Technical Manager

Sam Sterling
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234


Accomplished technical management professional with more than 15 years of experience.


· Strong management background at director and VP levels for MTech since 1992. Experienced managing and motivating teams of up to 450 high-tech employees (union and non-union).
· Doubled delivery efficiency and increased customer satisfaction 25% in one year after developing two high-visibility supply chain initiatives as Director (2001-present).
· Proven ability to reduce costs and meet strategic growth objectives, with expertise in demand planning, supply chains, product development, and program/business process management.
· Helped win $1 billion+ in revenue with “manufacture anywhere” capability (2000-2001).
· Areas of expertise include strategic planning, team building and board-level presenting.


Director, Supply Chain Initiatives and Process Engineering: Major Technologies, Columbus, OH
Tasked with streamlining supply chain networks. Report to Managing Director.
· Manage, motivate and develop team of 15 technical and management professionals.
· Maintain competitive edge after designing and developing two corporate-wide initiatives to increase delivery performance and reduce intervals; approaching world class levels for both.
· On pace to increase delivery performance metrics from mid 80s to mid 90s in 2003, after doubling performance from 40s to 80s in one year (2001-2002).
· Continually improve delivery performance. On track for 50% reduction in cycle time in 2003 after streamlining by 35% in first six months (2001-2002).
· Developed common terminology, definitions and metrics to replace fragmented existing measures. Created data-driven analyses, then won input and support from key stakeholders.
· Increased customer loyalty index to target levels after improving customer satisfaction by 25%.

Director, Product and Test Engineering Mobility Infrastructure: Major Technologies, Columbus, OH
Led efforts to introduce new products and designs into manufacturing.
· Managed team of up to 400 employees. Met cost and yield targets while ensuring high-volume manufacture (at internal and external sources) of new product designs from 456 Labs.
· Produced breakthrough results by turning over product portfolio by 75% within first 18 months, laying foundation for additional 40-50% turnover from 1997 to 2000.
· Enabled two $500 million+ contracts by rapidly proving “manufacture anywhere” capability to overseas clients. Developed testing platforms (hardware, software and data acquisition elements) and in-country material sources. Met all localization requirements as a result.
· Successfully managed change. Negotiated workforce reduction of 150 by maintaining clear lines of communication among team members. Maximized productivity throughout process.

VP, Manufacturing and Sourcing: BIG FIRM, Atlanta, GA
Directed product and test engineering, global service and repair, demand planning, program management, and installation and deployment of satellite communications (VSATs).
· Managed team of 350 employees. Met or exceeded all performance goals for cost, yield, etc. on 12 products, manufacturing with fast turnaround to meet contractual obligations with 24 clients.
· Turned fixed cost into variable by managing efforts to sell manufacturing rights to 456, Inc. partner, after earlier leading integration of contract manufacturing with internal production.

Senior Manager, Engineering and Manufacturing: BIG FIRM, Atlanta, GA
Managed operations at focused factory producing lightwave device (optical data links).
· Directed up to 400 employees in manufacturing operations, product, process, test and facility engineering. Worked closely with ABC Labs, product management, operations and customers.
· Enabled awarding of largest external contract in High-Tech Business Unit history by leading team to outstanding levels of collective performance.
· Managed efforts to manufacture 10+ products that met or exceeded all cost and yield goals.
· Produced consistent revenue gains of 20% after turning around quality. Improved supplier ranking with 123 client from 2 of 2 to 1 of 2 for 18 straight months vs. Siemens competitor.
· Won buy-in and productivity gains from three shifts of 250 union employees after improving communications and revamping business culture.

Senior Manager, Intellectual Property: BIG FIRM, Atlanta, GA
Negotiated patent and technology licensing agreements for data communications equipment.
· Brokered win-win agreements among multiple lines of business, XZX Labs and high-level representatives of licensees, both internationally and domestically.

Promoted eight times from management and technical positions at BIG FIRM.


· Executive Program: Pennsylvania State University.
· Managing the International Enterprise: Pennsylvania State University.
· Executive Development Program: Fox School of Business, Emory University.


· Master of Science: Industrial Engineering - Operations Research, Normal University.
· Bachelor of Science: Industrial Engineering, State Polytechnic Institute.


Technical experience includes IT and data center operations, manufacturing and fabrication, printed circuit boards (PCBs), integrated circuits, optical data links, high reliability relays, satellite transmission equipment (VSAT), mobility voice and data infrastructure equipment.

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