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Casey Catello
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234


Management professional with unique experience applying organizational development, leadership training, and communications skills to improve productivity, increase efficiency, enhance quality, and strengthen financial results. More than twenty-five years in managerial and leadership roles. Combine strong analysis, organization, planning, and consensus building abilities with effective problem resolution, negotiation, and relationship management skills. Specifically skilled in diverse management in private enterprise corporations with particular emphasis on administration and development of business potential.

Proven talent in hands-on training. Strong research and analytical abilities. Excellent team building and interpersonal skills; work effectively with individuals on all levels. Extremely successful in facilitating cooperative relationships among employees and management.

Core competencies include:
• Operations and Financial Analysis • Business / Enterprise Turnarounds
• Leadership Development • Efficiency Management and Appraisal
• Customer Retention Strategies • Policy and Procedures Development
• Relationship and Team Building • Credit Management
• Training and Mentoring • Financial Statement Generation
• Time Management Training • Conflict Resolution


• Identified need for company-wide training, development, and proper personnel placement. Persuaded executive management to support initiative and implemented changes.
• Surveyed current performance evaluation systems and investigated effective methodologies.
• Provided organizational structure, assigning staff to proper skill levels and pay bands. Outlined key product, process, and people core competencies in order to set performance goals and achieve company objectives.
• Established corporate policies and procedures for general accounting, financial reporting, cash management, payroll and year-end analysis. Implemented flexibility required to meet the needs of corporations.


Helix Repair Service, Inc., Dallas, Texas
1997 - Present
Provided senior financial management for oilfield industry valve remanufacture and repair corporation.
• Evaluated financial conditions and initiated on-going communications and negotiations with bank officers, private lenders, and vendors to keep the corporation in operation, avoiding foreclosure and bankruptcy proceedings.
• Assessed and restructured administrative, personnel and marketing procedures.
• Dismissed unqualified personnel and unqualified accounting staff; set up and customized a professional accounting program; brought in and trained qualified personnel; retained a qualified accounting firm and worked with accountant in getting past tax returns amended.
• Brought the corporation onto more solid financial ground, re-establishing open credit accounts with vendors.
• Recommended restructuring and downsizing of corporation due to long-term market conditions.
• Developed budget and business plan for restructured entity.

Octagon Industries, Galveston, Texas
1995 - 1997
Directed financial management for restaurant corporation with 2 large restaurants, a central kitchen/warehousing facility, and a satellite kitchen facility.
• Evaluated financial, administrative, personnel, office, and operational procedures and conditions.
• Restructured organizational chart, shifting management and supervisory personnel into positions better suited for their abilities and personally trained when necessary.
• Dismissed unqualified accounting staff; set up and customized a professional accounting program; brought in and trained new personnel; put financial records in proper order according to GAAP guidelines and retained a qualified accounting firm.
• Recommended and assisted in restructure of corporation when marketing research data bore out historical evidence that the larger restaurant was not in a supportive market area, establishing an appropriate retail business in its physical plant.

Zane Group, Houston, Texas
1993 - 1995
Proprietor / CEO
Founded and managed a commercial wholesale catering business.
• Created and marketed products for restaurants.
• Sold company assets to Octagon Industries.

Lincoln, Beale, & Frank, Houston, Texas
1990 - 1993
Partner / CAO
Managed landscape architecture design and site planning company.
• Established and developed the firm with original partners, overseeing all aspects of administration including office, financial and personnel.
• Notable projects include Houston Moon Walk, Audubon Zoo, Crockett Square Mall, and San Jacinto State Park.

Goldman and Frank, Aspen, CO
1987 - 1990
• Established the Reservations Department for ski resort complex.
• Developed and marketed competitive vacation packages, negotiating with travel agencies, hotels, condominium owners, etc.
• Selected and trained management and support personnel in public relations and operational procedures.
• Assisted the Personnel Director in screening, interviewing, selection, placement, and administration of nearly 300 seasonal resort employees.
• Established operations and personnel policies and procedures and co-authored the Aspen Ski Resort Employee Handbook.

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