Maintenance Technician

Robin Saunders
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234


Experienced Ground Support Equipment Technician, with 8+ years experience in the airline ground maintenance industry. Extensive hands-on expertise performing and supervising minor and major maintenance for airline ground equipment. Key strengths include:

• Maintenance Operations • Project Management
• Staff Training & Leadership • Vendor Relationship Management
• Program Coordination • Inventory Control
• Hazardous Materials Awareness • Fabrication
• Team Building

Outstanding troubleshooting ability and a proven track record for high levels of quality assurance, cost savings, productivity, and overall equipment readiness. A skilled training instructor with expertise in parts management and interpretation of system schematics. Committed to quality workmanship and ethical conduct.


1987 - Present
Progressed to Senior-level Technician in Seattle - rated #2 GSE shop in the Northwest for Alaska Air Group in 2002 and 2003.

Lead Ground Maintenance Technician
Oversaw and coordinated service operations for over 300 pieces of ground equipment for up to 20 city stations throughout Washington, Idaho, California, and Canada.
• Substantial mechanical and electrical systems training and experience aided in immediate repair of breakdowns, avoiding air flight delays.
• Trained over 25 agents on correct operation of ground equipment, resulting in proper safety and injury-prevention practices.
• Awarded the 'Top Performer' bonus for first-class commitment and service in 2001 and 2002.
• Instrumental in development of on-going out-station repair and maintenance program.
• Provided courtesy technical support to other airlines, establishing solid relationships with station managers and agents.
• Recognized mechanical resource person - interpreted non-technical descriptions aiding in troubleshooting and correcting problems over the phone to out-stations.
• Composed maintenance flow sheets and parts ordering sheets; maintained detailed documentation records on all equipment and parts.
• Fabricated various ground equipment including bag carts, tow bars, LAV carts, deicers, truck flat beds and bulk tanks with heat systems.
• Basic hands-on computer knowledge including Windows and the Internet.
• Rapid advancement through series of progressively responsible positions in recognition of leadership capabilities, performance and technical expertise. Other positions included On-Call Ground Maintenance (1992-1994), Ground Service Agent (1988-1994), Aircraft Groomer (1987-1988).


Lektro Maintenance and Troubleshooting - model AP8850SDA-AL-100
Aero Specialties - Hobart models 600 & Jet-Ex4D
Maintenance and Troubleshooting - Hobart models GPU-600, Jet-Ex4D & 90CU24P5
Charging Systems & Starting Circuits
Automotive Painting
Delta Weld 451-641
GPU Training, Welding & Basic Hydraulics

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