Vocational And Medical Case Manager

Dale Wong
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234


Vocational Rehabilitation professional offering 17 years of extensive case management experience, particularly in the health care industry. Expert knowledge of Worker's Compensation Act, Appeals Panel decisions, and the medical field within the Houston area. Proven record of success communicating and interacting with clients, physicians, and representatives of therapy and training centers. Earned certification from the Department of Labor and as a Rehabilitation Counselor and as a Vocational Specialist in several states. Completed a master's degree in psychology and undergraduate degree in sociology and psychology with specialization in social welfare.


XYZ Healthcare, Houston, Texas
Vocational and Medical Case Manager, 2000 - Present
Manage a caseload of Worker's Compensation, long-term disability, and Department of Labor claimants from numerous states. Arrange and coordinate medical care with the goal of returning injured workers to gainful employment with demonstrated cost savings to the customer. Call on physicians, healthcare professionals, and state agencies to follow progress of claims. Work with vendors to facilitate services to claimants. Arrange required medical examinations as needed. Attend Benefit Review Conferences and Contested Case Hearings to present evidence. Market accounts to increase revenue and solicit customers to build a referral list.
· Maintained costs at a minimum by utilizing knowledge of similar benefits.
· Exceeded monthly production requirements consistently.
· Transferred customers from

SFB Case Managers, Houston, Texas
Vocational Consultant, 1999 - 2000
Provide consultation and interact directly with attorneys relative to workers compensation cases. Determine residual work abilities, conduct transferable skills analyses, conduct labor market surveys to determine jobs within current limitations for geographic regions, and serve as an expert witness to testify at hearings.

Octagon, Inc., Houston, Texas
Field Specialist - Vocational / Medical, 1995 - 1999
Coordinated and managed a vocational and medical client caseload to facilitate return to gainful employment. Developed and coordinated medical and vocational service delivery to clients. Interfaced with physicians, therapy centers, training sites, clients, and family members. Utilized knowledge of employment opportunities in the region. Provided expert witness testimony at Benefit Review Conferences and for Contested Case Hearings in Worker's Compensation cases.
· Achieved a 6:1 return on investment compared to the average of 4:1.
· Trained new employees on computer equipment (enhanced local production capabilities).
· Increased revenue through special assignments.
· Received one promotion and two performance service awards in one year.

Lincoln, Beale & Frank, Houston, Texas
Rehabilitation / Vocational Consultant, 1993 - 1995
Facilitated gainful employment for a caseload of medical and vocational clients. Monitored and tracked client progress and insured recovery was achieved within a timely manner. Interfaced with insurance accounts and clients. Utilized effective management skills including complete control of daily schedule and appointments.
· Achieved as high as 125% of monthly quotas on a consistent basis.

Goldman and Frank, Houston, Texas
Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor II, 1988 - 1993
Managed an active caseload of more than 100 clients. Participated in Community Outreach programs; made presentations on agency's services and programs. Solicited referrals from the community for the agency's programs. Handled approximately $175,000 annual budget allocation, including resolving of outstanding items. Engaged in extensive report writing and presentation sessions. Networked, motivated people, and handled crisis management in an effective manner. Supervised, trained, and delegated work to staff.
· Exceeded employee requirements of case management projects by 40%, as established by the state.
· Received three merit raises and one promotion.

Community Network, Houston, Texas
Instructor / Placement Specialist, 1985 - 1988
Managed the education enhancement center for disabled people. Placed handicapped individuals into competitive jobs in the community as a subcontractor with the Texas Employment Commission.


Masters, Psychology

Bachelor of Arts, Applied Sciences

Certified Rehabilitation Counselor
Department of Labor Certification
Certified Vocational Specialist


Houston Job Placement Division, Houston Chapter, National Rehabilitation Association

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