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Seeking a challenging Senior Information Systems Management or related position that leverages my experience and skills in IT Systems Management, Software Usability & Development, Technical Solutions Development, Project & Team Management, and my ability to transform operations through leadership and strategic planning.


Langtons Cancer Center, Charlottesville, VA
1998 - Present
IT Project Manager / Data Manager
Development of Clinical Patient IT Environment:
Lead cross-functional team to continuously upgrade Cancer Center Outpatient and Inpatient Units PC technology.
• Current duties and responsibilities include building relationships with Cancer Center healthcare providers and hospital information management groups, designing an upgrade plan (consisting of both hardware and software components) to increase efficiency and improve patient care, and analyzing integration issues with hospital information systems to ensure compatibility and regulatory compliance.
• Additionally responsible for communicating plan in writing, oral presentation to administrative directors and managers for approval, and leading a team consisting of representatives from university hospital networking, pc software, pc hardware group to purchase and roll-out technology upgrade. Manage team to implement upgrade plan within budget and on-schedule and train users in new technology.

Database Design, Development and Management:
Clinical Trials Office, Virginia Department of Health BCCEDP, and Breast Team Research Databases.
• Assigned to proactively build relationships within the Cancer Center personnel to improve knowledge and understanding of cancer research, clinical trials, and patient services, work with researchers and clinical staff to design/develop and implement databases for both research and clinical data management (statewide distribution of database developed for VDH), and systematically gather user input and feedback to develop new database functionality.
• Additionally assigned to interface with Pharma representatives to ensure compliance with data management requirements, develop an approach to enhance database functions and ensure productivity, regulatory compliance and data security, and communicate both in writing and in oral presentation to researchers, clinical staff and administrative directors for approval of projects and project status. Developed and implemented plan to assure database Y2K compliance.

On-Site User Support and Training:
Statewide for VDH, in both inpatient and outpatient, research data entry staff.
• Designed and managed development of User Guides for VDH database including case based data entry training, implemented statewide on-site training for data entry and management staff for VDH database, provided user training for both inpatient and outpatient areas, and provided training, supervision, and mentoring of data entry staff for breast cancer research database.

General IT Project Management:
Large and small, for Cancer Center clinical and research groups as needed.

Regulatory Compliance:
Ensured the department complied with data security regulations both current and pending as it applied to clinical, research and clinical trails data.

Continuing Education:
Work to enhance department staff understanding of technology issues and their impact on patient care.

Langton Neuroclinical Trials Center, Charlottesville, VA
1996 - 1998
Computer Systems Engineer Senior;
System Administration:
Provided system and software management services for a multi-platform cluster in a Neuroclinical trials setting. Environment consisted of 3 HP business class servers, 90+ PC desktop units, TCP/IP internet, Oracle 7, Oracle Clinical, SAS.

Multi-Platform Hardware and Software Integration:
Provided high-level software integration problem resolution for Oracle/Oracle Clinical/SAS interconnectivity problems.
• Budgetary Management: Exercised responsibility for software/hardware/contract analysis and expenditures.
• Non-Technical Personnel Training: Developed both written training materials and oral training presentations to clinical, statistical and office staff.
• Customer Relationship Management: Proactively developed strong working relationships with clinical trail teams, effectively interpreted and acted on increasingly complex technical needs of cross-functional teams and Pharmaceutical clients.
• Mentored/Supervised: Assisted technician-level team members in developing their knowledge of UNIX, networking and software integration.

Langton Radiology Dept., Charlottesville, VA
1993 - 1996
Computer Systems Engineer Senior
• Analyzed the relative value of alternative approaches or process improvements impacting achievement of team objectives, promoted extensive network of relationships with Radiologists, Radiology Technical staff, and vendor engineers, and implemented a new teleradiology system consisting of a Sun/Intel PC cluster, Dual FDDI Ring (2 miles overall), 2 Siemens MRI Units, 2 Picker CT Units, DISC MO Archive Unit, MegaScan High-Res Grayscale Monitors.
• Designed, developed and implemented software tools to monitor vendor DICOM compliance, configured a multi-platform (Sun/RS6000/PC) cluster used in medical image analysis, and designed/developed/implemented medical image analysis software for PI's and graduate students. Coordinated software integration for various commercial image processing software packages

Virginia State University Academic Computing, Charlottesville, VA
1990 - 1993
Computer Systems Engineer
• Provided management and system administration of computer systems for 6 engineering school departments, user training for faculty, staff and students, as well as 100+ CPUs, consisting of multiple heterogeneous departmental clusters (SGI, Sun, DEC VMS and Ultrix, RS6000).
• Assigned to manage new equipment purchases, budgeting, development of specifications, vendor selection, installation and configuration. Oversaw cross-departmental relationships for networking services, software licensing, hardware service contracts.

Hopkins University Electrical Engineering Dept., Ithaca, NY
1988 - 1989
Systems Programmer Analyst
• Worked on a 2-person team to redesign departmental computing resources, reporting to a faculty committee, implemented redesign of a single VAX 11/785 to a Sun Microsystems cluster networked with Macintosh desktop units, interfacing our AppleTalk network to TCP/IP protocols, and coordinated management of hardware/software vendor relationships.
• Responsible for day-to-day system administration, interfacing with faculty, visiting researchers, staff and students, performed specialized programming for undergraduate and graduate research projects, reduced data analysis time by 75% by researching and implementing improved data analysis algorithms, and provided user training.

Hopkins University College of Veterinary Medicine, Ithaca, NY
1984 - 1988
Senior Programmer Analyst
• System administrator for a VMS VAX used by multiple departments and research groups, using C and Fortran programming languages. Worked with PI's and PhD graduate students to design and develop data management software for large volumes of fetal physiology data.
• Designed, developed and managed statistical analysis software suite for research data generated by experimental protocols using sheep, pony, and rhesus animal models. Provided SAS support and consulting services for other research groups.

Lawrence Medical Research Lab, Utica, NY
1980 - 1984
Research Assistant
• Managed laboratory, ordered supplies, and handled surgical prep, as well as researched animal management. Executed experimental protocols for hypertension studies with rat and dog experimental models. Also programmed statistical analysis algorithms.


• Software, Database & Programming Skills: Trained and educated in Systems Analysis & Design utilizing SunOS, HP/UX, AIX, IRIX, ULTRIX, BSD UNIX, VMS, X windows, SAS, Oracle 7/8, Access 97/2000, Paradox 8, FileMaker Pro, Cobol, C, Fortran, Pascal, BASIC, APL, C Shell, Bourne Shell, Korn Shell, and Perl.
• Network Administration Skills: Design, implementation, and maintenance of networked systems for the specific needs of the enterprise environment. Maintaining and establishing user accounts, network security, troubleshooting printer problems, back-up devices, and installing and maintaining E-mail servers.
• Hardware Administration Skills: Installation, configuration, troubleshooting, support, and maintenance of hardware and peripherals including Ethernet, network boards, routers, fax modems, networked printers, and multimedia products. Experienced in hardware for government and corporate applications including DEC VAX, Sun Microsystems, RS6000, HP9x, SGI, Macintosh, and Intel-based PCs.


UNIVERSITY of VIRGINIA; McIntyre School of Commerce, Charlottesville, VA
M.S., Management Information Systems
Educational focus on training business and technology professionals to more effectively manage IT (in support of business objectives) to deliver greater IT value

STATE UNIVERSITY of NEW YORK at UTICA; College of Technology, Utica, NY
B.S., Computer Science
Magna Cum Laude

A.A.S., Veterinary Technology
Dean's List


• Association for Women in Computing (Wash. D.C. Chapter)
• Drug Information Association
• Therapy Dog International

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