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Miles Paulson
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Electrical Engineer


Electrical Engineer with 20 years experience providing technical support for defense system electrical applications. Ability to work calmly on critical systems in dangerous settings under significant time pressures. Recognized for attention to detail, adherence to standards, and expert technical background. Possess top secret clearances for defense equipment information.


· Detailed experience working with Army, Navy, and Air Force management.
· Liaison between military personnel and defense contractors.
· In-depth knowledge of electrical components in defense systems.
· Thorough understanding of test methodologies and procedures.
· Expert in using computer technology to monitor and record test data and analyze and report test results.


1995 - Present
Electrical Engineer
Civilian team member involved in maintaining and upgrading Operational Flight Program for the F-15 aircraft. Completed complex assignments utilizing ATLAS, HITS, VAX, Fortran, and Assembly programming languages to develop or improve systems and associated equipment for avionics applications.
· Developed programs to test analog/digital circuitry and perform tests of continuity, resistance, insulation, breakdown, impedance, voltage level, current, and frequency, to determine fault isolation.
· Conducted studies and performed testability analysis on Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) to support findings and make recommendations for improvements on current and future technological changes.
· Acted as liaison to corroborate plans between contractors and base technical-management personnel. Facilitated strong communications between cross-functional teams and personnel.
· Analyzed and rewrote test requirements and set standards to ensure reliability and maintainability.

1987 - 1995
Electrical Technician
Provided on-site technical support for electrical components in navigation, communication, and weapons systems. Represented component manufacturers in prototype testing and production operation of military electronics. Designed, conducted, and analyzed shipboard equipment tests and compared field results to laboratory and prototype test results.
· Conducted drills to remain at full readiness for casualty responses to electrical failures.
· Installed and repaired wiring, fixtures, and equipment for all electrical services aboard ship and in shipyard facilities, following blueprints and wiring diagrams.
· Tested voltage, resistance, and phase angle in circuits, using voltmeters, ohmmeters, and phase rotation indicators. Prepared and maintained all equipment used in safety and compliance testing. Passed all equipment tests successfully.
· Constructed instrument panels according to specifications and technical manuals.
· Manually drafted specification drawings to update ship’s electrical records.

1981 - 1984
Industrial Engineer, Specialist 4th Class
Maintained engineering labs to US Army health and safety standards. Stress-tested tools and materials intended for use in combat arenas. Provided backup support for field-based electricians.
· Achieved outstanding performance reviews while attending Advanced Individual Training, accelerated through first two courses of study.
· Developed test methodologies for stress-testing combat equipment to ensure preparedness.
· Led squad to achieve and maintain highest rankings for battalion safety standards.


Bachelor of Science (Electrical Engineering), 1987
Omaha College, Omaha, Nebraska
Minors: Statistics, Computer Science


Master Electrician License, State of Nebraska
International Association of Electrical Engineers, Member
Defense Contractor Council, Member