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Dale Wong
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234

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Federal Air Marshall, GS-1801, Sep. 2001 to Present

Bureau of Immigration and Customs, Department of Homeland Security
Federal Air Marshal Service


· 8+ years’ proven law enforcement experience, including training and recruiting.
· Regularly assigned as Federal Air Marshall Team Leader for numerous flights.
· Graduated in first class of Air Marshals hired post 9/11, and only class to complete full Air Marshal Training Academy in Glynco, GA.
· Skilled in surveillance, undercover work, interviewing, investigation, and interrogation techniques,
· Strong knowledge of customs and immigration law, including passenger search and seizure procedures.
· Well-developed people skills: Interact with passengers, colleagues, and multiple agencies in diplomatic and professional manner across variety of settings.
· Trained by U.S. Army in Special Operations.
· Expert in weapons, martial arts and self-defense, and physical pacification and takedown techniques.
· Black Belt in Hapkido and Tae Kwon Do with over 10 years’ practical experience in Jui Jitsu.
· TOP SECRET Security Clearance.
· Computer Skills: Lotus 1-2-3, PowerPoint, Word & Excel on Windows platform, including specialized peripheral equipment such as scanners.


Master of Science, Administration, May 15, 1997
RUTGERS University–New Brunswick, NJ 08901
Bachelor of Science, Criminal Justice, May 22, 1992
University of Maryland, College Park, MD 20742
Franklin High School, Franklin Township, NJ, High School Diploma, May 24, 1987


· Simunitions Instructor (FLETC), May 2003
· Firearms Instructor (FLETC), Feb. 2003
· Instructor, Facilitator Program (FLETC), Nov. 2002
· Monadock Defensive Tactics Instructor-Trainer, May 2001
· Monadock Impact Weapon Instructor-Trainer, May 2001
· PPCT Defensive Tactics Instructor, May 2001
· Vehicle Operations Instructor, Jan. 2001
· Simunitions Instructor (FX), Jan. 2001
· Sub Gun Instructor, Nov. 2000
· Firearms Training System Instructor (FATS), Jun. 2000
· Emergency Response Team Instructor, Apr. 2000
· Range Master, Police Training Commission (NJ), Mar. 2000
· Chemical Agents Instructor, Jan. 1999
· Armorer, All Glock Weapons, Sep. 1998
· Physical Fitness Instructor, Jun. 1997
· Handcuffing Instructor, Nov. 1996


Department of Homeland Security
Bureau of Immigration and Customs, Federal Air Marshal Service
W. J. Hughes Technical Center § Bldg. 291 § FAM Headquarters § Atlantic City, NJ 08201
Sep. 2001 to Present

Federal Air Marshall, Training Division, Federal Air Marshal Training Headquarters
Full-time: 40+ hours/week
Beginning Salary: H-Band (GS 12)
Ending Salary: I Band (GS 13)
Supervisor: Mr. Mitch Levin, 609-485-9097
Supervisor may be contacted
Led Tactics Instructor, supervising 18-36 Federal Air Marshals (FAMs), 7 Instructors, and 5-15 contract employees. Trained, instructed, and lectured new and current FAMs and all instructors and visiting ATSAICs (Assistant to the Special Agent in Charge) on emergency equipment; evacuation; physical fitness; crew briefing to airline personnel; working undercover; and on handling non-lethal and lethal situations, including hijackings; firearms; use of force; self-defense; hand-to-hand combat; and explosives handling.
Provided specialized instruction and lecture on FAM Self-Defense program, addressing handcuffing, weapon disarmament, strikes, boxing, counters, neck restraints, aircraft seat extractions, and pressure point control.
Assumed Tactics Branch Chief duties in absence of. Developed and maintained current job assignments and rotation calendar. Conducted weekly written evaluations for FAMs in training.
· Ranked in “Best Qualified” list for Firearms and Defensive Measures Branch Chief positions.
· Wrote numerous aircraft airport FAM encounter scenarios officially approved as only ones authorized by FAM service for training, including all Field Offices.
· Instrumental in writing and developing FAM Tactics evaluation procedures, including scoring sheet and areas are to be tested.
· Trained all 48 FAM and civilian instructors in FAM tactics during “Train the Trainer” course.
· Lectured on FAM Tactics at US Marshal Special Operation headquarters.
· Developed tactical handcuffing techniques and positions used by FAM service.
· Conducted numerous and highly praised media demonstrations for foreign and domestic press and distinguished guests on FAM Tactics.
· Converted firearms evaluation from previous employment for FAM use, approved and adopted by FAM firearms division.
· Only fulltime certified Tactics Instructor at Federal Air Marshal Training academy to teach firearms and simunitions (Tactics), and to have flown domestic and international missions.

Atlantic County Department of Public Safety
5033 English Creek Road § Egg Harbor Township, NJ 08234
Mar. 1995 to Sep. 2001

Training Supervisor, Atlantic County Police Training Center
Full-time: 40+ hours/week
Beginning Salary: $34, 000
Ending Salary: $53, 000
Supervisor: Lt. Steven Murray, 609-645-5821
Supervisor may be contacted
Managed yearly training budget of $74,000 and maintained training records for over 200 officers and 30 civilians. Interviewed and conducted background investigation on all officer recruit candidates. Conducted daily written evaluations on all recruits.
Instructed recruits/officers/supervisors in firearms, FATS, sub-machine gun, simunitions, use of force, boxing, self-defense, pressure point control tactics, close quarter combat, physical fitness, impact weapons, chemical agents/oleoresin capsicum, vehicle operations, high-risk stops, building searches, collecting/packing evidence, observation techniques, ethics, criminal/arrest procedures, constitutional law, criminal code, sexual harassment, handcuffing, juvenile law, fingerprinting, communications, and field testing drug kits.
Oversaw quotes on all training-related equipment. Created and maintained databases for training and investigations. Prepared lesson plans, examinations, and PowerPoint presentations for training programs approved by state police training commission. Formed and implemented policies such as firearms, armory/arsenal access, emergency response team, training requirements, use of force, and use of emergency equipment. Served as Exposure Control Coordinator, Range Master, Armorer, and Commander of Emergency Response Team.
· Proposed, forged, and commanded department first ever Emergency Response Team (ERT) (14 person). Wrote policy governing ERT deployment and operations. Recruited candidates, ordered equipment, and trained all team members. Secured US Army Special Operations training in house/building raids, vehicle/bus assaults, hostage rescue, and door breaching.
· Provided assistance to Prosecutors Office in criminal investigations, including surveillance on possible criminal activities and interviewing suspects for potential criminal violations. Gathered and packaged evidence for court appearances, presenting evidence and testifying in court.
· Certified hundreds of law enforcement officers/supervisors throughout state of New Jersey in firearms and self-defense. Trained recruits and re-certified officers in use of firearms as Range Master (lead firearms instructor) for Police Training Center.
· Raised monthly meeting attendance dramatically as President for Fraternal Order of Police (lodge #34). Increased savings account from $11,000 to $65,000 in only 2 years and negotiated best contract in department’s history. Average officer received 30% raise over following four years. Initiated first college education fund for local students attending college.
· Instructed and lectured for numerous police academies throughout state on topics such as report writing, firearms, ground defense, physical fitness, pressure point control, impact weapons, knife defense, weapon retention, boxing, use of force, and neck restraints.
· Chaired County Training Advisory Council (CTAC) monthly meeting, as CTAC President, and oversaw council activities for all 21 county training officers, New Jersey. Determined training topics, delegated assignments, gave presentations to directors, sheriffs, and wardens for all 21 counties.
· Lead boxing and self-defense instructor for police training center.

Stockton State College
PO Box 195 § Pomona, NJ 08240
Jan. 1999 to May 1999
Adjunct Professor, Criminal Justice
Salary: $2,800 for semester
Supervisor: Barbara Berkowitz, 609-652-1778
Supervisor may be contacted
Lectured college students in criminal justice field, including criminal theory, corrections, and criminal procedures. Designed lesson plans and PowerPoint presentations to coincide with lecture. Wrote testing questions, including multiple choice, short answer, and essay.


· Counter Drug Reaction Team Course, United States Army, Apr. 2001
· Interview and Interrogation (FBI), Sep. 2000
· Field Training Course, Jun. 2000
· Emergency Preparedness, May 2000
· Exposure Control Coordinator, Apr., 2000
· Police Supervision Course, Apr. 2000
· Report Writing for Supervisors, Mar. 2000
· Criminal Procedure Update, Mar. 2000
· Training Management in Law Enforcement Workplace, Nov. 1999
· Incident Commend Level 100, Jun. 1999
· Drug Identification course, Jun. 1999
· Domestic Violence update, Mar. 1999
· Organized Crime, Feb. 1999
· Criminal Procedure Updates, Oct. 1998
· Bomb Awareness Update, Nov. 1997
· Criminal Investigations, Mar. 1997
· Methods of Instruction (MOI), May 1996


· Memorandum of Commendation, Federal Air Marshal Training Academy, Aug. 2003
· Distinguished Weapons Expert-FLETC, Feb. 2003
· Firearms Award for Air Marshal Program–FLETC, Nov. 2001
· 1st Place in Police and Firearms Bench-press Competition (AAU), 370 lbs, Oct. 1999
· Nominated for “1997 Officer of the Year,” National level (by Academy Director), May 1999
· Published article in “American Society of Law Enforcement Trainers” (ASLET), Apr. 1999
· Firearms Awards for Basic Academy, Oct. 1996
· Received full football scholarship to James Madison University as running back, Mar. 1987

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