Aircraft Maintenance

Kerry Cordova
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234


Over 14 years of experience in aircraft maintenance, warehouse and transportation management, and domestic/international logistics operations. Proven leadership, organizational, negotiations, communications, time management, and client relations skills. Accustomed to making quick decisions in an environment that is dependent upon critical timing. Knowledge of computerized maintenance management systems and processes; solid experience in preventative maintenance and repair of aircraft from nose to tail, wing-to-wing, and cockpit to tires. Comprehensive background in the areas of inventory control, materials handling and distribution, transportation/logistics (including international tariffs and regulations), preventative maintenance programs, safety (HAZMAT), quality assurance, and continuous improvement strategies.


Materials Planning & Logistics
• Experienced with the operational documentation procedures and regulatory compliance required to clear shipments through U.S. Customs.
• Extensive experience in inventory control: monitoring, maintaining, procuring, and issuing inventory; managing documentation of materials in use at the facility; brought in from outside sources, and shipped to other destinations.
• Utilize JIT (just-in-time) inventory practices based on deadlines required by airline schedules/deadlines. Interface extensively with 200+ stations and other departments to coordinate activities, often working in extremely tight timeframes.
• Assure standardized "kits" are maintained; work with Kit Department in assigning inventory codes to track materials.
• Coordinate efforts with Maintenance Control to assure parts and materials are available at the proper station at the required time to assure minimum downtime of aircraft.

• Hands-on experience dealing directly with type-certified aircraft, including Boeing 727-200, 737-300, 757-200, 767-200, MD-80, BAE-146, and Fokker. Familiar with engine types produced by Rolls Royce, Boeing, Lockheed-Martin, and McDonald-Douglas.
• Oversee maintenance, servicing, and troubleshooting on all aircraft systems and structural parts from wingtips to landing gear, nose to tail, interior and exterior, including inspections, removals and replacements of component parts, repairs, lubrications, refueling, cleaning/painting/polishing, and other procedures to assure plane is airworthy and ready for next flight.
• Perform careful inspections of aircraft for FOD and other damage; make necessary repairs and make notification, as necessary, to correct problem(s).
• Ability to operate forklifts, crabs, trucks, tugs, cranes, de-icing equipment, and snorkel lifts.
• Experience working on structural parts: propellers, electrical systems, fuel systems, hydraulic systems, vacuum and static systems.
• Assure hazardous materials are utilized, stored, properly inventoried, and disposed of in compliance with all governmental and U.S. Air regulations.

• Oversee tooling, assuring parts are stocked and calibrated; monitor and track parts to assure availability through phone, fax, and e-mail.
• Manage inventory and upkeep of all tools and equipment; provide on-the-job training as necessary.
• Stage 18-30 RON aircraft per week for service/maintenance procedures based on maintenance schedules for the particular aircraft. Assure aircraft downtime is minimal.
• Maintain relevant log book entries, AD research, and paperwork as required to comply with U.S. Airways and governmental regulations.
• Utilize Windows operating systems and applications including Microsoft Word and Excel; develop and maintain customized inventory, tooling, hazardous materials, and materials management spreadsheet reports. Based on knowledge of Excel, asked by other Departments to assist in setting up their reports.
• Served as Senior Shop Steward, coordinating activities with other Shop Stewards, serving as liaison between employees and management. Assured labor contracts and company policy procedures were met and maintained.


Helix Airways, Atlanta, GA
1988 - Present
Transferred to and between various positions in the Company based on Company's needs. Performed duties as Aircraft Appearance Utility Maintenance Lead, Aircraft Appearance Utility Maintenance Support, Aircraft Mechanic, and Line Stock Clerk.

SFB Skycaps, Augusta, GA
1981 - 1988
Assisted passengers with baggage check-in, air-freight, computerized ticketing, and directions. Provided assistance for disabled and underage passengers.


Zane Aircraft Technical School, Tallahassee, FL
Aircraft Mechanic/Maintenance
Airframe Certification


• Windows 95 and 98 - currently training with Windows XP
• Maxi Merlin
• Sabre
• Microsoft Excel and Word

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