Project Manager Peacekeeping

Taylor Anderson
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234

Specializing in Peacekeeping within International Forums

Experience in working with an array of volunteers and coordinating activities.
Possesses a broad understanding of office practices, functions and equipment.
Knowledge of planning and preparation needed for small and large events.
Highly motivated, a self-starter with multi-tasking skills.
Experience in working with volunteer organizations.
Excellent skills in facilitation and presentation.
Can be counted on to get the job done.
Intermediate French language skills.


· Extensive experience in customer service and supervision of employees.
· Broad understanding of business functions and processes, including knowledge of accounting and bookkeeping.
· Coordinates and executes twice weekly recreation activities for children, as well as monthly themed activities, and nine special activities over the March break.
· A partner in coordinating care of over 3000 refugees.
· Implemented “self-support” program with fellow Senior Customer Sales. Representatives of Chapters to increase efficiency.
· Broad knowledge of office computer applications and clerical duties.
· Implemented many new marketing ideas, which received recognition from CEO of Chapters.
· Department saw an increase of 11% in sales after first 4 months of employment as the Head of the children’s department.
· Progressively developed Human Resource skills as the immediate supervisor of a staff of eight employees.


· M.A. War Studies, Royal Military College of Canada (distance education), in progress.
· B.A. History, Royal Military College of Canada, May 2002.
· Certificate in Defense Management, Royal Military College Of Canada, in progress.
· Officer Professional Military Education, Royal Military College of Canada, in progress.
· NATO SHAPE School, Oberammergau Germany, July 2001. Civil Military Co-Operation and Civil Emergency Planning and Preparedness Course.
· Pearson Peacekeeping Center, Nova Scotia, October 2001. Civil Military Cooperation Course (negotiation, emergency planning and information campaigns were an integral part of course).


· Op Parasol. Kosovar Refugee Relief Effort, Mountainview Base, Summer 1999. Participated in the planning and implementation of, and was in charge of aspects of feeding over 3000 refugees. Worked with hundreds of volunteers, and coordinated with many relief and volunteer organizations.
· Queens University Model United Nations, November 2001. (Best Delegate Award)
· Harvard University Model United Nations, February 2001.
· Queens University Model United Nations, November 2000.
· Published in the Army Doctrine and Training Bulletin, Vol. 5, No. 1, Spring 2002. Fighting the Good Fight: A Comparative Study of Military Ethics in Operations Other Than War, pp 38 - 42.


Chapters – Kingston – Ottawa
2002 – Present
Cashier, Bookseller,
Senior Customer Sales Representative, Children’s Books
· Very knowledgeable of bookkeeping and accounting procedures associated with tracking daily sales and cashier reports, fluent in the use of computer databases for stock tracking and ordering.
· Implemented programs to make Seniors more efficient in daily tasks.
· Developed marketing features which received praise form CEO and top executives.
· Created, organized and administered recreation programs for children. Two activities every week, special activities on a monthly basis, and nine activities over the March break. Consulted and coordinated these efforts with the Regional Marketing Manager.
· Strongly developed Human Resource skills, manages a staff of eight.
· Committed to customer satisfaction, maintains a customer focused approach.
· Liaise regularly with Section, General, and Regional managers.
· Implemented a supplemental rewards program to encourage better performance from staff members.

Cara Foods – Swiss Chalet/Kelsey’s – Kingston
1997 – 2001
Waitress, Bartender, Supervisor
· Worked well under pressure with a heavy workload, multitasking a must.
· Delivered outstanding customer service, a consistent team player.
· Familiar with the bookkeeping and accounting practices associated with maintaining records of sales and cashier floats.
· Was offered position as manager of a restaurant in recognition of excellent performance.

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