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Pat Hernandez
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
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Dynamic IT professional with demonstrated expertise in analysis, design, development, test and support of complex software systems. Twenty years' proven excellence in IT environments, providing troubleshooting and resolutions, technical requirement interpretations, life cycle project management and technical guidance. Strong project management skills and contributing team member. Proficiency in building strategic alliances and providing customer service that exceeds expectations.


American University
M.S., Management Information Systems

American University, Aurora, CO
Bachelor of Science, Computer Science
OCP8i DBA Certification, Amerinfo


Hardware: HP 9000series, Sun, StarServer FT 3000, Sequoia, IBM 3090/4381, IBM PCs and compatibles.
OS: UNIX (TOPIX, SVR4/5, HP-UX Solaris) Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, CICS CMS, MVS/ESA, MS-DOS
Networks: TCP/IP, X.25
Software Tools: Veritas Vista REPLAY, XRunner, Exceed, all CLEAR, ABC FlowCharter, Sablime, Compas, PVCS Tracker, DDTS, XWindows, Norton Ghost, ImageCast, PCAnywhere, MS Office 2000


Avco Technologies, Westminster, CO
2000 - 2001
Technical Team Member
• Tested multimedia-messaging products as member of Applications Group.
• Significantly reduced time to market and verified products to specifications.
• Modified existing testing procedures and ensured product enhancements did not impact functionality.
• Performed quality and consistency tests throughout phased development cycles.
• Successfully provided project management driving projects from inception to on time and within budget guidelines and requirements.
• Wrote and executed test plans and test cases and wrote defect reports.
• Collaborated in the conception and implementation of improved testing procedures.
• Proactively contributed to all team efforts, ensuring project completions and quality products and results.

Diamond / US SW, Denver, CO
1999 - 2000
Test Engineer
• Tested intranet applications running in a clustered environment consisting of NT and UNIX servers.
• Performed system and interoperability testing, completing all processes, procedures designed to achieve Capability Maturity Model (CMM) Level 2 certification.
• Successfully implemented the use of DDTS tool for tracking software anomalies.

Byrd Laboratories, Westminster, CO
1999 - 2000
Test Engineer
• Member of self-directed team tested stand-alone PC-based configuration tools used by international sales force to order Business Communication System products.
• Defined customer profiles and test strategies.
• Successfully implemented test plans and produced summary reports.
• Used source control software, bug-tracking software and test-tool development.
• Performed Quality Factor Assessment process verifying, measuring, and assessing quality.
• Executed test cases, diagnosed and resolved problems and generated problem reports.

Umesco International, Columbus, OH
1996 - 1999
Test Coordinator
• Tested customized network traffic management products for global customers in Europe, Asia and Latin America.
• Coordinated testing efforts of team for multi million-dollar project in India involving installation of real-time traffic management software; provided and ensured smooth deployment.
• Planned system tests interval, established environment and executed test cases to ensure product compliance with Y2K efforts and ISO 9001 requirements.
• Utilized SQL to validate user screen output against database.

Dayton Data Group, Somerset, NJ
1995 - 1996
Test Engineer
• Developed, coordinated and implemented automated testing procedures on performance analysis and surveillance products running AT&T / NCR 3000 series platforms.
Telephone Network Traffic Management Project (NetMinder)
• Introduced fully automated testing process using XRunner significantly reduced life cycle testing time requirements.
• Served as Project Manager, coordinated all phases of testing, verification and documentation in collaboration with AT&T test team.
• Developed independent system test plan for software porting from AT&T / StarServer FT R3000 platform to AT&T / NCR 3500 series platform.
• Telecommunication Multi-Functional Operations System Project (MFOS)
• Performed automated system and regression testing on surveillance and operations system for international network switches.
• Developed regression-testing baseline that facilitated the implementation of automated testing using Veritas Vista REPLAY.
• Successfully completed final phase of project porting software from HP-UX 9000 platform to AT&T / NCR platform.

Research Analysis & Maintenance, Falls Church, VA
1993 - 1995
Quality Assurance
• Coordinated testing of enhancements to database application monitoring worldwide transportation and logistics programs.
• Developed system test plan and coordinated test efforts, ensuring operability and quality within customer specifications.

American University, Washington, D.C.
1983 - 1993
Senior Programmer
• Designed, coded, tested and documented alumni, financial, and decision support programs.
• Analyzed customer requests, designed and developed software solutions that supported and enhanced fundraising efforts and results.
• Collaborated in the conversion of systems from Wang MV 2200 to IBM 3090 mainframe without loss or corruption of data.
• Converted programs from BASIC to FOCUS 4GL.

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