Law Professional

Stacey McGovern
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234


· Notable analytical skills. Logically consider problems from all sides and use data and facts to support decisions. Complete reports accurately and in detail.
· Skilled at concentrating on data while seeking best method to solve problem in creative and objective manner. Patient and persistent in approach to achieving goals.
· Service-oriented. Respond to challenges in cooperative manner. Dedicated team player; build good relationships. Display acute awareness of social, economic and political implications of decisions.
· Results of career testing show special aptitude in communication, professional services and business.


J.D., Legal Studies, 2001, University of Pittsburgh School of Law – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Constitutional Law … Contracts … Criminal Law … Criminal Procedure
Evidence … Torts … Trademark Protection … Litigation

B.A., Criminal Justice, 1988, Temple University – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


American Inns of Court, 12 months
Black Law Students Association, member, 2 years
Mellon Legal Writing program, 1 year

Pittsburgh Board of Education Law Department – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
· Performed legal research using Lexis-Nexis. Referenced authorities online and in library. Drafted memoranda based on research findings.
· Managed various projects as assigned by supervising attorney. Researched and wrote recommendations on matters related to public education. Became knowledgeable in various subjects relative to education law, e.g., disciplinary actions, transportation, residency criteria.


SECURITY OFFICER, Allied Security – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
2003 – Present
· Well disciplined and clear-headed in stressful situations. Patrol parking garage at regular intervals to ensure safety of patrons.
· Display keen observation skills; stay alert for any discrepancies within facility or adjacent buildings. Notify co-workers and supervisors as appropriate.
· Regulate access to building in orderly, systematic manner. Assist desk officers with ID verification and access for temporary employees and contractors.

ROOM ATTENDANT, Holiday Inn Select – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
2001 – 2002
· With excellent time management and strong work ethic, completed assigned tasks and took on special projects. Competently and efficiently cleaned and detailed rooms in 250-bed facility.

MAIL / DISTRIBUTION CLERK, FMC Corporation – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
1989 – 1998
· As member of office services staff, provided mail sorting, processing, shipping and receiving to all departments. Maintained up-to-date computerized records. Filled in as courier when needed.
· As designated acting supervisor in office services supervisor’s absence, kept department functioning at full production and service level. Commended by co-workers and supervisor for can-do attitude.

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