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Ted Saunders
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General Manager


Senior finance executive with over 15 years experience leading financial and operational turnarounds, directing and managing responsible financial growth, and delivering million dollar profit increases. Expertise includes accounting systems development, operations management, and strategic financial planning. Recognized for balanced judgment, stability and capacity to drive consensus among business units with diverse agendas and visions. Effective leader with the ability to empower management and lead teams to achieve business and company objectives. Master of Business Administration in Finance.


· Business Assessments
· Process Reengineering
· Relationship Building
· Productivity Improvements
· Strategic Planning
· Technology Implementations
· Cost Reduction
· Financial Reporting
· Risk Management
· Team Leadership
· Budget Management
· Global Market Modeling


1999 - Present
General Manager
Directed complete recovery of bankrupt financial services firm, focusing on core business strengths, process efficiency, quality customer service, and in-depth market analysis. Recruited senior management team and motivated action by autonomy with accountability. Effected a turnaround within first two years, transforming a $4M loss into $6M profit.
· Evaluated all corporate divisions, products, services, and related markets to establish consensus with the Board of Directors regarding the company’s strengths and weaknesses.
· Completely restructured operations, discontinuing declining areas and bolstering areas with the greatest potential. Engineered new processes to support restructured organization.
· Spearheaded growth into Web-based, financial-services sector, achieving recognition, momentum, and $35M in initial contract awards.
· Pioneered the enhancement of Web-based services with real-time human interaction, achieving additional market recognition and increasing customer satisfaction by 48% while growing accounts by 25%.

1997 - 1999
Senior Financial Management Executive
Managed financial direction for new management team, guiding the financial restructuring of a poorly performing business into a strong, profitable entity. Implemented standardized office automation system supporting corporate-wide accounting, personnel, manufacturing, and sales.
· Negotiated lease agreement for new technology, resulting in 30% decrease in maintenance costs over legacy systems.
· Implemented $2M reward system encouraging employees to identify innovations to increase sales and control costs. Employee morale and commitment increased notably.
· Analyzed market trends and sales history to forecast future business and discover new market areas to explore. Expansion into new markets resulted in $32M in new sales.
· Rebuilt relationships with bankers and investment community, realizing more favorable lending terms and renewed interest in support expansion and retooling efforts.

1992 - 1997
General Manager/Controller
Managed all auto dealership operations producing $17M sales gross. Supervised 185 employees, including 16 managers in finance, sales, leasing, fleet services, repair, service, human resources, and business office. Established a strong sales training program.
· Achieved a 30% growth in sales of both new and used vehicles.
· Increased warranty penetration from 40% to 75%, and credit life and disability from 20% to 43%, achieving 107% of plan.
· Installed a telemarketing room with 20 telephones: utilized sales staff for one hour each day to make sales and customer service follow-up calls. Telemarketing efforts yielded a 23% gain in sales activities.
· Reduced advertising costs by restructuring both print and electronic media campaigns, resulting in a savings of 57%.

1989 - 1992
Division Controller
Evaluated financial conditions and initiated on-going communications and negotiations with bank officers, private lenders, and vendors to keep the corporation in operation, avoiding foreclosure and bankruptcy proceedings. Developed $12M budget and multi-year business plan.
· Assessed and restructured administrative, personnel, and marketing procedures employing standardized, computer systems to achieve greater efficiency.
· Re-engineered accounting function, increasing competency, establishing controls, and focusing on quality service.
· Renegotiated financial obligations, reducing interest expense by 22%.
· Developed restructuring and downsizing plan to adjust to long-term market conditions.

1987 - 1989
Managed all operations of a $5 million finance department for new and used vehicles at nine dealerships.
· Increased productivity for the finance department and without losing profitability.
· Grew the department from $3.7 million to $5 million, achieving 125% of plan.
· Introduced non-confrontational presentations for warranty, credit life, disability, and finance interest rates.
· Improved average income per retail from $1,185 to $1,985.


Master of Business Administration (Finance), 1987
University of Seattle, Seattle, Washington

Bachelor of Science (Accounting), 1983
Washington State College, Tacoma, Washington


Certified Public Accountant
American Management Association
American Institute of Certified Public Accountants-AICPA
Washington Society of Certified Public Accountants-WSCPA
Business Person of the Year, Seattle Chamber of Commerce