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Seeking a construction safety engineering, project management or related position in which extensive experience in civil engineering and consulting, design and building construction, environmental projects, and safety construction and management will be of value.


• Over 16 years experience in positions including Consulting Civil and Environmental Engineer, Director of Public Works and Wastewater, Consultant, Project Manager, Project Engineer, Structural and Civil Engineer, and Scientist and Research Group Representative.

• Skilled in all aspects of civil engineering, major project management, design and construction, hydraulics, soil mechanics, hydrology, building construction, heavy construction, underground storage tank design and construction, environmental and natural resources project coordination, budget and labor control, estimating and ordering equipment and materials, and coordination with private engineering firms.

• Well-developed communication skills demonstrated through generation of in-depth reports and proposals, successful contract negotiation and arbitration, group speaking and presentation skills, serving as liaison between government and private land owners, supervision of crews, and the ability to interact effectively with senior management, regulatory officials, clients, crews, and the public.

• Consistently noted by past and present associates and staff for attention to detail, superior job performance, leadership by example, ability to prioritize multiple projects, dedication to quality, and timely completion of all projects.


Engineering Consultant, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
1997 - Present
Consulting Civil & Environmental Engineer
• Served as consulting civil and environmental engineer for various businesses and organizations with duties including site analysis, designing commercial and residential developments, preparing estimates, conducting inspections to determine building integrity, and coordinating and preparing necessary paperwork and permits for all construction projects.
• Designed and rehabilitated wastewater lift stations, coordinating necessary environmental permits and paperwork, and created road and small bridge designs.
• Responsible for estimating, ordering, and construction of pre-engineered metal buildings for complex construction projects utilizing a state-of-the-art interactive computer estimating and job costing system.

Geo Works, Inc., Baton Rouge, Louisiana
1992 - 1997
Director of Public Works and Wastewater
• Served as director of public works and wastewater with responsibility for 600 miles of roadways and bridges, 11 wastewater treatment facilities, 200 wastewater pump stations, and 38 drainage pump stations.
• Responsible for engineering and management of parish right of ways, streets, bridges, drainage storm water pump stations, comprehensive drainage storm water collection system, master drainage storm water plan, wastewater treatment facilities, and wastewater collection facilities, including all local governing regulations. Additionally responsible for obtaining and preparing all necessary, relevant permits and ordinances.
• Additional duties included interfacing and coordinating with local politicians and citizens, as well as public speaking and attending professional meetings.
• Responsible for planning and program management of 65 capital projects from multiple departments valued at over $63 million.
• Selected as chairman of parish-wide Qualification Based Selection Committee responsible for the selection of parish-wide professional services, including engineers and architects.
• Acted as a liaison and representative with LA DOTD, adjoining parties, the US Corps of Engineers, the Lafourche and Ponchatrain Levee Districts, EPA, Region VI, Louisiana DEQ, Louisiana State Department of Health & Hospitals, as well as other local and federal agencies.
• Testified as an expert on behalf of St. Elmos Parish in various lawsuits concerning technical matters.

Romanov Engineering and Survery, Lafourche Parish, Louisiana
1990 - 1992
• Designed concrete one way and two way slabs, created foundation piling design, reviewed and designed deep water bulkhead and tie back systems, jockey pump valve and piping systems, jockey pump firewater systems, and sewer treatment system for Shady Glen and Speric facilities. Additionally responsible for reviewing and preparing plans for LaMount Parish Water District Water Line installation, designing monorail hoist system, grinder pump stations and metal buildings, preparing property descriptions, and managing Zues Construction, a subsidiary company.

Bradford Construction, New Orleans, Louisiana
1986 - 1990
Project Manager / Project Engineer / Structural & Civil Engineer
As Project Manager:
• Responsible for New Orleans Sewage and Water Board Pump Station #12 for a contracted amount of $7,200.000.
• Duties included estimating both civil and structural phases of project, preparing structural design of sheet pile cofferdams, scheduling all phases of project, coordinating and managing all aspects of project, and acting as safety officer.

As Project Engineer:
• Coordinated engineering duties on Hamilton Parish West Bank Waste / Water Treatment Plant - Solids Process Train for a contracted amount of $18,604,452.
• Duties included limited concrete and steel design, review of structural drawings and submittals, surveying layout, coordinating and managing subcontractor operations, and acting as safety officer.
• Coordinated engineering duties on Jackson City Waste-Water Treatment Plan for a contracted amount of $10,400,000.
• Duties included coordinating all phases of project, including designing, reviewing, managing, scheduling, controlling costs, and coordinating subcontractors. Negotiated contract with major suppliers, subcontractors and consulting engineers, and acting as safety officer.

As Structural & Civil Engineer:
• Coordinated engineering duties on several projects with duties similar to those described above.

Manning and Associates, Long Beach, CA
1984 - 1986
Scientist & Research Group Representative
• Duties included designing concrete retaining walls, preparing hydraulics calculations, conducting oil field chemical analysis, preparing toxicity and sheen analysis of oil field drilling fluids to determine offshore pumping acceptability in environmentally sensitive Southern California, performing hazardous waste determination, and conducting polymer research.


• Registered Professional Civil Engineer: Louisiana
• Registered Professional Environmental Engineer: Louisiana
• Certification in Wastewater Treatment, Class IV; Louisiana Department of Health & Hospitals
• Certification in Water Treatment, Class IV; Louisiana Department of Health & Hospitals


Civil Engineering Graduate Studies
Relevant Coursework: Advanced Concrete & Structural Systems Theory & Design

Civil Engineering Graduate Studies
Relevant Coursework: Advanced Ground-Water Leachate & Hydraulics Analysis, Water Chemistry & Solid Wastes

B.S., Civil Engineering
Honors & Awards: Graduated in Top 1/3 of Class


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