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Marion McLeod
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Record of conceiving, designing and implementing systems that significantly reduce processing time and directly contribute to corporate bottom line. Results-oriented manager with unique ability to galvanize teams to achieve ambitious results.


Designed and built new IT approach to create automated export/import licensing and enforcement system for the government of Poland. This system facilitated Poland’s successful efforts to earn NATO membership and saved the US millions of dollars and years of development time. Nine European countries are using this system for similar IT initiatives and plan to export to additional countries in Europe and the Pacific Rim.

Established strategy and infrastructure to build export license automation system for entire US government. This system drastically reduces duplication in federal agencies and enables US businesses to become more competitive globally.


· Policy development
· Federal telecommunications
· National & international security
· Communications infrastructures
· Streamlining processes
· Systems analysis
· Export licensing
· Joint ventures


Defense Technology Security Administration, Washington, DC
2000 – Present
DoD Project Manager USXPORTS
Implement e-gov initiatives in secure environment, eliminating review time while supporting US industry in competitive global markets.
· Conceived, built, oversee and direct $30M software development project in a secure environment replacing Legacy DoD export licensing system. Manage all requirements, design and development for project in Rational environment.
· Collaborate and interact with colleagues in private industry and other government agencies.
· Projected return on investment for deployed system is $10.7M yearly.
· Spearheaded and implemented secure electronic transfer process saving 100% of fax and Federal Express costs.
· Developed automated process that significantly improved efficiency and reduced transfer time by 1- week.
· Maintain project at Capability Maturity Model Level 3.
· Promoted user involvement in software testing and usability, earning user buy-in and strong management support.
· Managed architecture spanning multiple security domains, achieving 100% software reuse.

Defense Technology Security Administration, Washington, DC
1987 – 2000
Special Assistant to the Director
Enabled secure information exchange between 33 nations, directing critical US government communications infrastructure and software applications that successfully prevented use of weapons of mass destruction.
· Chief Strategist and Advisor to the Director of Policy.
· Conducted studies and analytical assessments significantly strengthening international programs throughout the Non-Proliferation Security Policy community.
· Orchestrated and directed interagency discussions on automation policy. Developed technical and policy positions that ensured primacy of US role in international negotiations shaping worldwide initiatives.
· Chaired senior-level IT planning and coordinating committee of US, Pacific Rim and European allies building comprehensive information infrastructure for Wassenaar Arrangement. Guided implementation of international agreements in rapidly changing global environment.
· Assisted and advised Wassenaar Arrangement country members state-of-the-art IT systems to facilitate and enhance information exchanges among 33 countries.
· Senior liaison for DoD and DTSA in discussions with OMB and Departments of State, Commerce, Energy, Treasury, Congress and industry.
· Designed, developed and managed critical communications infrastructure and software applications successfully permitting secure information exchanges among 33 countries.
· Spearheaded a state-of-the-art IT system, including negotiating and managing complex international contracts, completing project on time and within budget.
· Streamlined DoD process, reducing processing cycle by 2 days, eliminating all manual processing and earning 100% customer satisfaction.
· Successfully migrated a 17-member international organization from Wang to client server environment while maintaining 100% productivity.
· Conceived, developed and implemented IT system supporting weekly activities of 17 countries and 2 languages. Significantly reduced processing time from 5 days to 1 day.
· Drastically reduced processing time by promotion and implementation of series of IT innovations for electronic transmission of information from manual process.

Geodynamic, Washington, DC
1983 – 1986
Systems Manager
· Maintained IT systems for intelligence community, specializing in quality control, and integration of new software and training programs.
· Maintained 100% system reliability in 24/7 environment.


GSA Certified “Trail Boss”


Master of Arts Degree, System Analysis & Management
George Washington University, 1986

Bachelor of Science Degree, Psychology
Hollins College, 1981

Federal Executive Institute

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