Master Welder

Robin Saunders
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234


A position in or related to the field of welding, with special interest in securing a position on the eastern coast of the US.


• Owner of a One-Ton Dually with a Four-Cylinder Diesel Welding Generator and Mobile Welding Shop.
• Certified, Pipe Welder, State of Maine.
• Certified, State of Maine and Department of Navy - Boiler Division Inspections.
• Formally Trained in Many Areas of Welding, Staff Supervision & Training, and Safety.
• Business Entrepreneur; Manager, Supervisor of Staff, and Welding Instructor.
• Outstanding Safety Record on the Job; Conductor of Safety Meetings for Groups of Up to 26.
• Train Staff on New Job Specs & Procedures for Employer and Navy (One-On-One and Groups).


• SMAW - Stick Welding / Shield and Metal Arc / All Positions.
• GMAW - Gas Metal Arc / All Positions.
• FCAW - Fluxcore Arc Welding / All Positions.
• GTAW - Gas Tungston (Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum Bronze, & Copper Nickel).


Belleny Iron Foundry, Bath, ME
1981 - Present
Welder & Welding Supervisor / U.S. Military Ship Builder

Baker and Baker Construction Co., Houston, TX
1980 - 1981
Welder / Nuclear Plant Project


Southern Maine Technical College, Portland, ME
12-Week Welding Course

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