Program Assistant Federal Employment

Taylor Anderson
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234



· Over 20 years of successful, professional experience in a variety of positions.
· Excellent management, supervisory, and assistant skills.
· Highly motivated to succeed, energetic, resourceful, organized, and dependable.
· Results-oriented professional eager for new challenges.
· Excellent communication—written, verbal and listening.
· Self-motivated, disciplined, strong work ethic with a sharp eye for detail.
· Proven track record of meeting and exceeding goals.
· Reputation for being competent, effective, and a productive manager and assistant.
· Work well independently or in a team environment.
· Current SSI Secret Clearance; drug-free employee.
· Working knowledge of Microsoft Windows, Word, Internet, Email, Rapiscan, Perkin Elmerpx2000, Barringer 400b, TermoD.


Supervisor: Jan Jones. 208.000.0000 May contact.
$30,000 annually. 40 hours per week, some overtime.
· Performed pre-board screening of passengers and their carry-on and checked baggage.
· Monitored the flow of passengers through the screening checkpoint to facilitate orderly processing of passengers.
· Implemented security screening procedures in accordance to TSA objectives.
· Screened passengers, baggage and cargo using x-ray and hand wand equipment.
· Maintained close communication with supervisors regarding any issues that might reveal a weakness or vulnerable area of security screening.

FOOD & BEVERAGE MANAGER. IDAHO FALLS COUNTRY CLUB, 1111 Country Club Drive, Idaho Falls, Idaho
Supervisor: Marv Anderson. 208.000.0000. May Contact.
$33,000 annually. 40-70 hours per week, depending on the season.
· Managed daily operation of restaurant and bar.
· Procured new computer system to increase productivity and revenue.
· Trained new employees on new computer system.
· Coordinated special events including golf tournaments and catered events.
· Ensured member satisfaction.
· Controlled and managed food and beverage inventory; managed finances and budgets.
· Within the first year of employment, increased revenue significantly and employee retention to the highest level in eight years.

RESTAURANT MANAGER. APPLEBEE'S BAR & GRILL, 200 North 400 West, Idaho Falls, Idaho
Supervisor: Amy Jones. 208.000.0000. May Contact.
$29,900 annually. 40-60 hours per week.
· Oversaw daily activities of the restaurant, including new construction of restaurant.
· Hired, trained, scheduled, supervised, terminated and motivated employees.
· Performed bookkeeping duties such as accounts receivable, payable, payroll, and inventory control.
· Provided public relations and marketing; ensured excellent customer service.

Supervisor: Susan Smith. 208.000.0000. May Contact.
$22,000 annually. 40 hours per week.
· Managed daily operations of the restaurant; assisted in opening new restaurant.
· Hired, trained, and scheduled employees; assigned tasks to employees; daily cash control.
· Performed bookkeeping duties including maintaining time and attendance and bi-weekly payroll.
· Provided classroom training to new staff; provided administrative support.
· Researched training information to present to co-workers; ensured quality customer service.

MEDICAL SECRETARY. DRS. SMITH & EDWARDS, 5252 South East Hemmert, Portland, Oregon
Supervisor: Camilla Parker. 000.000.0000. May Contact.
$21,000 annually. 40 hours per week.
· Managed and provided administrative support for three medical offices.
· Made travel arrangements for the doctors; maintained doctor's personal and patient schedules.
· Maintained accurate medical records, ensured confidentiality, billed insurance, ordered supplies and inventory, and filed patient records.

MEDICAL SECRETARY. IDAHO MEDICAL CLINIC, 55 North 500 West, Idaho Falls, Idaho
Supervisor: Deann Stone. 208.000.0000. May Contact.
$17,000 annually. 40 hours per week.
· Answered multiline telephone system, maintained appointment calendar, filed medical records, billed insurance for patients, and assisted physician in patient services.
· Handled and directed incoming correspondence, ensured timely attention to sensitive matters, coordinated and scheduled meetings, received and directed patients,


Continuous company-sponsored training with each employer listed above, including courses such as IT Security Awareness, HAZMAT, Sexual Harassment, Ethics in the Workplace, Conflict Management, Aloha Food and Beverage Computer System.

Skyline High School, Idaho Falls, Idaho. Graduated 1983.


· Spotlight 001-04, Shoe Bombs Briefing. April 2004.
· TSA Online Learning Center Student Training, April 2004.
· Personnel Staffing, Duties and Responsibilities; Opening and Closing the Checkpoint, Screening Equipment, March 2004.
· IT Security Awareness, March 2004.
· Purpose, Definitions and Abbreviations, Photographing, Videotaping and Filming Screening Checkpoints, Threat Image Projection Systems, Safety Requirements, March 2004.
· Interim Policy on Employee Responsibilities and Conduct, March 2004.
· Screening of Accessible Property at the Checkpoint (Physical Search Procedures), Rev. 004, Chapter 11, Screening of Selectees, Screening of Infants, Toddlers, and Young Children, March 2004.
· Excellence in Screen Performance Series, March 2004.
· Screening of Individuals, Screening of Accessible Property at the Checkpoint, March 2004.
· Aircraft Operator Expedited Baggage, Procedures for Checked Baggage Screening with ETD, March 2004.
· Use of ETD Equipment, Checkpoint Operations, February 2004.
· Alarm Resolution, February 2004.
· Explosives Trace Detection (ETD) at the Checkpoint and Physical Bag Search at the Checkpoint, March 2004.
· HHMD/Patdown Procedures Video, February 2004.
· General Policy/Procedure Review, February 2004.
· WTMD, Opening Baggage, Undeveloped Film/Musical Instruments/Medical Equipment, January 2004.
· HHMD, Limited Patdown, Private Screening, Accessible Property, Full Body Patdown, January 2004.
· Hazardous Materials Reference Document for Airport Screener Personnel, January 2004.
· Revised WTMD Second Pass Process, January 2004.
· Screening Persons with Prosthetic Devices, Casts, and Body Braces, January 2004.
· FBI Concealed Weapons, Special Screening, January 2004.
· HAZMAT Reference Document, January 2004.
· Introduction to the 90-Day Training Plan, January 2004.
· Shift Briefing, X-ray of Homeopathic Medicines, January 2004.
· Sensitive Security Information Awareness, November 2003.
· Physical Property Search at the Checkpoint, November 2003.
· Benefits Overview, November 2003.
· Explosives Trace Detection (ETD) at the Checkpoint, November 2003.
· Small Arms Ammunition in Checked Baggage, November 2003.
· Sexual Harassment Training, September 2003.

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