Public Relations Manager

Robin Saunders
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234


Public relations, communications, or corporate position involving media writing and production, working with senior corporate management, staff, VIPs / civic leaders, and the public.


• Extensive experience in positions of significant responsibility requiring split-second decision-making including On-Air Promotion Manager, Television Promotion Writer / Producer, Assistant to the General Manager, Assistant to the Public Affairs / Programming Director, News Producer, Production Assistant / Associate Producer, and Preschool Teacher.
• Skilled in various aspects of corporate communications, public relations, field and studio production, writing and scripting stories, news research and production, developing creative story ideas, and related media functions.
• Well-developed communication skills demonstrated through generation of in-depth written reports and news stories / articles, and the ability to interact favorably with individuals from all backgrounds.
• Knowledgeable in computer operations and applications including News Star, IBM-PC and laptops, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Word, the Internet, and E-Mail.
• Consistently noted by station managers, corporate headquarters staff, and co-workers for superior job performance, creativity, solid work ethic, and timely completion of all assignments.


NBC-22 / WLMI-TV / CHRONICLE CORPORATION, New Orleans, Louisiana
Air Promotion Manager
• Responsible for coordinating all on-air promotions and managing a staff of two writer-producers and one commercial producer for the first major TV duopoly in New Orleans (NBC-22 & WB-28), writing, producing, and editing image promos and show promos for on-air broadcast. Supervise and approve special sweeps promos, coordinate all sweeps cable and radio buys with at least 12 account executives during each sweeps period, make decisions concerning airing of promos, coordinated the commercial producer's calendar, and schedule promos on the broadcast log.
• Work closely with the station research director to study audience demographics in order to determine appropriate promos to create for targeted results in specific time slots, assist in balancing the departmental budget, submit monthly production, cable, and radio billing during sweeps, and generate a monthly report for the NBC-22 General Manager.
• Additional duties include writing press releases and creating viewer e-mails to publicize important stories and station-sponsored events, developing creative promotional tie-ins to promote NBC-22 shows, fulfilling NBC co-op requirements and generating a monthly report to document airing of network spots in required time slots, and making decisions as PSA director on which PSA spots to air at which times.

Recent Accomplishments:
- Planned, organized, and coordinated on-air promos and a wide range of publicity for successful NBC-22 events including 'Baby at the Zoo,' 'The Children's Fair,' 'Captain Jinx,' and 'Cochon Caballero.'
- Recent projects include creating new and unique weather image promos featuring chief meteorologist Bob Winston, writing and producing a 'Beauty and the Beast' movie screening free ticket giveaway promo for Superior Toyota, and writing customized copy and promos for various NBC stars.

WBBX-TV 7 / ABC AFFILIATE, New Orleans, Louisiana
1998 - 2000
Promotion Writer / Producer
• Duties include writing, producing, and editing topicals and promos for promotional broadcast throughout the day, including NBC prime time, 5:00 p.m., 6:00 p.m., and 10:00 p.m. news broadcasts. Coordinated closely with assignment editors, producers, reporters, photographers, and anchors to select and highlight the most poignant and late-breaking stories.
• Successfully analyzed and strategized on potential news topical promos to effectively increase audience and ratings, and win new viewers to the station. Additionally responsible for production of image promos, special promos, and other production duties as needed.

Recent Accomplishments:
- Wrote, produced, and directed Mardi Gras 2000 promos for Bill Thorton's Mardi Gras Guide, effectively positioning WBBX as the viewers' choice for Mardi Gras coverage.
- Created new promos for WBBX franchise 'Absolutely New Orleans' featuring achorwoman Sandra Alexander and wrote / produced a special promo spotlighting Hurricane Mitch in Honduras.
- Selected to serve as production assistant for ABC game show '99' and created an image promo highlighting the community involvement of WBBX meteorologist Denton Thorpe.

WBBX-TV 7 / ABC AFFILIATE, New Orleans, Louisiana
1995 - 1998
Assistant to the Public Affairs / Programming Director
Assistant to GM duties:
• Served as liaison between St. Marie corporate office and station GM and VP, managed an internal entertainment budget for station parties, meetings, and special events, scheduled appointments and meetings, organized accommodations, lunches, dinners, and VIP arrangements, screened callers and visitors, created agendas for all participants, took minutes, and arranged temporary housing for all new managers.

Assistant P.A. / Programming duties:
• Responsible for writing and producing Public Service Announcements for various station clients and non-profit organizations, as well as coordinating with community groups, national syndicators, station production staff, and on-air personalities.

Significant Accomplishments:
- Wrote and produced various packages for WBBX's children's show 'KideoVideo' involving creation of a new program grid each week, constant contact with ABC for network show changes, reviewing local show possibilities, and booking shows with national syndicators to fill local time slots.
- Produced 'Brian's Kitchen' cooking show featuring local TV personality Brian Halsey and nationally-acclaimed chefs.

WBBX-TV 7 / ABC AFFILIATE, New Orleans, Louisiana
News Producer
• Scanned local and national wires and press releases to uncover dynamic, newsworthy, and unique stories, met with reporters and assignment editors to discuss topical news and strategize on which stories to cover, based upon viewer benefit and general newsworthiness.
• Additionally responsible for designing the show from beginning to end, writing news stories, booking interview guests, prepping guests prior to going on the air, and timing segments.

WBBX-TV 7 / ABC AFFILIATE, New Orleans, Louisiana
Production Assistant / Associate Producer
• Distributed all rundowns and scripts to directors, tape operators, support staff, and talent, updated all involved on any changes or scheduling modifications, maintained the newscast archive system, and assisted in writing stories for newscasts.
• Produced live segments in the field, including field production of the 'Good Morning!' on location in New Orleans with Eliza Smith.

1993 - 1994
Preschool Teacher
• Responsible for a wide range of duties, including classroom management, advancing pre-reading and pre-math comprehension skills, storytelling, organizing group learning and play time, music and art, scheduling daily activities, assessment and evaluation of child progress, enforcing discipline and nap times, and coordination with parents and staff.


UNIVERSITY of NEW ORLEANS, New Orleans, Louisiana
Bachelor of Arts, Communications

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