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Jose Padrino
1453 Amber Way, White Plains, NY 10256 / Tel# (718) 555-4432 Email: padrino@myisp.com

President and CEO


Chief Executive with over 20 years of corporate leadership experience. Rewarded for directing company and financial management, achieving desired levels of growth. Demonstrated ability to combine visionary, strategic, and tactical financial expertise to produce bottom-line results and financial strength. Instrumental in achieving significant cost reductions and revenue/profit improvements through reengineering, team building, and leadership expertise. Skilled negotiator and analyst with acquisitions, mergers, and divestiture experience. Awarded prestigious Malcolm Baldridge Award for outstanding re-engineering results.


· Financial Analysis and Planning
· Investment Management
· Capital Budgeting and Administration
· Human Resources and Corporate Benefits
· Cost and Benefit Analysis
· Resource Planning and Allocation
· Staffing and Management
· Team Building and Leadership


1998 - Present
President and CEO
Managed the split of Zane into three distinct companies: VisionSystems, Optical Fibers, and Zane. Identified and resolved key issues, including personnel, real estate holdings, equipment, liabilities, intellectual properties, research/development functions, systems separation, and contract settlements, within time parameters for IPO.
· Led conversion and assimilation of two existing engineering organizations into unified systems, standards, and tools to reduce costs by $2.3M per year.
· Held Profit & Loss responsibility for capital budget of $104M, while managing program increases of 100% year over year.
· Spearheaded global ISO 9002 certification in an organization with over 2300 employees.
· Designed and coordinated the Business Process Analyst Group, establishing prioritization policies for organizational expenses based on Return On Investment projections.
· Cross-departmental planning and coordination led to shared expense solutions that resulted in savings of $138M in the first 12 months.
· Managed a team that identified and eliminated redundant functions and systems yielding a cost savings of $250M per year and a workforce reduction from 2300 to 1800.
· Directed a process to convert 700K engineering records from paper to digital format. Process resulted in the unification of 28 systems into three integrated programs, reducing ‘re-work’ by 38% and capital expenditures by $64.4M per year.
· Developed criteria to determine value and redundancy of suppliers, negotiated strategic partnership with ‘preferred providers’ based on volume discounts, reducing number of suppliers from 2000 to 300.

1993 - 1998
Chief Financial Officer
Managed all accounting, financial, personnel, and computer systems activities for a combined group of entities with two trusts, six joint ventures, four “S” corporations, and over 60 limited and general partnerships with over $125 million in assets throughout five states. Negotiated over $50 million in new loans. Performed due diligence and integration for acquisitions and mergers – as well as multi-company consolidation, minority interest, and purchase accounting; SEC reporting (preparing 10Q-SB, 10K-SB, 8K, 14A, financial statements, and footnotes); assisted auditing firm with preparation of tax returns; developed capital and operating budgets; developed and monitored hedging plan; and prepared quarterly financial reviews for the board of directors.
· Supervised relationships with auditors, insurance brokers, banking institutions, and corporate legal counsel to manage audits, cash and credit management, negotiation of agreements, quarterly and annual SEC compliant financial reporting, and human resource issues.
· Developed financial and operational strategic plan and managed activities of service providers for five entities with annual sales of nearly $100 million in four states.
· Restructured entities and their ownership, managed acquisitions and divestitures, initiated profitability studies, and implemented fundamental operational changes in all entities.
· Managed and directed a wide range of strategic planning, financial analysis and organizational management functions for an entity with seven stores in two states and annual sales in excess of $100 million.
· Made recommendations concerning business policy, resource allocation, and strategic planning activities to improve bottom-line financial performance.

1990 - 1993
Established strategic vision, elevated organization’s profile throughout the business community, and corrected inefficient practices. Sourced external government specialist to evaluate issues and produce recommendations. Consulted widely with key industry groups, employers, and regional officers to facilitate meaningful direction.
· Unified regional groups under a single entity, reducing expenses by $3.5 million.
· Initiated open communication and enterprise-wide education process to effect cultural changes and set long-term strategy.
· Evaluated, approved, and developed projects, securing public funding of $500,000.
· Formed key business and government liaisons to support new initiatives for community growth and expansion.
· Orchestrated $425,000 in local council and State Government co-funding projects in year 1992 creating 300 new jobs.

1986 - 1990
Vice President, Business
Coordinated and directed financial analysis, planning, control, and reporting systems, made recommendations regarding business policy, resource allocation, and activities to improve the financial performance of an entity with 16 stores in three states and annual sales of $30 million.
· Restructured cash management and control systems reducing short-term financing requirements by $400,000.
· Forecasted capital requirements to plan for adequate financial resources.
· Evaluated alternative financing methods, generated financial models of each method, and presented findings to President and Board Members.
· Consolidated banking relations to achieve preferred status and improved service.
· Maintained and negotiated new financing contracts, realizing a 14% reduction in interest costs.

SFB, INC., New York, NY
1982 - 1986
Director, Business Operations
Managed daily business processing for international import/export firm, supervising 15 office and financial professionals. Prepared financials for company merger and restructuring, including standardization of data processing procedures and systems.
· Successfully merged Sales and Operations groups to achieve better coordination and streamline operations.
· Identified core similarities between data processing systems, and implemented standardized approach to eliminate duplicate tasks and restore cost efficiencies.
· Created a global marketing model to initiate a total market view in business planning.
· Executed deadline-dependent team project to resolve critical SAP system fault in stock control and customer service, reducing product re-allocations by 95%.


Columbia University, New York, New York
Master of Business Administration in Finance, 1986

City College of New York, New York, New York
Bachelor of Arts (Economics), 1982


· Malcolm Baldridge Award, presented by the President of the United States
· CEO of the Year, Fortune Magazine, 1999
· Community Service Award, 1993
· Award for Excellence in Corporate Leadership, 1988
· Outstanding Masters Thesis, Columbia University