Language Instructor

Pat Hernandez
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234

Instructor • Educational Administrator/Leader
~ TESOL / ESOL Specialist • Course Development • Teacher Training ~

Experienced instructor and educational leader/administrator competent in creating learning environments that are relaxed, enjoyable, and targeted to the specific needs of English as second language learners. Accomplished at optimizing learning in multi-cultural settings via the innovative integration of multimedia, the sharing of ideas, and by providing a framework that inspires skills development in learners of all ages and backgrounds. Leadership appointments have rewarded strengths in staff training, program development, and quality delivery methods that set benchmarks for excellence and enhance community reputation.

Professional strengths include:
Ÿ Communicative Language Teaching
Ÿ Team Leadership & Supervision
Ÿ Cross-cultural Communications
Ÿ Scholastic Standard Enhancements
Ÿ Peer Counseling
Ÿ Task-based Learning
Ÿ Training Program Development
Ÿ Instructional Multimedia Materials
Ÿ Curriculum Development
Ÿ Public Speaking/Presentations
Ÿ Student/Faculty Relations
Ÿ Workshop Facilitation for Teachers
Ÿ Pragmatics

Technology summary: Word, Outlook, Internet, antivirus/firewall applications,
basic Excel and PowerPoint


Master of Applied Linguistics (TESOL)
Macquarie University (2003)

Bachelor of Arts (Psychology & Sociology)
Swinburne University (1996)

Diploma of Teaching (Primary)
Graylands Teacher’s College (1978)


Head Teacher
Track record of professional growth highlighted with three promotions to roles of increasing complexity and authority—from Instructor, to Assistant Trainer, Trainer, and Head Teacher. Gained reputation among the teaching staff as a trusted advisor on training program delivery, methods for maintaining personal motivation, and adapting course content to the needs of students.
Initially taught students aged from 3- to 12-years old, junior high school, high school and university students and adults from beginning to advanced levels, and later focused heavily on skills development in teaching staff to elevate the community perception of quality, boost the performance and confidence of teachers, and increase student enrolments.
Efforts have paid handsome rewards with the area acknowledged for achieving top sales status in Japan.
Key contributions/highlights:
· Won rare management approval to bypass the school’s institutionalized approach by demonstrating how a task-based learning system complemented the style of teaching and elevated the standard of excellence. Conducted successful trials at two schools and progressed to tour the area where official training was widely considered a “status symbol” by staff eager to experience new ideas.
· Designed two task-based learning modules to promote professional growth and innovation. Commencing with “the basics,” the aim was to expand teachers’ horizons by varying the approach to suit personal style and students’ needs. Training inspired staff to focus on primary communicative competencies and embrace the freedom to design tasks in small groups for initial “testing” on teaching peers.
· Pooled training resources that transformed a group of individual teachers into an educational team with a multitude of teaching materials available in a centralized location, and a collective philosophy focused on growth and innovation.
· Instigated “content rich” monthly workshops for staff featuring hands-on, practical ideas to integrate into daily professional teaching practice.
· Regularly requested to conduct ‘one-on-one’ lessons with students based on strong reputation for optimizing student-learning outcomes. Cited by one student as being instrumental in improving his TOEFL score by 50+ points.
· Second and third contracts with elementary schools were signed conditional upon agreement to personally, and exclusively teach TESOL classes.
· Conducted community sessions to groups of local citizens in the city center after approach to Nova Head Office by a local government organization.
· Identified potential leaders and trained/mentored 10 teachers-in-charge within the Kagawa and adjacent prefectures. Nurtured teachers’ careers through regular visits, positive feedback, and bestowing leadership opportunities. Teacher tenure now averages 2–4 years against Nova tenure of 8-months to one year.
· Conduct performance evaluations and report to management on leadership prospects and salary increase recommendations.
· Spearheaded computerized reporting placing information on disk to aid titled teachers with monthly reporting. Introduced the recording of monthly schedules to disk, and distributed copies to all schools in the sub area allowing easy tracking of teacher schedules, days off, holidays, and swapped shifts.

Bachelor of Arts, Full-time Student

Our Lady of the Nativity, West Essendon


· Working holiday (1989-1991). Goldmine Truck Driver/Bartender/Emergency Teaching, WA.
· Kalgoorlie Catholic Primary School, Kalgoorlie, WA (1985-1988). Year 5, Year 6, Physical Education Teacher and Coordinator of IT implementation. Managed PE budget and purchasing, and co-devised the school’s emergency evacuation procedures and drills. Event-managed the school’s contribution to the National Heart Foundation’s “Jump Rope for Heart” program—acknowledged as one of the most effective fundraisers in Western Australia. Organized athletic and swimming carnivals, in-school and inter-school, both government and private.
· John Paul College, Kalgoorlie, WA. (1983–1984). Year 5 Teacher.
· European Holiday (1982)
· Mary’s Mount Primary School, Gooseberry Hill, WA. (1981). Year 6 Teacher.
· Kearnan College, Manjimup, WA. (1979-1980) Year 6 Teacher.
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