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Stacey McGovern
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Pleasantville, CA 94588
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• Dependable and diligent IT professional who manages multiple tasks and works well under pressure. Experience in installing, troubleshooting and repairing hardware, software and peripherals, plus training of end users.
• Applies consultative approach to resolving issues. Very patient. Provides clear and simple explanations and works closely with people to develop solutions to their computer problems. Seeking position that requires creating systems and processes to improve quality, productivity and the company's bottom line.

• Windows 95/98/XP/ NT 4.0 • Outlook 98/2000/XP
• Microsoft Office XP • Internet Explorer 5.0/6.0
• Microsoft Project 98/2000/XP • Netscape Navigator 6
• Microsoft FrontPage 2002 • ArcServe IT


2000 - 2004
Provided computer support, analyst, administrative and training services for this not-for-profit environmental consulting company. Company is a government contractor employing 1,000 people nationally, 30 in Bloomfield.

2002 - 2004
Networking & Systems
• Saved over $50,000 by engineering temporary network during office move until permanent network could be installed.
• Hooked up permanent company LAN. Attached all network cables, 30 workstations and connected hubs and switches. Created capacity for additional 30 workstations.
• Installed and configured computer workstations and configured laptop computers for RAS and docking station connections on LAN.
• Installed Windows NT workstation operating system and configured for TCP/IP network, including DHCP, WINS and DNS settings.

Problem Solving
• Researched and resolved problems on workstations and LAN, including IP resolution, cabling problems, and peripheral malfunctions.
• Installed and trouble shot software including Microsoft Windows XP, Outlook XP and Internet Explorer 6.0.
• Saved money by repairing computers, printers and copiers by replacing drives and other parts versus outsourcing for expensive repairs.

• Upgraded computers from Microsoft Office 2000 to Office XP and trained end users on new software changes and additions.
• Improved staff productivity and reduced outside training expense by conducting in-house software training. Focused on teaching staff dozens of short cuts for basic repetitive tasks, including setting up personal address books and public folders throughout the network.
• Conducted new hire orientation when office grew from 2 people to 30 people. Covered topics such as E-mail procedures, electronic timesheet completion and computer policies.

• Organized, tracked and maintained financial background information and documentation for all government contracts.
• Developed and provided reports and recommendations to project managers concerning inventory, usage and performance of all computer equipment.
• Set up new inventory system for hardware and software to help track accountability, repairs and value of equipment.

2000 - 2002
• Hired full time as administrative assistant after temping for 6-month period. Promoted after 6 months to Program Analyst & Computer Support due to excellent problem solving, computer support and training skills.

• Chosen to lead ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 certification process. Learned requirements, delivered ISO training, created implementation plans, conducted internal audits and coordinated ISO project.

• Interviewed 50% of people hired and made hiring recommendations.

• Selected to train other administrative assistants and new hires in extensive governmental office procedures, computer software and equipment.
• Sourced, contracted, scheduled and tracked continuing education classes and training for all employees.

• Invented a new filing system and tracking process for entire company in response to strict governmental mandates for contractors.
• Developed set of procurement procedures and processes, which improved accountability for items purchased. Generated log and ensured items were delivered.

• Researched and purchased over $100,000 in office items such as computers, scanners, printers, copiers, fax, digital camera and office supplies.

Project Management
• Monitored government project schedules and timelines for project managers and ensured that deadlines were met. Validated manhours per project for effective billing. Created project reports and charts to share with teams and management.

Office Management
• Opened new office by negotiating contracts for postage, office supplies and vending services.
• Made extensive travel arrangements for 8 employees.
• Wrote and prepared correspondence for department manager.

MUSIC WORLD, Jacksonville, Florida
1997 - 1999
Managed and scheduled 6 people, opened and closed store, ordered products and managed inventory, resolved customer complaints, ran promotions and sales, created and implemented anti-theft program.


B.A., Political Science
Supporting Microsoft NT Server Enterprise Technologies
• Networking Essentials
• Supporting Microsoft Windows NT Core Technology
• Internetworking MS TCP/IP Using Microsoft Windows
• Administrative Microsoft Windows NT

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