreements supporting commercial, state, and federal prime contracts. Managed competitive, best-value procurement program for supply, equipment, and service acquisitions requirements for all sites throughout US and its territories. Ensured compliance with all federal acquisition regulations and requirements. Developed and managed time and material, firm-fixed-price, level-of-effort, and cost-reimbursement type contracts. Provided all change order management including subcontract closeout.

· Simplified accounts payable ability to process receipts and payments against subcontract, by converting existing blanket purchase agreement (BPA) to purchase order format for issuing task orders.
· Increased efficiency and performance of security guard contractor by creating automated Weekly Timesheet Summary to track contractor guard absences by CLIN. Summary calculates total dollars owed for week ending, showing complete list of guards by location, CLIN, bill rates for each, and billable hours. Sheet doubles as cross check for accounts payable when certifying invoices for payment.
· Streamlined vendor certification process by creating Vendor Self-Certification form to guide contractors in determining their standards based on their own annual receipts.
· Blocked subcontractor wage increase request through research that showed insufficient supporting evidence.

09/1997 - 12/1999, 40 hours per week, CONTRACTING OFFICER, $69,500 annually. County of Nueces, 201 North Chaparral, Corpus Christi, TX 78401, Supervisor: Jose Doe, 361-555-1212, May be contacted.

Duties and Responsibilities: Negotiated fixed price and cost type contracts for County Services and high technology equipment. Identified vendors, prepared work statements (SOW) and solicitation documents, and oversaw vendor selection process, evaluating final offers and recommending awards. Led negotiating teams consisting of technical, legal, and fiscal participants to hammer out contract terms and conditions. Provided guidance and advice to management and staff in County Departments on contractual issues.

· Led negotiation of $44M architect and engineering project for hospital renovation.
· Conducted $45M in construction contract compliance reviews for Disabled Veterans Business goals.
· Secured $2M award for first-ever contract for landfill project. Obtained current market trend data, supply sources, and trade information to maintain qualified bidders. Used qualified bidders list adapt commercial construction practices and methods, through strong customer relationship management with commercial activities.
· Resident expert for division on construction issues. Managed decision-making for awards, terminations, substitutions, changes, amendments to construction contracts, requirements to government-furnished facilities, and production cost analysis.
· Drafted adopted SOW, solicitation, and contract for purchase of fire suppression system for Corpus Christi Convention Center.
· Identified $514,000 in unpaid contractor invoices for critical services performed through painstaking research following reorganization of accounting office.
· Resolved claims, misrepresentations of contracts, disputes involving contractors, bidders, or vendors, and problems resulting from substitutions, damages, partial shipments, and nonperformance of contract.
· Drafted Statement of Work and conducted competitive solicitation for Fire Suppression System.

09/1977 - 09/1997, 40 hours per week, CONTRACTING OFFICER, CHIEF OF BASE SUPPORT, $58,000 annually. United States Air Force, Worldwide assignments (last assignment in RAF Lakenheath, UK). Supervisor: Jane Doe, 011-49-555-1212 (Ask for contracting), May be contacted.

Duties and Responsibilities: Managed Base Support Flight for 48th Fighter Wing (foundation of USAFE’s combat capability), including 98 geographically separated units. Warranted Contracting Officer appointed by Chief, Contracting Division, HQ US Air Forces Europe. US Department of Defense (DoD) Acquisition Corps Level II member. Led six civilian and four military personnel in obligating $4.8M in annual contract awards. Directed acquisition support for US Armed Forces exercises and contingency responses worldwide, including Middle East, Europe, and Africa. Developed complex solicitation documents, including specifications, evaluation criteria, and conditions for procurement of equipment and services. Oversaw civil engineering acquisition maintenance system. Reviewed contract and ensured government rights protected. Performed unit self-inspections and internal control reviews, and directed customer education.

· Administered $11M in 29 complex service contracts during manning shortage.
· Achieved 74% savings in ground fuel costs, diplomatically negotiating first-ever NATO refueling process for ground transportation.
· Saved US government over $2.34M, leading negotiations and managing contract for critical runway renovation.
· Cut more than 90 labor hours from command budget by organizing closeout procedures for entire base to pool dollars for centralized purchases.
· Reduced command’s expenditures $570,000 by maintaining 99.5% competition rate for base procurements.
· Saved $277,000 by conducting price analysis of 300 actions worth $2.5M.
· Captured $229,000 government transportation contracting costs.
· Planned and led time-sensitive purchase of 36 F-15 cameras for $59,000.
· Established 48th Contracting Squadron as lead acquisition unit in Europe, through organizing and conducted 1st Annual Contracting Acquisition Reform Week, providing training to government personnel and local contractors.
· Streamlined computer buying process to allow maximum purchases of $100,000 per Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) exemption. Selected as United States Air Forces "Contracting Officer of the Year, 1997," worldwide; United States Air Forces Europe "Contracting Officer of the Year, 1997; Squadron "Contracting Officer of the year, 1995, 1996, 1997.


Bishop High School, Bishop, TX, 08/1973 – 05/1977, High School Diploma
National Louis University, Wheeling, IL, 08/1998 – 05/1999, MS in Education
University of Maryland, College Park, MD, 01/1995 – 05/1997, BS in Management
Air Force Community College, Maxwell AFB, AL, 01/1980 – 06/1985, AAS, Contract Management
Air Force Community College, Maxwell AFB, AL, 01/1977 - 11/1980, AAS, Administrative Management


Air Force Advanced Contracting School, Denver, Colorado, 06/1994 – 12/1994, Department of Defense Certified Acquisition Professional, Level II: Course Schedule: Contracting Specialist, Principles of Acquisition, Government Contracting, Small Purchases, Solicitations, Negotiations, Contract Procedures, Contract Law, Contract Administration, Contract Pricing, Advance Contract Administration, Contingency Contracting, Project Management, Proposal Preparation, Leadership and Management II, Managerial Communication II


United States Air Force, Contracting Officer of the Year, 1997
United States Air Forces Europe, Contracting Officer of the Year, 1997
United States Air Force, Squadron Contracting Officer of the Year, 1995, 1996, 1997
County of Nueces, Cash Award for Outstanding Performance, 1999


Member of National Contract Management Association
Member, National Purchasing Management Association
DOD, Certified Acquisition Professional, Level II
Former Warranted US Government Contracting Officer

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