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• Senior level operations manager offering creativity, vision, and the ability think outside the box.
• Created vision for Continental Airbus Facility project. Provided leadership and coordinated project from inception to completion.
• Experience in the aircraft industry. Mechanical and inspection background provided the foundation needed for effective management and leadership. Broad spectrum Knowledge of aircraft industry.
• Varied computer skills. Developed several relational databases.


• Operations Management • Communications • Management / Leadership
• Employee Development • Process / Project Design • Training / Development
• Contract Negotiation • Logistics • Budgeting


XYZ Air, Chicago, IL
1994 - Present
Manager Airbus Operations
As second in charge, direct aircraft maintenance activities for Airbus, A320 fleet, McDonnell Douglas DC-9 & MD-80s including hangar production, support cell production, materials requirements forecasting, stores and distribution, engineering interface, financial planning, strategic planning, staff development, process improvement, and aircraft heavy maintenance check planning and scheduling. Primary Liaison between Airbus Operations, Marketing, System Operations Control, FAA, OSHA, Airbus Industry, and Airport Authorities.

• Accomplished contract maintenance work for North American Airlines, MD-82 aircraft producing $350 thousand revenue at approximately 20% fully burdened profit margin.
• Led Airbus Operations to deliver aircraft from "check" on time. Running checks have been completed days under the annual plan estimates 4 years in a row.
• Reduced cycle times on HMV AC checks from 64 to 32 days.
• Managed staff of 350 supervisors, planners, clerical, and technical workers, mainly union employees, with a annual budget of $14 million.
• Developed complex relational databases in Access with goal of creating greater efficiency. One was employee management tool that tracked training, time/attendance, emergency information, and other human resource data.
• Broke down project management tasks into smaller, easy to define milestones. Created a sense of ownership amongst workforce.

XYZ Air, Chicago, IL
1992 - 1994
Manager Line Maintenance
Managed Green Concourse at CH terminal including technical and administrative overview of 65 contract lads, mechanics, R&Es, and all ramp clerical staff of 24/7 operation.

• Assisted in CH Line Maintenance budget process ensuring proper levels of funding. Achieved best on time performance across the 3 CH concourses during tenure.
• Developed partnership with Customer Service Management enhancing coordination of operations critical to concourse. Provided accurate communications with other departments and worked cooperatively to solve problems.
• Provided leadership with goal of enhancing quality of Aircraft for Passenger Service: on-time departures, planning for tooling and equipment needs, technical training of personnel, and safety support and training.

XYZ Air, Chicago, IL
1991 - 1992
Manager, Airbus Base Development
• Strategic member of design team for Northern Minnesota Maintenance Base.
• Direct responsibility for hangar design and work process design focused on increased productivity and reduction in cycle time for aircraft in heavy check maintenance.
• Final design reduced setup time and increased logistical efficiency by identifying equipment and tooling needs for aircraft and improved workflow, creating a "cell concept" implemented on A320 check line.

ABC Air, San Diego, CA
1989 - 1991
Supervisor Maintenance Contracts
• Opened new line maintenance bases and developed organizational structure for contract customer, Aero California.
• Recruited staff, developed and conducted orientation and training programs. Maintained personnel records.
• Assisted in routing of aircraft for maintenance and special inspections.
• Negotiated for hangar, ramp operations, and office and parts storage areas. Communicated in Spanish and English.
• Developed budgets for each line station. Managed Line Maintenance for new stations in Phoenix, San Diego, Los Angeles, and Tijuana.
• Managed budgets, records, materials coordination and purchasing, support vendors, training mechanics, and run-up and taxi policies and procedures.

SFB Airlines, Minneapolis, MN
1986 - 1989
Aircraft Mechanic

Reed and Associates, Eden Prairie, MN
1985 - 1986
Aircraft Mechanic/Authorized Inspector

Octagon, Inc., Eden Prairie, MN
1983 - 1985
Chief Aircraft Inspector
Liaison to FAA as company prepared for Repair Station Certificate. Advised and consulted company on regulations for new testing procedures. Authorized signer for all FAA documents.


MS Office Suite 2000, Paradox, FoxPro, SCEPTRE, PACE, Visit Manager, MS Project, Adobe PhotoShop and PageMaker, and Corel Draw. Novell, Windows NT, Windows 98, and Macintosh environments.


Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
I.S. Bachelor Degree Program
Professional Aeronautics Degree Program

Center for Creative Leadership, Colorado Springs, CO
Leadership Development Program

Continental Airlines: Business as Unusual, Career Track
1991 - Present
Project Management, Performance Development, How to Supervise People, Achieving Competitive Excellence, Time Systems-Time Management, Statistical Process Management, Foundations of Quality, SAS Computer Basic programming, and numerous mechanic courses.

Dale Carnegie
Human Relations and Effective Management.

Spartan School of Aeronautics, Tulsa, OK
Aircraft Maintenance Technician Diploma

Private Pilot License

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