Industrial Engineer Federal Employment

Drew Anderson
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234
Social Security No: 999-99-9999
Citizenship: United States
Veteran Status: 5 pts
Federal Status: None
Highest Federal Civilian Grade Held: None
Bureau of Land Management
Lead Production Engineer, Series: 34-54b-02, Announcement #: BLM902-8392a

Strategic-minded, results-driven Industrial Engineering & Logistics Professional with 15 years’ verifiable experience managing diversified production operations. Recognized high level of credibility and professionalism includes:
· Expert knowledge of methods, materials, machinery, and facilities used in industrial production operations.
· Advanced abilities to determine and plan material requirements or schedules for production and change management strategies, operations, and innovations.
· Proven expertise in designing specifications to define product requirements.
· Accomplished record of planning and administering highly effective industrial quality control and inspection systems and programs.
· Sales engineering and buying experience using wide knowledge of production operations.
· Skill in interpreting and applying contracts and statutory rules and regulations.
· Special talent for building, retaining, and motivating knowledgeable and efficient management and technical workforce teams.
· QS Certification and skillful design and management of targeted performance metrics.
· Strong organizational communications, negotiation, and mediation skills.


· Productivity Improvement
· Process Design & Redesign
· Financial & Contract Management
· Employee Relations & Training
· P&L Responsibility & Due Diligence
· Safety, OSHA & Hazardous Waste
· Operations & Program Management
· Quality Control & ISO Procedures
· Contractor Assessment & Control
· Recruiting & Workforce Planning
· Inventory Control
· Change Management


Company Engineer
2000 – Present
4116 5th Street, Houston, TX 77029
40 hours / week
Supervisor: Mr. Johnny Ricco, Phone: (713) 424-6247
Present Salary: $104,300
Supervisor may be contacted.
Starting Salary: $85,000
Recruited to re-engineer processes and improve productivity for 4-acre facility printing company of $7M annual revenues.
Directed close-knit staff of 5 across Planning and Purchasing, Scheduling, Shipping, Receiving, and Graphic Art departments. Managed capital and engineering projects, warehouse operations, quality program, and emergent and preventive maintenance. Coordinated Hazardous Wastes and Emissions Disposal and Reporting. Provided subject matter expertise and training to ensure NAFTA, UL, Energy Conservation, Personal Protective Equipment, Emergency Evacuation, Safety, and OSHA compliance. Exercised $175,000 annual P&L responsibility for Art Department
Selected Projects & Accomplishments
· Grew profitability from 14% (1999) to 18% (2003) with launch of 3 new product lines, managing all phases from design to implementation:
· Metal Printing Process: $250,000 annual account; 14% revenue increase.
· Fire Extinguisher Labeling: $700,000 annual account; 42% GP on product line.
· CD Security Labeling: $110,000 current sales.
· Boosted on-time shipping performance from 85% in 2002 to 96% in 2003, by negotiating new stocking arrangement with major raw material supplier.
· Carried out key capital improvement projects on time and within budget, purchasing all equipment and negotiating with maintenance subcontractors, shipping companies, and raw material suppliers. Selected projects include:


$170,000, 14-Space Office Renovation
Zero downtime over 3-week reconstruction
$115,000 Mark Andy 2200 4‑Color Press Install
One-day completion–Increased press speed 15%
$97,000 Sequential Bar Code Printing Install
Won $700,000 annual account–42% GP
$81,000 Printing Line Install
Improved press speeds 15%
$42,000 Metal Printing Equipment Install
Won $250,000 annual account–46% GP
$39,000 Mark Andy 13’’ Die Cutter Install
Improved blank die cutting speed by 25%
$20,000 Art Plate Maker Overhaul & Install
Reduced Art Department waste more than 20%

· Saved average 4.8% over 3 years by reducing costs in 63 of 81 base raw materials.
· Raised raw material turns from 13 in 1999 to 35 in 2003, by imposing bin storage system with reduced SKUs, lower minimums/multiples, and shortened lead times.
· Shrunk workforce from 50 to 45 over 4 years with no decrease in quality or efficiency, through execution of “best‑in‑class” process and program improvements including:
· OSHA Form 33 compliant Safety program in partnership with Safe State.
· Densitometry/color management training program for Manufacturing.
· Compressed air system redesign to eliminate leaks and capacity problems.
· Preventive Maintenance program covering more than 55 items.
· 2 new estimating models providing greater accuracy.
· Designed and dispatched quality control system to address problems before shipping.

1996 – 2000
109 2nd Avenue South, Franklin, TN 37065

Production Superintendent
1998 – 2000
40 hours / week
Supervisor: Mr. Carl Jenkins, Phone: (615) 591-4050
Ending Salary: $76,000
Supervisor may be contacted.
Starting Salary: $49,000
Directed staff of 7 and department of 270 in management of 500,000 square-feet, 24-hour manufacturing operation, with 800 employees and $290M cost of sales. Oversaw program management for process and quality improvement, waste reduction, safety, and maintenance. Hired and developed staff and ensured continuous training on all fronts. Negotiated and approved supplier agreements. Exercised $110M joint P&L responsibility for department and administered $75M annual operating budget.
Selected Projects & Accomplishments
· Turned around over-budget department of $30,000 per month: Operated $2.8M below budget for 1997 through 1999 by lowering waste to 9.5% from 11.6%, improving uptime to 75% from 54%, and eliminating labor losses.
· Reduced OSHA accident frequency rate for department from 17.08 to 4.4.
· Headed up cost reduction team that achieved 1997 savings of $890,000 annualized, $320,000 one-time, and 1998 savings of $644,000 annualized, $868,000 one-time.
· Instrumental in lucrative (20% revenue increase) acquisition of Nashua Tapes, duct tape industry standard and among largest line sold nationwide. Managed transition of operations/product lines from Nashua, NY to Franklin, KY facility, including $15M building addition and 2 slitters.
· Saved over $100,000 annually and earned divisional “All Star Team Award” by creating additional capacity on #10 calendar and supporting slitters, through line speed increases, adhesive supply improvements, and product line simplifications.
· Advanced shop order completion rate from 65% to 93% by designing and implementing MRP/shop floor scheduling system. Synchronized schedule with partner supplier and changed department layout to support more efficient KANBAN manufacturing system.
· Reclaimed previously designated “100% Waste,” with introduction of new waste identification and recovery procedure for master drum rolls from calendar department.
· Avoided costly overtime by adding shift, hiring over 40 workers, and eliminating 5 jobs while improving all performance indicators in department.
· Replaced outdated manual system of once-per-month feedback for tracking labor, waste, and quality performance, by designing and implementing Microsoft Access-based database program for department to track daily and individually.

Senior Logistics Planner
1996 – 1998
40 hours / week
Supervisor: Ms. Dizzy Flores, Phone: (615) 584-3121
Ending Salary: $45,000
Supervisor may be contacted.
Starting Salary: $39,000
Managed master scheduling and distribution for $920M division. Handled over 800 items across 2000 warehouse transfers per year for 7 main shipping lanes, impacting ¼ or $230M of total company revenue. Moved steadily through series of promotions, including Inventory Manager (slow and non-moving), Purchaser (100 items from 18 vendors), Master Scheduler (6 plants), Overseas Shipping Coordinator (Malaysia and Far East), Forecast Manager (7 markets), and Marketing-Manufacturing liaison.
Selected Projects & Accomplishments
· Achieved “best-in-market-history” forecasting variance results for Absorbent Hygienic market (15% for 1996 and 1997) and Latex Gloves market (8% for 1996 and 13% for 1997), using marketing and statistical modeling techniques.
· Executed series of principal actions in acquisition of Professional Medical Products:
· Performed due diligence overseeing finished goods inventory count and report on state of DRP systems.
· Completed post-acquisition review of maintenance and over 430 items for Juarez and Ocala plants. Verified system inventory balances, distribution networks, item extension parameters, implementing 42-product discontinuances.
· Implemented 91 product transitions, discontinuances, and changes in manufacturing locations with no adverse service effect for Incontinent Care Market.
· Earned “Above and Beyond Award” for management of 133 product transitions, enabling conversions and avoiding leftovers of obsolete stock.
· Recognized at 1996 DRP/MRP Conference for originating statistical-based method to derive safety stock levels, allowing planners to lower inventory without sacrificing service levels.
· Constructed “Reasonable Test” forecast report to allow planners to check recent demand versus upcoming forecast requirements by plan, market, or item.
· Collaborated with IS to develop Links PROPICS and IMEREX software systems for planning/purchasing automation. Devised PO to FPO Upload Project used across markets companywide in 1996.
· Invented new “Expedite/De-Expedite” tracking and reporting method for plants and managers to track finished goods requirements on daily basis and by item.
· Trained planners, creating training tools, such as overview, training manual, and task matrix.

Production Manager
1994 – 1996
40 hours / week
Supervisor: Mr. Jean Rasczak, Phone: (615) 767-2912
Ending Salary: $38,000
Supervisor may be contacted.
Starting Salary: $35,000
Managed all aspects of 40-employee textile-manufacturing shift in 190,000 square-feet facility of 200 employees and $20M in operation cost of production.
Selected Projects & Accomplishments
· Operated shift under budget by $210,000 in 1994 (labor, material, and overhead).
· Exceeded budgeted efficiency target of 84% with 86.46% ($5822 annualized savings).
· Achieved 0 lost-time days, 0 OSHA recordable incidents, $0 injury related costs, 1.8% absenteeism rate, and 0% turnover rate.

Commander Squadron Logistics, Lieutenant Colonel
1972 – 1994
Arizona, England, Germany, Middle East
40 hours / week
Last Supervisor: Colonel Carmen Ibanez, Phone: Unavailable
Ending Salary: O-5
Supervisor may be contacted.
Starting Salary: O-1


Corps of Engineers Advance Course, US Army, 2003
OSHA Voluntary Compliance Overview Course, Xpect, 2002
Statistical Process Control (SPC) for Rolled Goods Applications, Tyco, 1995
APICS 18th Annual New England Conference, APICS, 1995
Dealing With Difficult People Course of Study, Jacksonville State University, 1990
Technology & Maintenance for Supervisory Personnel, Reiter Corporation, 1973
Maintenance Supervisor Course, US Army, 1972
Officer Basic Course, US Army, 1972


Materials Handling & Management Society (MHMS), 1995 – Present
Council of Logistics Management (CLM), 1990 – Present
American Production & Inventory Control Society (APICS), 1989 – Present


Microsoft Windows XP, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, Project
AutoCAD, Photoshop, Illustrator, FaxWorks, Zetafax, PSI, BPCS, IMREX

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