Electrical Engineer Recent Graduate

Drew Sterlin
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234


Well-rounded, tech-savvy first class honors electrical engineering graduate producing useful solutions through comprehensive research and logical thinking. Strengths include:

· Problem-Solving
· C, Java, MATLAB
· Research / Report Writing
· Planning and Organizational Skills
· Protel, Flash
· Meeting Deadlines
· Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Two-time Dean’s List recipient over-delivering to ensure consistent high quality of work.


· Awarded Dean’s List twice in 00/01 and 02/03 semesters.

Thesis: Simulated theoretical performance of two new mode-switching controllers for 2.5” mini-hard disk drives on MATLAB.
· Initiated self-directed research to investigate feasibility and accuracy of previous research done on topic.
· Reduced disk latency 25%, from 12 milliseconds to 9 milliseconds, by optimizing time and accuracy through robust placement of controllers.
· Uncovered causes of deviation of theoretical and practical results (inaccuracy of laboratory equipment and depreciation of hard disk) through careful research and inquisitive questioning.

Notable Projects: Programmed software, designed circuit board and conducted hardware testing for construction of micro-controller of remote control car from scratch in group of five.
· Submitted project punctually without need for overtime work as compared to other groups due to meticulous planning of time schedule—received individual ‘A-’ grade for project.

‘A’ Levels—Hwa Chong Junior College (HCJC)
· Achieved 4As in nationwide examinations—top 10% of Singapore student cohort.

Extra-curricular Activities: Played key role in team’s third position placing in National Schools’ Bowling Championship in ’96.


Intern, Mechatronics & Microsystem Dept—DATA STORAGE INSTITUTE (6 months)
Performed programming of interface to link hard disk drive to MATLAB for testing together with another intern plus assistance from one engineer and one research scholar—program later sold to outside organizations. Enlisted help from research scholar to link source code in C++ to MATLAB.
· Consolidated functions of two software programs into one improved version with more specific testing functions that simplified processes and increased efficiency of operations.
· Wrote 30-page user manual to educate future users and produced 30-page industrial attachment report detailing learning experiences to NUS Engineering Department.
· Successfully completed project within four months—two months before deadline!

Volunteer—Joy Center (four months)
· Helped in establishing retirement community, including purchasing furniture and exercise equipment and planning and coordinating day-to-day activities.

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