Vice President Manufacturing

Dale Wong
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
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Executive management position that can utilize demonstrated expertise in achieving positive financial and operating results in start-up, turn-around, and challenging international markets.


Results-driven management executive with experience leading start-up and high-growth organizations worldwide. Recognized expertise for building, reorganizing, streamlining and strengthening operations in difficult markets. Excel at identifying and capitalizing upon market opportunities to drive revenue and profit growth. Expertise includes:

• Strategic Business Planning • Corporate Finance & Budgeting
• Process Re-engineering • Multi-Division Management
• Foreign / U.S. Government Relations • Cost Containment & Profit Growth
• Manufacturing Operations • Contract Negotiations
• Facility Construction • New Business Development


SwissTel, Geneva, Switzerland
1996 - Present
Spearheaded the development of SissTel's fastest growing and highest quality manufacturing, distribution, and marketing division. Maintained total responsibility for P&L, financing activities, manufacturing, financial reporting, contract negotiations, facility management, and governmental compliance. Received The SwissTel Manufacturer of the Year Award in 1995, 1996 and 1997.

• Profit Improvement: Increased annual revenue to $157 million from $8 million and gross margins to 47% from 28%.

• Business Expansion: Oversaw the construction and financing of two new manufacturing plants totaling 30,000 sq. meters. Directed all facets of this $15 million project including budgeting and funding, construction, equipment design, and layout. Increased manufacturing capacity to 100 million unit cases from 12 million unit cases.

• Process Improvement: Integrated state-of-the-art packaging and manufacturing processes. Successfully increased productivity by 53% over previous 22%.

• System Development: Directed the conversion of a System 36 to an AS/400, providing computerized sales, distribution and inventory control. Consistently upgrades and improved system to reflect technological improvement and to segue into increased system productivity.

• Purchasing: Purchased all manufacturing equipment and production inputs with an annual budget of over $100 million.

• Finance & Accounting: Managed all aspects of company finance and accounting, as well as requisite personnel. Performed all financial forecasting and annual budgeting. Reviewed audit reports from big five audit firm and made appropriate recommendations to management.

Helix International, Geneva, Switzerland
1993 - 1996
Recruited to direct the management and reengineering of operations for this distribution company. Maintained complete responsibility for all operations, human resources, sales and marketing, regulatory approvals, and P&L.

• Sales & Marketing: Developed and cultivated all company wholesale vendor accounts, expanding from initial position as Switzerland distributor to a distribution serving vendors globally. Successfully built operation from a struggling $1.3 million to $12 million monthly in gross revenues.

• Warehouse Planning & Management: Established all warehouse, distribution and inventory control plans and operations management for two warehouses in Switzerland and British Columbia. Performed warehouse planning from selection of location and lease negotiation through warehouse design and set up, implementation of computer system, and development of all procedures for warehousing and inventory control.

• Human Resources: Directed a human resource staff in realigning personnel functions for recruitment, training, and management promotions. Realized a significant reduction in turnover from 42% to 8% in FY94.

• Order Fulfillment: Oversaw warehouse manager in the supervision of pick, pack and ship with an average of 500 to 700 orders daily.

Helix International, Detroit, MI
1987 - 1993
Directed the strategic planning, financial, accounting and administrative functions for the corporation and its twelve subsidiaries. Held responsibility for financial analysis / reporting, tax planning, cash management, corporate banking, budgeting and audit management.

• Financial Statements: Prepared financial statements and supported data to ensure compliance with SEC guidelines by completing quarterly 10-Q and annual 10-K reports.

• Taxation: Compiled and summarized reconciliation records to provide FASB 109 disclosure and the basis for tax reporting. Directed and managed staff for preparation and timely filing of all federal and state tax returns including partnership, corporate, multi-state, and health and welfare plans.

• Consolidation: Consolidated monthly financial information into financial statements from fourteen separate reporting units.

• General Accounting: Oversaw payroll for 150 personnel, verified accounts payable, 941 and state unemployment.


Harvard Business School, Boston, MA
Masters, Business Administration
Specialized Curriculum: International Business, Investment Banking, and Marketing

Yale University, New Haven, CT
B.A., Business Administration

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