Aircraft Maintenance Technician Federal Employment

Taylor Anderson
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11/01/01 – Present, 50 hours per week, AIRCRAFT MAINTENANCE TECHNICIAN, $17 per hour, Vertex Aerospace, 1160 Saratoga Ave, NAS Kingsville, TX 78364, Jon Doe, 360-516-1212. Perform Contractor Maintenance on assigned aircraft to meet and exceed Contractual obligations, customer Requirements and Standards for aircraft availability, and Contract profitability. Maintain Airworthiness of C-130A, DC-6, and DC-7 firefighting air tankers for United States Forest. Meet Requirements, Regulations, and Objectives for Multiple, Complex projects ranging from extensive aircraft modifications and detailed Aviation Maintenance records keeping to advanced logistical research.

AVIATION MAINTENANCE OVERSIGHT: Coordinate and conduct annual Aviation Maintenance Inspections and subsequent repairs according to Federal Aviation Administration approved and manufacturer’s Standards and Requirements. Lead team of augmentation Contractor Personnel when dispatched with aircraft to various air-tanker bases in western United States. Audit Aviation Maintenance Inspections of Aviation Maintenance Inspection team members. Train other Contractor Personnel in Aviation Maintenance Activities for assigned aircraft.

AVIATION MAINTENANCE EXPERTISE: Perform Alterations, Modifications, and structural repairs to supported airframes and other major components. Overhaul T-56 turbine engines and R3350 Radial engines. Carry out routine Aviation Maintenance Activities on wide range of aircraft electrical, mechanical, fuel, hydraulic, engine, oxygen, fire extinguishing, and pneumatic systems, including scheduled and unscheduled inspections, emergent repairs, and operational checks. Expertly operate precision measuring and test equipment, hand tools, and other special tools.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Sustained DC-7 air tanker in mission ready up status for 100% on-call firefighting support, with aggressive Preventative Maintenance and repairs over two months while sole Aircraft Maintenance Technician deployed with aircraft and crew. Secured deployment logistical and supply resources locally for ready availability. Achieved sustained Zero-Percent Defect Rate in overhaul of 28 R3350 radial engines over 19 months as Lead Aircraft Maintenance Technician for project.

10/15/99 - 10/30/00, 43 hours per week, AIRCRAFT MAINTENANCE TECHNICIAN, $15.50 per hour Boeing Aerospace Operations, 1160 Saratoga Ave, NAS Kingsville, TX 78364, John Doe, 212-555-1212.
Performed majority of same duties as above for Butler Aircraft Company. Maintained Airworthiness of Cessna, Piper, and Beech single- and multi-engine aircraft. Conducted standard Aviation Maintenance Activities on variety of aircraft electrical, mechanical, fuel, hydraulic, oxygen, and pneumatic systems. Established strong reputation for providing high quality maintenance and customer satisfaction in safe and timely manner.

08/01/96 - 09/14/99, 40 hours per week, C-130 PROGRAM MANAGER, E-7, HQ 15th Air Force, 540 Airlift Drive, Travis AFB, CA 94535, John Doe, 707-424-2965. Provided Program Management Oversight of C-130 Program of 143 AMC, ANG, and AFRC C-130 aircraft, Aviation Maintenance Activities of 99 professionals, and $2.5 billion dollars in support equipment and supplies throughout 15th Air Force area of responsibility. Directed 15th Air Force Requirements, Regulations, and Objectives guiding Multiple and Complex logistical planning for worldwide deployment of mobility forces supporting US national interests.

Furnished Single-Point-of Contact Technical Expertise and Guidance to senior staff members and all regional Aviation Maintenance Activities, with emphasis on funds forecasting and resource planning. Inspected and evaluated Aircraft Maintenance Activities at nine subordinate units, executing total Oversight of Shops, Contractor Activities, Work Processes, and Aircraft Systems, with Continuous Process Improvement feedback.

Managed 15th Air Force Training Review Process, supplying Commander with clear overview of training quality and efficiency for nearly 17,200 enlisted personnel, including deficiencies requiring attention and change-management visibility. Oversaw Pacific Theater en route-ground-trainer program. Managed logistics unit and individual maintenance awards program.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Earned Air Force Meritorious Service Medal (Second Oak Leaf Cluster) for successful aggressively coordinated actions to ensure high state of Aviation Maintenance readiness to meet USAF Global Engagement requirements. Eliminated environmentally unsafe C-130 aircraft engine wash requirements, saving over 700 man-hours per year. Improved Pacific theater en route maintenance operations for C-17 systems, by drafting and implementing comprehensive training plan to increase lead technicians’ proficiency. Identified and resolved severe shortage of C-130 defensive armor kits. Re-equipped entire C-130 fleet to full defensive configuration for high-threat areas, through planning and coordinating funding and logistics to obtain kits from other active duty units. Developed and implemented Policies and procedures to realign improper Aviation Maintenance practices with corporate Standards and Requirements. Authored computerized training review process implemented by higher authority to assess enlisted training and provide continual improvement.

02/01/93 - 07/30/96, 40 hours per week, AVIATION MAINTENANCE PRODUCTION SUPERINTENDENT, E-7, 731st Air Mobility Squadron, Hickam AFB, HI, Chief Sergeant John Doe. Managed all Aviation Maintenance Program Activities as Airworthiness Expert Overseeing Requirements, Regulations, and Objectives for Complex planning, inspecting, repairing, and servicing of Multiple USAF aircraft, including the C-5, C-17, C-130, and C-141. Provided Technical Expertise and Guidance to manage production efforts of 123 personnel in 10 different technical fields performing Aircraft Maintenance. Served as Senior Maintenance Representative when deployed to numerous worldwide locations supporting airlift operations. Regularly assumed flight superintendent duties. Balanced people issues with mission demands.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: earned the Air Force Achievement Medal after being hand-selected to lead maintenance operations in support of Operation DEEP FREEZE ’95, and instrumental to 94% launch reliability there and 100 % rate to New Zealand. Consistently maintained 98% or better aircraft Return-to-Service and departure reliability rate within safe and healthy work environment. Salvaged launch and recovery operations for C-141 aircraft supporting COOPERATIVE OSPREY joint US/former Eastern Bloc forces exercise. Resolved logistical challenges to repair aircraft mission-critical discrepancies, ensuring minimum ground time and on-time takeoff, by exercising superior decision-making Technical Expertise and Guidance. Produced high quality technicians in short order through creation of key upgrade training program.

11/16/89 - 01/30/93, 40 hours per week, AVIATION MAINTENANCE INSPECTION TEAM CHIEF, E-6, 86th Airlift Wing, Ramstein Air Base, Germany, Master Sergeant John Doe, 960-775-6684. Managed Aviation Maintenance Inspection team of 59, providing Oversight of Requirements, Regulations, and Objectives for Multiple and Complex phases of Aviation Maintenance Inspection and preplanned maintenance tasks. Directed all Aviation Maintenance Activities during inspection process, providing Technical Expertise and Guidance. Interpreted inspection discrepancies and determined validity of corrective actions. Evaluated individual system discrepancies and verified delivery priorities when ordering mission-critical components. Ensured sufficient levels of properly trained and fully qualified personnel to perform Aviation Maintenance Inspections and required maintenance.

Managed Aviation Maintenance Organization, providing Oversight of Requirements, Regulations, and Objectives for Multiple and Complex weapon systems valued in excess of $500 million, as Maintenance Squadron Assistant Systems Section Chief. Managed maintenance and safety programs and performance of 59 personnel across 13 different Aviation Maintenance fields. Led safely performed Aviation Maintenance efforts to support 17 assigned HC-130 Combat Shadow, MC-130 Combat Talon II, and MH-53J PAVE LOW III helicopters. Oversaw more than $8.5 million in Aviation Maintenance resources assigned to seven different functional areas. Concurrently I performed full-time duties and responsibilities of Section Safety Program Manager, Section Self-Inspection Program Manager, and Flight Technical Order Distribution Office (TODO) Manager.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Decreased inspection flow time 30% through Aviation Maintenance Inspection process improvement and effective short- and long-term goal setting, as Isochronal Inspection Team Supervisor. Eliminated over $67,000 in duplicate supplies by integrating Inspection Dock with Heavy Maintenance shop to improve use of resources and personnel skills. Concretely increased capabilities of over 800 personnel and readiness of multiple weapons systems, while serving as Maintenance Squadron Assistant Systems Section Chief. Accomplished consistent timely, correct, and complete documentation of aircraft maintenance records, special inspections, and Time Compliance Technical Orders, through aggressive and effective management.


BS, Professional Aeronautics, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Daytona Beach, FL 32117, May 99, GPA 3.60

AS, Aircraft Maintenance Technology, Community College of the AF, Maxwell AFB, AL 36112, Aug 95, GPA 3.99


Maintenance Engine Run C-141 Initial Course, Jun 97, 24 hours; Aircraft Maintenance Technician, C-141, 2A5X1J, Sep 96, 136 hours; C-141 Aircraft Maintenance Technician (Transition/En Route), 2A5X1J, Aug 93,186 hours; C-130 Aircraft Maintenance Specialist Courses, 431x2, Mar 81, 453 hours.


FAA INSPECTION AUTHORIZATION, Jan 01; FAA AIRFRAME AND POWER PLANT CERTIFICATE, Federal Aviation Administration, Sep 98; FCC GENERAL RADIO OPERATORS LICENSE, Mar 98; Air Force Meritorious Service Medal (Second Oak Leaf Cluster); Air Force Achievement Medal; Air Force Noncommissioned Officer of the Quarter; Squadron Noncommissioned Officer of the Quarter; Proficient in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, IE 6.0, and Advanced Maintenance Information System (MIS) Applications. Volunteer for Boy Scouts of America, Cub Master, Pack 27, Redmond, Oregon.

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