Business Development Manager Dba

Kerry Cordova
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234


Start-up Ventures / Information Systems & Technology

Effective self-starter demonstrating over 20 years of solid experience across varied business milieus, products, services and technologies. Creative, highly energized professional with outstanding communication skills and visionary problem solving ability. Combines "hands-on" technical qualifications with consistent success in identifying opportunities for product launch, and accelerated growth. Strengths include:

• Strategic Planning & Growth • Executive Sales Presentations
• General Management • Competitive Sales Negotiations
• Revenue & Profit Maximization • Team Building & Leadership
• Product Design, Development & Marketing • Client Relationship Management


• Developed an aggressive marketing & prospecting program throughout Ontario & Eastern U.S. to establish Remote Database Administration client base. Result: Launching of Successful Remote Services Division.
• Conceived, authored, and launched 9 Educational Study Books, marketed across Canada, on internet, and throughout USA. Result: English 30 text now recognized text/study guide for grade 12 Final Exam in Alberta.
• Negotiated lucrative Canada Manpower contracts to supply Accounting Training for over 40 unemployed and new-immigrant clients, facilitating re-entry into workplace. Result: Launching of successful Business School.
• Instrumental in restoring failing retail sales clothing & specialty store by implementing innovative marketing strategies to develop tourism exposure and market share. Result: Increased sales 102%.
• Pioneered Events Management marketing format used within "Exclusive Events for Seniors" company, to aid in development of independent living for seniors. Result: Events & newsletter raised $25,000 towards purchase of first house converted for Senior's independent living.


TTD Technologies Inc, Ottawa, ON
1998 - Present

SideStep Systems Corp, Chilliwack, BC
Utilizing superior technical skills, aided in development and implementation of Oracle DBA projects, through entire lifecycle planning. Prospecting and establishing client base for Remote Database Administration Service. Dual responsibility within both technology development and creating business / resource infrastructure to support on-going operations.
• Identified and negotiated lucrative contracts with government agencies, midsize companies and large corporations such as Gilmore Printing Inc., Canada Post, and Minto Developments.
• Spearheaded research of new international client base for Oracle database Remote DBA Services.
• Selected by management to train and supervise student database administrators, ensuring optimum production and precision throughout all projects.

Stephen G's Educational Services Corp./ Shawn Learning Solutions Inc
1996 - 1998
Successfully and profitably led publishing company into new market with development and commercialization of entire portfolio of technical books and products.
• Introduced seven new educational manuals equating to thousands of dollars in revenue potential within new and existing international markets.
• Negotiated business alliances and secured contracts with such corporate clients as: Imperial Oil (Computer Programmer for Environmental Program)& Viacom Ltd. (Authorware expert) for Environmental Training Projects.
• Conceived, Authored, and launched New Ontario Math Curriculum student self-study guides.

Professional Singles Clubs: Gourmet Adventures & Gourmet Entertainment, Edmonton, Alberta
1993 - 1996
Founded and spearheaded launch of events Management Company from concept through entire start-up phase to market entry. Personally structured and negotiated marketing agreements, partnerships and alliances to benefit successful introduction of Singles Gourmet Club.
• Recruited over 1000 members building wide-reaching distribution network ensuring further market penetration.
• Introduced and promoted "The Entertainer" Newsletter/ Gourmet Adventures Gold Card increasing value service for members.
• Events Management: Instrumental in marketing "exclusive" weekly members' events with upwards of 500 attendees. Events included: Rod Stewart Concert, CBC coverage of "Rough Cuts", Lorraine Mansbridge as MC of large event, Ski & Rock-Climbing at Jasper Ski Resort, and Hollywood-type cocktail parties for 450 invitees.

Alberta Career Computer Center, Edmonton, Alberta
1992 - 1993
Facilitated successful implementation of private business school specializing in hi-tech instruction including development of curriculum, human resource administration, and marketing of service to community-at-large.
• Conceived, created and customized Computer Accounting program and secured Vocational School Status as Educational Program Consultant and Business Education teacher.
• Negotiated Vocational training contracts with Canada Manpower and hired and directed stand-up and train-the-trainer sessions for initial start-up of center. Marketed programs throughout community.


Highly motivated, energetic educator teaching within variety of school boards at secondary level. Strong track record of fostering student curiosity, creativity and enhancing learning. Demonstrated strength to act as liaison, harmoniously and effectively, between parents, school, and community. Achievements included:
• Instrumental in development of core curriculum within specialization of mathematics & business education.
• Pioneered "Homework Hotline" as Senior Mathematics and Language specialist for Access Television Network.
• Developed strong presentation skills dealing with cross-discipline agendas such as networking, fundraising, team-building and community development.


• Microsoft NT Workstation 4.0 • Oracle 7.3, 8,8i • Oracle SQL • SQL Plus • Solaris Unix 2.6 • PL SQL
• PowerPoint • Fortran/Watfiv Programming • Xders & Xders Research Statistical Software
• SPSS/SPSSX Statistical Software • Illustrator 5.5 • PhotoShop • PageMaker 6.5 • Windows 95/97/98
• Dreamweaver 4 • Flash 5 • Access 2.0 and 7.0 • HyperCard 2.2 (color) • AccPac Accounting • Excel
• Microsoft Office


North Fraser Skills Center/Open Learning College, Pit Meadows, BC
Oracle Certified Professional

Faculty of Education - University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB
Graduate Diploma - Adult, Career and Technology

Faculty of Education, University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB
Graduate Diploma - Business / Computer Education

Faculty of Education, University of Calgary, Calgary, AB
Bachelor of Education - Secondary Education After Degree

University of Victoria, Victoria, BC
Bachelor of Arts, Psychology / Sociology
Specialized training including; Canadian Securities Course, Accounting Courses, Graduate level administration courses, Authorware Professional Software CBT development skills @ graduate level, Basic Language Programming (Intermediate Level).

PRWRA Nicole Miller - President - Mil-Roy Consultants - 1729 Hunter's Run Drive - Orleans Ontario Canada K1C-6W2 - (613) 934-4031