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Drew Anderson
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Vice President of Manufacturing


Manufacturing executive with over 25 years experience directing production operations ranging from single, small factories to multi-national enterprises with hundreds of production lines. History of excellent labor relations, highly efficient production techniques, quality control using statistical tools, and careful financial management. Recognized for integrating technology into business processes to strengthen partnerships with suppliers and customers. Demonstrated ability to drive innovation through detailed planning, thorough training, and determined execution. Track record of success reducing costs, improving profits, and streamlining operations.


· Engineering Management
· Financial Expertise
· Employee Relations
· Innovation and Retooling
· Project Management
· International Management
· Technology Integration
· Process Efficiency
· Production Line Design
· Operations Management
· Cost Control Programs
· Inventory Control Systems


1997 - Present
Vice President of Manufacturing
Provided leadership for manufacturing division of multi-national computer hardware manufacturer with over 15,000 employees worldwide. Negotiated labor contracts and union grievances. Managed production operations, verifying output levels, quality standards, and line efficiency. Coordinated major projects involving multi-plant production line retooling.
· Conducted good faith negotiations, establishing and maintaining excellent labor relations with employees in several countries. No work stoppages in five years.
· Implemented production line upgrades, resulting in 35% increased capacity.
· Trained operations managers to use statistical process control for better understanding of production line performance.
· Institutionalized the use of technology-based project management techniques to track and report progress globally, enabling high-level views of project slippages and resource needs.
· Employed analytic techniques to assess productivity and identify opportunities to improve systems and processes.

1988 - 1997
Operations Manager/General Manager
Managed daily operations of $28M sports equipment and games manufacturer with 68 employees. Directed financial, personnel, information technology, purchasing, product development, and manufacturing functions.
· Conducted multi-dimensional efficiency study to streamline processes and reduce operational costs. Implemented study findings, resulting in $3M savings.
· Spearheaded extranet development to support just-in-time materials delivery by vendors.
· Refinanced outstanding capital loans realizing a savings in interest expense of $1.7M.
· Extended extranet to include customers, which allowed a 45% decrease in inventory levels.

1980 - 1988
Manufacturing Manager
Managed over 100 electrical, mechanical, software/industrial engineers, and project managers, concurrently developing complete manufacturing processes for cellular products. Developed manufacturing strategy, managed budgets, introduced and maintained unique manufacturing processes, and coordinated partnership relationships with equipment suppliers.
· Designed and implemented processes to produce new products, expanding capability of factory production by 30%.
· Redesigned existing production lines, increasing annual production capacity by 3M units.
· Employed statistical methods to measure and maintain quality objectively.
· Instituted new product training program, reducing learning curve productivity loss by 42%.

1974 - 1980
Materials Manager
Managed $1.5 million inventory for an international producer of games. Established purchasing and inventory control. Organized shipping/receiving departments to implement an efficient customer returns procedure, manage export licensing, and enact European shipping procurement policies.
· Served as liaison with engineering, manufacturing, and service departments to ensure compliance with procedures and timely, accurate distribution of corporate information.
· Brainstormed with engineers and vendors to implement a cost effective customer service system, recognizing savings of $100,000 annually.
· Streamlined system to process customer returns and export licenses through development of automated tracking program.
· Hired, trained, and supervised staff devising a “promote from within” program, maximizing employee retention and improving productivity.


Bachelor of Science (Engineering Management), 1974
University of New York, New York, NY


Association for Manufacturing Technology
Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME)
Society for the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering (SAMPE)
Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME)