Quality Assurance Manager Manufacturing

Casey Catello
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234


Over ten years experience in Quality Inspection with expertise in modern inspection techniques, quality assurance sciences and quality control. Member, American Society for Quality with division memberships in Inspection.


Skills and experience gained from employment and education include:

• Quality Assurance • Electrical Systems
• Modern Inspection Techniques • Quality Engineering and Analysis
• Continuous Quality Improvement • Non-Destructive Testing
• Haz Mat Regulations / OSHA • Basic Instrumentation


Maxwell Corporation, Atlanta, GA
1998 - Present
Quality Assurance Manager
• Utilized modern inspection techniques including the appropriate application of standard measurement tools and gauges, practicing proper use, observing limitations, and ensuring calibrations.
• Applied the total range of assurance sciences including motivation, human factors, quality costs, audits, calibration, inspection, probability, hypotheses testing, design of experiments, reliability, and maintainability.
• Implemented total quality management concepts and applications of statistical process control, flow charting, cause and effect drawings, Pareto analysis, histograms and scattergrams.
• Performed non-destructive testing to detect discontinuities in components during material processing.
• Developed training materials and information manuals for quality coordination.
• Taught quality tools class as part of in-service training program.

Industrial Steel, Inc., Atlanta, GA
1995 - 1998
Quality Inspector
• Provided quality assurance and inspection of all mechanical work performed by line staff.


Marietta Community College, Marietta, GA
Associate, Quality Assurance and Reliability

Additional Training:
• Completed numerous company-sponsored quality training programs

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