Satellite Systems Operator

Drew Sterling
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Pleasantville, CA 94588
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Satellite and ground systems operator with 3 years experience in satellite command and control operations for the military, including satellite launch, first acquisition, and early-orbit operations. Successful in leading teams involved in monitoring, testing, configuring, troubleshooting, and maintaining both satellite and ground equipment. Ground equipment expertise includes operations center, antenna sites, and communication links. Achieved highest accolades for recognizing and implementing emergency procedures to correct problems and failures, and for ensuring integrity of equipment for continuous operations. Certified in satellite and ground communications. Computer skills include Microsoft Windows 98 and Office 97 (Word and Access), as well as various database applications.


1998 - Present
Satellite Systems Operator (SSO) / Ground Systems Operator (GSO)
Served as an SSO and GSO, and support ground equipment and orbiting satellites valued in excess of $5.2 billion. Provided additional support as a certification evaluator, certified trainer, and awards program coordinator.
• Earned highly qualified rating on four recurring evaluations and achieved zero errors.
• Bolstered unit's mission success rate of 99.7%.

1997 - 1998
Satellite Systems Operator
Led a three-member Mission Control Team involved in controlling the defense support program and midcourse space experiment satellites.
• Saved a multi-million dollar defense support satellite from total voltage loss during an eclipse by executing and directing relocation to back-up operations center and transmitting vital commands.
• Performed over 750 error-free satellite contact supports on four different satellite systems.

1996 - 1997
Ground Systems Operator
Served as a team leader to coordinate squadron system resources and primary interface for satellite command and telemetry readout capabilities. Developed performance logs in both the pre-pass and pass segments.
• Ensured command and control link integrity on 71 critical commanding support projects.
• Earned distinction as the first Bravo crew GSO certified in MSX contacts and alleviated staff shortfalls.
• Identified a timing problem, supervised substitution of equipment, and restored synchronization.
• Reconfigured telemetry control segment during satellite maneuver and saved a critical support.
• Identified and resolved faulty telemetry channel and restored loss of navigational data.

1995 - 1996
Certification Evaluator
Served as group evaluator, meticulously evaluating candidates' task performance in the emulator to qualify for both ground and satellite operations certification. Wrote and administered rigorous and demanding emulator scripts to challenge candidates. Measured candidates against peers to select very best operators. Re-certified personnel every six months. Served as a liaison between headquarters and four different groups supporting approximately 800 personnel. Prepared quarterly reports for headquarters.
• Recognized a trend and informed director of deficiency so that entire squad could be retrained: improved accuracy of the readings and reduced number of errors by an estimate of 25% per quarter.

1994 - 1995
Certified Instructor
Prepared team for worst possible competition obstacles, including simulations designed to accustom team to high stress levels. Provided performance enhancing skills and trained team members on all aspects of operations, emergency procedures, and vital ground system intricacies.
• Trained two personnel through their upgrade qualification training over a six week time frame.

1993 - 1994
Award Program Coordinator
Managed and administered the awards program. Collected information, prepared package with nomination awards, submitted material for grading by the squadron board and group commanders, tallied results, announced winners, and produced certificates and congratulatory letters.

1992 - 1993
Ground Systems Operator
Served as unit GSO, providing technical systems management and personnel supervision.
• Instructed link operators to reconfigure equipment that restored primary and backup communication links and sustained life-giving power where vital solar panel moves were threatened.
• Selected by crew commander to enter the Jump Start Program for highest achievers to earn multiple certifications.


Military Training
• Operations Group Evaluator Training - 50 Hours
• Satellite Systems Operator Upgrade Qualification Training - 144 Hours
• Operations Group Instructor Training - 40 Hours
• Ground Systems Operator Upgrade Qualification Training - 292 Hours
• Ground Systems Operator Initial Qualification Training - 512 Hours
• Space Systems Operations Training 240 Hours
• Basic Training

• Certified Evaluator - Ground and Satellite Systems Operations
• Certified Satellite Systems Operator - Two constellations
• Certified Instructor - Ground and Satellite Systems Operations
• Certified Ground Systems Operator - Five constellations

Secret Security Clearance

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