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Chris Fong
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Resource Coordinator
Vacancy Announcement: BLM/ID-00-000


· Competent professional with 24 years of experience in range, riparian, watershed, wildlife, and fishery management as well as synecology and biodiveristy.
· Proficient in developing, coordinating, managing, and performing oversight of multiple natural resource programs and budgets simultaneously.
· Excellent resource, coordination, management, and leadership skills.
· Exceptional experience managing multiple programs and issues simultaneously.
· Research problems, propose solutions and advise the Supervisory Natural Resource Specialist, Field Managers, and the District Managers on wildlife, T&E, riparian, range, botany, and Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) then direct and execute these programs for the Field Office and District.
· Excellent rapport and liaison with the public, landowners, livestock grazing operators, recreationists, U.S. Forest Service, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Idaho Department of Fish and Game, National Park Service, Natural Resources Conservation Service, Army Corps of Engineers, environmental consultants, conservation organizations, special interest groups, academics, and Bureau personnel.
· Write plans, environmental assessments, biological assessments, briefings, issue papers, research and funding proposals, and LWCF proposals.
· Develop and implement successful programs using resources, funding, and personnel inside and outside of the BLM.
· High performer, effective time management, organized, resourceful, and a team player.
· Skilled in including Windows, WordPerfect, dBase, Word, Internet, and Email.
· Experienced with BLM budget planning system, procurement program, and GIS program.


Bachelor of Science Degree in Fish and Wildlife Management. Montana State University, Bozeman, Montana. Minor in Rangeland Ecology. 1977.


Bureau of Land Management, 14 Holli, Idaho Falls, Idaho 83401
Ecologist/Wildlife Biologist/District LWCF Coordinator
Supervisor: Glenda Martin. May contact. 208.000.0000.
40 hours per week.
Starting Salary $25,500 (GS-9), January 1993–May 1994.
Ending Salary: $60,100 (GS-11), May 1994–Present.
· Served on the Idaho Falls Field Office staff.
· Coordinated Upper Snake River District Land and Water Conservation Fund Program.
· Prepared, implemented, and monitored multiple LWCF projects within several Field Offices in partnership with numerous conservation organizations and landowners.
· Coordinated, reviewed, and inspected plans, programs, annual directives, and operations.
· Offered state-of-the art technical riparian, ecological, wildlife and T&E input to multiple use and interdisciplinary efforts.
· Worked effectively and provided guidance to District Manager, Field Office Managers, the Supervisory Natural Resource Specialist (SNRS), and Field Office personnel in providing recommendations on wildlife, T&E, ecology, rehabilitation, wildfire, fuels, and LWCF management issues providing sound recommendations and decisions regarding a wide array of issues involving relevant species of wildlife, habitat management biodiversity conservation, and ecological health of the land.
· Served as Wildlife Biologist for Field Office supplying expertise and knowledge to support plan, manage, monitor, and evaluate wildlife habitats and populations.
· Coordinated with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, other agencies, organizations, and the public for species status review, species monitoring, and Section 7 consultation.
· Prepared and reviewed biological assessments, environmental assessments, Land Use Plan amendments, Field Office and District annual budget submission and annual accomplishment reports for the riparian, wildlife, T&E, sensitive species, and LWCF programs.
· Liaison between numerous local, state, and federal agencies as well as universities, special interests, conservation organizations, environmental consultants, and the public in cooperative biological or ecosystem management endeavors.
· Prepare and supervise multiple wildlife, botanical, and ecological research, inventory, and monitoring projects in partnership with universities, other agencies, and environmental consultants.
· Served on an interagency interdisciplinary river management team.
· Participated as a team member working on appeals and litigation cases with the Field Solicitor's Office and the Idaho U.S. Attorney's Office.
· Served as a Resource Advisor and other support positions for wildland fire suppression.
· Coordinated the USRD Water Safety Program.
· Operated jet boats and nonmotorized water craft, ATVs, four wheel drive vehicles, and snowmobiles.
· Coordinated the USRD Riparian Program (1989–1993) completing the District’s riparian inventory, classification, and monitoring project in partnership with academia and environmental consultants.
· Served as Acting Field Manager, supervising the range, wildlife, T&E, riparian, fire rehabilitation, fuels, realty, minerals, archeology, and recreation programs.

Supervisory Natural Resource Specialist (Temporary Assignment)
Supervisor: Glenda Martin. May contact. 208.000.0000.
40 hours per week.
Salary: $61,700 (GS–12).
· Supervised the range, wild horse, burro, wildlife, and fisheries staff and programs for the Idaho Falls Field Office.

Bureau of Land Management, 14 Holli Drive, Idaho Falls, Idaho 83401
Biological Technician/Ecologist
Supervisor: Cristine Cook. May contact. 208.000.0000.
40 hours per week.
Starting Salary: $21,279 (GS-7).
Ending Salary: $39,500 (GS-9).
· Served on the Idaho Falls District Manager's Resources staff.
· Managed the District Water Rights, Riparian, and Water Safety Programs.
· Filed all District water rights claims in the Snake River Basin Adjudication.
· Worked in the Field Solicitor's Office and Department of Justice to develop strategies to defend BLM’s interests in water on public lands.
· Developed and implemented the Idaho BLM’s pilot riparian inventory, functional condition, classification, and monitoring program in partnership with other BLM states and academia.
· Worked with the District Hydrologist in the soil, water, and air program.
· Coordinated projects with personnel within the District and other agencies, authored environment assessments, and made recommendations for plan improvements on watershed and riparian ecosystems through practices and projects including stream and spring exclosures, riparian plantings, riparian pasture fencing, streambank protection structures and through grazing, watershed, and wildlife plans.
· Planned and conducted aquatic, fish, water flow, water quality sampling of streams and lakes.
· Developed, inventoried, mapped and calculated acreages of riparian vegetation habitat types along the Snake River corridor to determine habitat health and river functionality.
· Co-authored the riparian, wildlife, and range sections of the Snake River Activity/Operations Plan.
· Identified management goals and monitored techniques for perpetuating the riparian zone.
· Monitored big game and livestock utilization, recreation uses, and identified conflicts with grazing and recreational uses along the Snake River.
· Created and maintained computer databases for the District's hydrological, watershed, and riparian data.
· Coordinated HAZMAT surveys and cleanup projects with hazardous materials contractors
· Served as a fire fighter as needed.

Bureau of Land Management, 14 Holli Drive, Idaho Falls, Idaho 83401
Supervisor: Steve Anderson. May contact. 208.000.0000.
40 hours per week.
Starting Salary: $5,900 (GS-3),
Ending Salary: $19,600 (GS-6).
Range Technician—Medicine Lodge Resource Area. (Temporary Appointments).
April 1989–August 1989 (GS-6), April 1987–November 1987 (GS-6).
· Collected, recorded, and monitored rangeland health data.
· Determined and mapped utilization levels for livestock and wildlife use, collected data to verify actual use reports, and initial detection of livestock trespass damage.
· Mapped and treated noxious weed infestations.
· Performed detailed allotment inspections, kept records of inspections, assembled and evaluated allotment inspection data.
· Prepared detailed overlays, maps, and aerial photos of livestock and wildlife utilization patterns, ecological sites and conditions, livestock allotments, range suitability and other related data as well as working with the range conservationists to evaluate problems, condition, and trend in riparian zones and range land.
· Checked range improvements for compliance with Bureau specifications.
· Assisted the Biologist in various wildlife studies including identifying sage grouse and sharptail leks.
· Monitored a radioed bald eagle with telemetry equipment, maintained wildlife exclosures and guzzlers, recorded, evaluated, and filed all other wildlife field data collected.
· Served as a fire fighter as needed.

Biological Technician–Medicine Lodge Resource Area. (Temporary Appointments).
April 1988–December 1988 (GS-6), June 1983–September 1983, May 1982–September 1982, June 1981–September 1981, and January 1979–September 1980 (GS-5).
· Supervised three Biological Technicians and volunteers collecting and compiling field data regarding location, types, and numbers of wildlife, fish, threatened and endangered plant and animal population and habitat inventories for grazing environmental impact statements, management framework and resource management plans, habitat management plans, activity plans, and project plans.
· Developed, documented, mapped, and assisted the U.S. Forest Service personnel in developing, mapping, and calculating acres of riparian habitat types of Forest Service land along the South Fork of the Snake River for development of the Snake River Activity/Operations Plan.
· Evaluated trend and condition of riparian habitat and made recommendations to resolve conflicts along the Snake River.
· Served on interdisciplinary teams modifying grazing systems.
· Developed project to facilitate rangeland and riparian health improvement.
· Authored environmental assessments, obtained cultural clearance, and ensured project layouts and designs were completed to Bureau specifications.
· Maintained existing wildlife projects such as wildlife waterers and riparian exclosures as needed.
· Represented the Bureau at public meetings and interagency meetings.
· Conducted pre–burn vegetation inventories, participated in prescribed burns, and performed post–burn vegetative monitoring.
· Served on a rangeland ecological site inventory team.
· Served as a fire fighter as needed.

Assistant Crew Boss. (Temporary Appointment). June 1977–September 1977 (GS-4).
· Supervised engine fire crew in wildland fire suppression as well as rangeland recreation project maintenance and construction.

Range Aide. (Temporary Appointment). June 1976–September 1976 (GS-3).
· Served on a wildland fire suppression crew.

Trail Crew Member. (Temporary Appointment). July 1975–September 1975 (Volunteer).
· Served on a nature trail construction crew.

Bureau of Reclamation, 19 Hansen Avenue, Burley, Idaho 83318
Park Technician. (Temporary Appointment)
Supervisor: Jan Smith. May contact. 208.000.0000.
40 hours per week.
Starting and Ending Salary: $6.74 per hour.
· Maintained and cleaned three campgrounds at the Ririe Dam site.
· Enforced campground rules; kept time for employees and conducted a recreation survey.

Idaho Department of Fish and Game, 27 Commerce Circle, Idaho Falls, Idaho 83401
Supervisor: Tom Jones (retired). 208.000.0000.
34 hours per week.
Starting Salary: $13,000, Ending Salary: $26,000.

Wildlife Technician. (Temporary Appointments). October 1988–March 1989, October 1987–April 1988, October 1985–March 1986, October 1983–March 1984, October 1982–November 1982, December 1981–February 1982.
· Supervised operation of game check stations, gathered biological data and hunter information, estimated age of animals, enforced game laws and answered questions from the public.
· Performed big game herd status and health inventories.
· Conducted sage–grouse and sharptail grouse lek searches and monitored radioed sharptail grouse with telemetry equipment as part of a sharptail transplant project.
· Participated in a range forage study involving the Sand Creek elk herd winter range.
· Responsible for compiling, recording, computerizing, and evaluating all field data involved with harvest information and wildlife studies.
· Involved in winter feeding of game animals, particularly elk and deer.
· Cared for and raised various raptors as well as deer, antelope fawns and moose calves.
· Sold licenses and tags and performed receptionist duties at the Region 6 office.

Biological Aide/Wildlife Assistant. April 1986–October 1986.
· Conducted a creel census on Ashton Reservoir; sampled with electrofishing and gill netting.
· Operated a 16-foot boat with a 60-hp prop engine.

Biological Aide/Wildlife Assistant. December 1980–February 1981.
· Conducted creel census on reservoirs and the Snake River.

Wildlife Assistant. June 1978–December 1978.
· Conducted a range inventory and produced a report of forage production and stocking rates using the ecological site method for the Tex Creek Wildlife Management Area.
· Compiled data and produced a rangeland site description and productivity report.
· Conducted a browse planting study and worked at game check stations.


· Fire Program. Basic Fire Fighting, Fire Behavior, Incident Command System, Initial Attach Dispatch, Expanded Dispatch, Resource Advisor, Air Operations, and Fire Ecology.
· Riparian Program. Riparian Site Classification, Advanced Riparian Management, Riparian Functional Condition, Riparian Monitoring, Riparian Classification, Rosgen Stream Classification Short Course, Stream Evolution and Dynamics, Water Quality, and Riparian Shrubs.
· Range Program. Ecological Site Inventory, Site Vegetative Inventory Method, and Idaho Standards of Rangeland Health.
· Wildlife and Threatened and Endangered Species Programs. Big Game Habitat Assessment, Sage-grouse Habitat Assessment, Endangered Species Act Section 7 Consultation, Section 7 Streamlining Consultation, Programmatic Consultation, Counterpart Regulations, Threatened and Endangered Plant Identification, Wildlife Diseases, Big Game Sightability, Big Game Aging, Law Enforcement Training for Nonenforcement Personnel.
· National Environmental Policy Act. Land Use Planning, Environmental Assessment Development, and Project Planning.
· Land and Water Conservation Fund program. BLM Land and Water Conservation Fund process and program and Land Trust Rallies.
· Water Safety Program. Department of Interior Motorboat Operator Instructor Certification Course.
· Computers. Windows, dBase, File Master Pro, Lotus Notes, WordPerfect, Word, PowerPoint, ArcView, ArcGIS 1, GPS, Budget Planning System, and IDEAS-PD.
· Miscellaneous. First Aid/CPR, Defensive Driving, HAZMAT, Ethics, and Equal Opportunity Employment.


Star Award, Idaho Falls BLM, 2003.
On the Spot Award, Idaho Falls BLM, 2003.
Star Award, Idaho Falls BLM, 2001.
Quality Step Increase, Idaho Falls BLM, 1999.
Ed Hill Conservation Award, Teton Regional Land Trust, 1999.
Non-Monetary Recognition of Significant Value, Idaho Falls BLM. 1998.
Quality Step Increase, Idaho Falls BLM, 1996.
Time Off Award, Idaho Falls BLM, 1995.
Special Achievement Award, Idaho Falls BLM, 1995.
On the Spot Award, Idaho Falls BLM, 1995.
Hammer Award, Department of Interior, 1993.
Federal Employee of the Year, Association of East Idaho Federal Agencies, 1992.
Special Act Award, Idaho Falls BLM, 1992.
Superior Performance Award, Idaho Falls BLM, 1992.
Special Achievement Award, Idaho Falls BLM, 1988.
Special Achievement Award, Idaho Falls BLM, 1980.


Design Team, National BLM Foundations for Fire and Resource Professional Course (ongoing).
National BLM Sage Grouse Guidelines Team, Washington Office detail (ongoing).
Greater Yellowstone Interagency Grizzly Bear Recovery Team (ongoing).
Greater Yellowstone Interagency Bald Eagle Recovery Team (ongoing).
Ute Ladies Tress Interagency Recovery Team (ongoing).
Idaho Falls Field Office Level I Section 7 Consultation Team (ongoing).
Department of Interior Motorboat Instructor Cadre (ongoing).
Idaho BLM Challenge Cost Share Project Team, 1999–2003.
State of Idaho BLM Range and Riparian Monitoring Team, Boise detail,1996.
State of Idaho BLM Functional Analysis Team, Boise detail,1995.

Appeals and litigation. Experience and knowledge documenting cases, preparing case files, working with the Field Solicitor's Office and the Idaho U.S. Attorney's Office.

Testified at hearings at Department of Interior Administrative Appeal hearings, Federal District court hearings, and at a Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Mediation process.

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