Resumes by Industry: Engineering Electrical and Electronics

Applications Engineer

Robin Saunders
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234


Over 19 years of experience in system characterization and process optimization of semiconductor technologies. Proven track record in identifying problems and developing innovative solutions in the promotion, integration, and support of product lines with customers' processes and devices.

Major strengths include:

• Performance Test Simulation/Verification • Marketing Analysis
• Optical/Electro-Mechanical Design • Project/Budget Management
• New Product Transition • Customer Training


• Wafer Systems: DSW Steppers (Direct Stepper on Wafer System) Model 8500, AutoStep System, and XLS System; Wafertrac (Coating and Developing Equipment); WafertechTM (Wafer Etch Equipment); Perkin-Elmer Auto Alignment System.
• Photo Masking: Leitz 200-1; 3000 Pattern Generator; APT 914 Processor; Leitz Overlay Comparator (red/green); Ultratech Contact Printers; 3696, 3095 and 1795 and 1480 Model Photorepeaters; TRE Criss Cross.
• Processes: CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) as single and double metals layers; PMOS (P-channel); NMOS (N-channel); Bipolar, Chrome and Emulsion reticles and plates; GaAs (gallium arsenide), Silicon, and Silicon on Sapphire (SOS) Wafers.
• Instructor: Statistical Process Control (SPC) methodologies for developing control charts to analyze processes; Basic and Advanced Operations of DSW; Steppers; Application of Metrology to Process in Advanced Operations; Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Hazard Communication Standard for Hazardous Chemicals; Introduction to BASIC Programming; Lotus 123 and Excel software applications.


Octagon Solutions, Los Angeles, CA
1988 - Present
Applications Engineer
Conducted mark evaluation performance tests in the alignment of customers' processes to the installation of new stepper system equipment. Analyzed weaknesses in operational efficiency regarding process issues, and strengthened corresponding areas in training and test verification procedures.
* Introduced a mock source testing procedure that ensured availability of product parts and improved the acceptance testing rate by 50%.
* Developed a mock source road map that provided a step-by-step procedure for documenting the acceptance testing protocols resulting in an 80% improvement over installation time.
* Successfully designed and implemented an automated technical information center improving access time to technical data for field service personnel.
* Recruited by the Corporation's Training Department to develop and conduct technical training courses for internal and customer audiences.

Octagon Solutions, Los Angeles, CA
1983 - 1988
Sales Engineer
Selected as the first Sales Engineer for the Los Angeles office. Identified potential business opportunities in the Southern California region. Represented the company at trade shows and corporate sales presentations.
* Conducted a first-ever marketing analysis for the region that identified potential customers by organization, geographic location, anticipated buying cycle activity, and a corresponding sales plan.
* Identified 30 potential new customers and sold 5 lithographic fabrication systems totaling $1.6 million.
* Developed and managed seven Fortune 500 customer account plans.

Helix International, Pasadena, CA
1974 - 1983
Process Engineer
Organized and conducted characterizations of stepper systems for use in the 6 and 3 micron technologies.
* Initiated a departmental demonstration program resulting in an increased 10% probe yield for the 6 micron and an increased 30% probe yield for the 3 micron devices respectively, in the application of DSW,µ Stepper technology. The Company subsequently purchased 8 new systems over a 6 year period.
* Designed a photolithography area for use of the new stepper equipment that increased production efficiency of usable wafer probe yields.
* Initiated the start-up of the Perkin-Elmer Auto Alignment System into full production increasing average throughput by 50%.


US Army (Heavy Equipment Maintenance), Ft. Knox, KY
Company Clerk
Produced daily personnel status reports. Enrolled in black/white photography classes after duty hours at the installation's Craft Shop. Produced award-winning entries at Army-wide competitive events, and later became a photography instructor at the installation.

Acme Electronics, Mojave, CA
Electrical Assembly Technician
Assembled Air Conditioning/Heating ground support equipment for the B52 Bomber and electrical ground support equipment for the F104 Fighter aircraft.


• The Dale Carnegie Course in Effective Speaking and Human Relations; The Dale Carnegie Institute.
• The Dale Carnegie Course in Sales; The Dale Carnegie Institute.
• Winning the Sales Game; The Compo Group.
• Strategies of Selling Technical/Industrial Products; The American Management Association.
• Train The Trainer; Creative Management Training, International.
• Operational courses for all phases of the DSW System.
• Operational course for the PE240.
• Computer course in Basic.
• 22 Quarter Hours in English, Computer Science, and Mathematics, Riverside City College/Saddleback Community College.

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Avionics Systems Expert

Pat Hernandez
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234

Seeking opportunity with Lockheed Martin and the F-22 Joint Strike Fighter Program

Open to positions with Lockheed Martin that will use strong experience on the F-15 avionics systems. Demonstrated success in maintenance, avionics, safety and quality assurance with the United States Air Force.


· Flight Control Systems
· Avionics Systems
· Flight Control
· Flight Instrument Specialist
· Technical Problem Solver
· Avionics/Operations
· Production Superintendent
· Safety Trend Analysis/Tracking
· Security Program Design/Implementation
· Technical Expertise of Aircraft
· Quality Insurance/Controls
· Operational Inspections/Reporting
· Avionics Expertise/Safety Management
· Cross-functional Operations Planning
· Troubleshooting/Problem Resolutions
· Personnel Training/Mentorship


· Extensive recent experience with the 4th Fighter Wing (ACC), Seymour Johnson Air Force Base, North Carolina were I have been responsible for a Wing composed of 4 F-15E squadrons totaling 98 F-15Es and 20 support squadrons.
· Strong avionics, mechanical, electronics, hazardous materials, safety controls, personnel management, security issues and related leadership/operational duties.
· Expert knowledge of FAA compliance issues, regulations and company directives. Expert knowledge of inspection procedures to ensure adequate safety and maintenance programs with respect to compliance of FAA and company directives. Inspects components built for commercial aircraft to determine if product meets required FAA specifications.
· Mechanically sound professional with knowledge of multiple aircraft systems (especially the F-15), mechanical procedures related to those aircraft and related equipment such as landing gear hydraulic components, torque wrenches and various hand tools.
· Extensive coordination experience that requires communication with other employees and management personnel, high tech specialists, and related maintenance technicians. Wide ranging knowledge of business skills include business management, budgeting, contract development, SOP development, vendor relations, quality control, extensive safety and related standards.
· Extensive knowledge of hangar and line maintenance activities. Able to instruct new employees in safety and protocol issues related to aircraft system maintenance, ground support equipment maintenance and overall operations. Known as a dedicated, loyal professional who is focused on quality and safe results.
· Known for a persistent attention to detail and maintaining high standards regarding ethical conduct, punctuality, quality of work, team dynamics, aviation safety/security and the human factor as a whole. Described as a mentor not just a manager, encourages subordinates to discuss problems, ask questions and operate within the team effectively.
· Skills translate to potential external or internal management that requires team development skills coupled with a strong technical aptitude for the aircraft and its corresponding system maintenance needs.
· Known as a reliable, loyal and dedicated leader who promotes a positive “do whatever it takes” attitude and encourages employee growth through questions and experience. A team member who can be counted on in critical situations; an honest and fair supervisor raises the standard for the whole organization.


Aviation Safety Certification, expected graduation September 2002
Master of Aeronautical Science in Aviation/Aerospace Management & Operations, 2001 (Honors/Dean’s List)
Bachelor of Science, Professional Aeronautics, 1995
Graduate research project was entitled, “A Conclusion of the Relative Reliability of the Automatic Flight Control Systems Used on the F-15C and F-15E Model Aircraft Based at Royal Air Forces Lakenheath”.

Associates of Applied Science, Instructor of Technology & Military Science, 1997
Associates of Applied Science, Avionics Systems Technology, 1990


· High competence and expertise associated with aviation management, maintenance, inspection, and instruction associated with various F-15 aircraft flight control, instrument and radar avionics systems.
· Coursework includes: Able Avionics Phase 1, Integrated Avionics Instrument and Flight Control Systems (F-15), (F-15E), Integrated Avionics Radar (Attack Control), Integrated Avionics Communication, Navigation, and Penetration Aids (F-15), NCO Leadership School, NCO Academy, Senior NCO Academy, Basic Instructor School (Honor Graduate), F-15 Manual Flight Control Rigging Course, Technical Writer Course.


· Awarded Air Force Meritorious Service Medal, Air Force Commendation Medal (four times)
· Air Force Commendation medal with three Oak Leaf clusters.
· Awarded the 782 Training Group’s “Career Development Course Writer of the Year” for 1994.


Flight Safety Superintendent
2000 - Present
Selected Achievement Summary:
· Recent experience as a Flight Safety Investigator, successfully tracked flight safety programs and investigated numerous Air Force F-15 mishaps, producing and processing reports designed to determine root causes and decrease mishap occurrences.
· Helped to garner the Commander in Chief’s Installation Excellence Award for 2001 detailing the Bird Aircraft Strike Hazard program to team evaluation members with a professional brief.
· Successfully assisted and instructed the Flight Safety Officer in over 33 mishap investigations involving many complex aircraft systems and situations, successfully identified causes.
· Spearheaded airfield surveys to validate existing waivers and obstructions relating to height restrictions. Resulted in the certification of the airfield by Civil Engineering with all flight safety considerations.
· Completed a 6 week course for Senior Management in Human Relations/Worker Motivation at Montgomery, Alabama, 2001.
· Successful organized the Avian hazard Avoidance System (AHAS) historical data onto CD-ROMs for squadron use, allowing fighter squadrons to continue flying mission effective sorties when AHAS goes down.
· Revised a critical 4th Fighter Wing Mishap Response Plan ensuring accuracy of wing agency information.
· Served as key unit vehicle noncommissioned officer for the safety mishap response vehicle fleet – resulted in two no notice excellent inspection ratings including a wing roll-by special assessment.
· Program implementations effectively reduced the risk of F-15E flying training while spearheading the vital upkeep of BASH cannons (cannon reliability now at 99% and Birdstrikes down 14%).
· Quoted by superiors as “Dynamic leader and astute motivator—second-to-none in the flight safety community—promote to Chief!”

· Flight Safety Superintendent for wing composed of 98 F-15Es, including 4 F-15E Squadrons and 20 support squadrons. Supervised the NCO and the implementation of all squadron flight safety programs.
· Served as a consultant to the Air Force Reserve KC-135 wing flight safety. Responsible for conducting in-depth inspections to assure safe aircraft operations, design and maintenance, as well as maintenance of vehicles, airfield facilities and ground support equipment.
· Inspected and reviewed aircrew and maintenance occupational safety, health and fire programs. Conducted flight safety investigations and develop USAF-wide recommendations to prevent mishap recurrence.
· Served on the USAF Safety Investigation Boards.
· Performed operations and maintenance trend analyses.
· Managed the Bird Aircraft Strike Hazard (BASH) program and Chair the Bird Hazard Working Team (BHWT)
· Recommended courses of action and relayed instructions to appropriate teams/parties during aircraft emergencies. Coordinated emergency response actions, prepared corresponding reports and proposed preventative measures.
· Disseminated safety messages to various organizations, track safety trends, and relayed safety information to the Chief of Safety and Wing commander for action proposals.
· Conducted flight safety studies toward airfield operations including wildlife hazard abatement, obstruction and airfield construction issues, and employee safety practices related to flight safety.
· Maintained database associated with flight operations for comparison with similar organization. Proposed recommendations focused on the prevention of future aircraft mishaps.

Aircraft Section Flight Chief
1999 – 2000
· Responsible for overseeing 60 aircraft maintainers in the flight operations and repair of 26 F-15 aircraft.
· Managed personnel and maintenance programs in support of aircraft launch, recovery and repair functions.
· Created work and training schedules, conducted personal evaluations, and inspections on aircraft pursuant to the maintenance function.

Production Superintendent
· Directed the maintenance operations on 26 F-15E aircraft. Responsible for planning, scheduling and directing maintenance and configuration of F-15E aircraft for daily flying schedules.
· Functions as Chief Enlisted Manager/Lead Production Superintendent in support of Operation Northern Watch, generating of 261 combat sorties over a 92-day period.


Field Training Detachment Production Superintendent/Scheduler (1997 – 1999)
Field Training Detachment Flight Chief/Instructor (1996 – 1997)

Career Development Course Author, F-15 Avionic Systems (1995– 1996)

Career Development Course Author, F-15 Avionic Systems (1993– 1994)

Aircraft Maintenance Debriefer (1992 – 1993)
Avionics Maintenance Technician/Supervisor/Expeditor (1992)
Avionics System Maintenance Technician (1979 – 1984)

Avionics Maintenance Technician/Supervisor/Expeditor (1990 - 1991)

Avionics Maintenance Technician/Supervisor/Expeditor (1989 - 1990)

Quality Assurance Inspector (1984 - 1987)

Quality Assurance Inspector (1984)

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Electrical And Lighting Consultant

Lee Robertson
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234


Electrical Consultant and Lighting Designer with 15 years experience that includes electrical and lighting systems for commercial buildings, correctional and institutional facilities, medical offices, hospitals and clinics, schools, churches, and public use facilities. Utilize the latest in lighting technology and techniques to assist in the reduction of energy consumption for a more functionally efficient environment.

Professional Profile

· Highly skilled in planning and analysis with key strengths in project management.
· Strong technical and methodical aptitude with an innate ability to analyze, coordinate and synthesize data.
· Knowledge of National Electric Code, building codes, and energy codes specification writing, and construction administration.
· Exceptional attention to detail, adherence to standards and technical background.

Professional Work History

1988 to Present
Assistant Electrical Project Manager
Consult engineering specifications, plan and design commercial and institutional facilities, prepare and review design drawings for bid and construction, and handle power distribution, lighting, telecommunications and data, fire alarm, security and nurse call.

Engineering Design Projects

Lake Charles Memorial Hospital, Lake Charles, LA
Designed / drafted electrical systems for multiple additions including lab, rehabilitation unit, patient tower additions, physical therapy unit, and lithotripter unit hook-ups.

Lafayette General Medical Center, Lafayette, LA
Designed / drafted electrical systems for multiple additions including MRI, outpatient, surgery, central supply, lithotripter unit hook-ups, and oncology unit.

Immaculata, Lafayette, LA
Designed / drafted energy efficient electrical and mechanical systems for complete renovation and restoration of historical 1948 seminary now used as Catholic Diocese Offices. Dynamic architectural lighting systems incorporated including pendant fixtures, cove lighting, and task lighting for media studio.

Calcasieu Judicial Center, Lake Charles, LA
Designed / drafted electrical systems for new three story courthouse including communications systems, duress system, and fire alarm system.

St. Tammany Parish Courthouse
Designed / drafted lighting, power distribution with emergency generator system, fire alarm, intercommunication and lightning protection system of 300,000 square foot facility. Design included lighting of a 4-story atrium, courtroom lighting and extensive exterior and landscape lighting.


Lafayette, LA 1991
Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts
Concentration: English and Technical Writing

Training Seminars

· Lithonia Lighting Application and Design
· Louisiana Energy Codes
· Professional AutoCAD
· Lutron Specifier Lighting Control Seminar

Professional Associations

Illuminating Engineering Society of North America, Member
Acadiana Electrical Association, Member
Sigma Tau Delta English Honor Society, National Member
UL-L Arts, Humanities and Behavior Science Alumni

Technical Skills

AutoCad 2002, Microsoft Office,
Visual Lighting, Novell Networking, Comcheck Energy Code,
Windows XP, Windows NT

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Electrical Engineer

Frances O 'Malley
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234


Engineering professional offering 15+ years of experience in designing, programming, testing, provisioning, deploying and supporting electronic equipment and associated systems in an engineering environment. Highly skilled in network planning and analysis with strengths in project management. Extensive background and interpretation of telecom power plant equipment, optical networking technologies. Strong technical and methodical aptitude with an innate ability to analyze, coordinate and synthesize data. Resourceful and creative; enjoys challenges and overcoming obstacles. Interprets complex assignments and moves forward to develop and integrate technological enhancements to achieve configuration management.


Radiant Technologies, Atlanta, GA
1997 - Present
Project Manager (2000 - Present)
Served as the Project Manager for Power Equipment Deployment from Radiant Technologies to various utility customers. Principal interface between customers, project team, installation, and other collaborative partnerships. Provided direct support to senior project manager in all internal and external contract parameters. Managed project resources, issues, costs and technical issues from conception through resolution to project completion.
• Recognized as expert in major power plant engineering, installation and deployment subject matter.
• Managed vendor activity, engineering, installation, customer service and other protocol to ensure timely product deployment.
• Streamlined project communications to senior and executive management detailing business impact, implications and aligning project directives.

Applications Engineer (1998 - 1999)
Served as Engineering Organization Representative/Consultant and collaborating communications between Customer Team VPs, Installation, Customer Service and Project Management teams. Provided comprehensive post sales engineering support
for Radiant power plant equipment and AT&T optical networking equipment.
• Visited customer sites and collected information to evaluate and prepare detailed analysis and make appropriate recommendations of equipment and systems.
• Compiled engineering billing data and utilized submittal authorization to pricing organization.
• Supported customer requirements for Power Plant, SONET, DWDM and Optical Cross Connect products, consistently meeting and exceeding performance metrics.
• Created and modified Telco documentation utilizing AutoCAD to blueprint customer equipment and systems.
• Developed engineering and installation specifications, trained personnel and monitored compliance.
• Improved Organizational metrics of Complaint Resolution from 65% to 100% within a 6-month time frame.

Detail Engineer (1997)
Recruited by Engineering Consultants work for Radiant Technologies as a Detail Engineer. Offered permanent position through demonstration of professional commitment, technical expertise and project performance excellence.
• Compared customer authorizations for purchase and installation of Radiant Technologies Power Plant Distribution Equipment versus Radiant Engineering Analysis.
• Prepared and delivered accurate power distribution specifications and marked prints with drafting authorizations on-schedule; updated power equipment data in Info bank Database.
• Investigated and implemented resolutions to field complaints from Radiant Installers.

PeachTree Technical Support, Atlanta, GA
1996 - 1997
Account Executive
Secured customers interests in the sale and support of engineering contracts. Facilitated new business by exemplifying industry knowledge, persuasive speaking and exceptional follow-through.
• Established and continued to compile proposals for engineering contract consulting placement.
• Displayed effective sales and marketing skills to secure, retain and continue to build customer base.

James Thorton Air Logistics Center, Thorton AFB, GA
1985 - 1996
Electronics Engineer
Team Member involved in maintaining and upgrading Operational Flight Program for the F-15 aircraft. Completed complex assignments utilizing ATLAS, HITS, VAX, Fortran and Assembly programming languages to develop or improve systems and associated equipment for avionics applications.
• Developed programs to test analog/digital circuitry and perform tests of continuity, resistance, insulation, breakdown, impedance, voltage level, current, frequency, etc., to determine fault isolation.
• Conducted studies and performed testability analysis on Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) to support findings and make recommendations for improvements on current and future technological changes.
• Acted as liaison to corroborate plans between contractors and base technical-management personnel.
• Analyzed and rewrote test requirements and set standards to ensure reliability and maintainability.

James Thorton Air Logistics Center, Thorton AFB, GA
Electronics Engineer Trainee
Compiled technical data packages to support analog, digital and hybrid radar requirements.

Submersible Systems Center, Newport, RI
Electronics Engineer Trainee
Assisted engineers and technicians by testing component architectures, performing testability analysis, to support configuration management of electronic systems and associated equipment.


North Carolina A&T State University, Greensboro, NC
Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering

United States Air Force
16 Bit Microprocessor Programming

Air University, Air Force Institute of Technology
Introduction to Acquisition Management

United States Air Force
Introduction to ADA Language

Air University, Air Force Institute of Technology
Computer Communication Networks Course

Movonics Company
Understanding & Troubleshooting Microprocessors



X.25; DWDM; Optical Cross Connects; Synchronous Optical Network (SONET); OC-3, OC-48 and OC-192

Automatic Test Equipment:


• Outstanding Young Men of America Award
• National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering Scholarship
• Georgia Certificate of Merit

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Electrical Engineer Best

Miles Paulson
3266 Harrison Place, Omaha, NE 48832 / Tel# (504) 555-1773 Email:

Electrical Engineer


Electrical Engineer with 20 years experience providing technical support for defense system electrical applications. Ability to work calmly on critical systems in dangerous settings under significant time pressures. Recognized for attention to detail, adherence to standards, and expert technical background. Possess top secret clearances for defense equipment information.


· Detailed experience working with Army, Navy, and Air Force management.
· Liaison between military personnel and defense contractors.
· In-depth knowledge of electrical components in defense systems.
· Thorough understanding of test methodologies and procedures.
· Expert in using computer technology to monitor and record test data and analyze and report test results.


1995 - Present
Electrical Engineer
Civilian team member involved in maintaining and upgrading Operational Flight Program for the F-15 aircraft. Completed complex assignments utilizing ATLAS, HITS, VAX, Fortran, and Assembly programming languages to develop or improve systems and associated equipment for avionics applications.
· Developed programs to test analog/digital circuitry and perform tests of continuity, resistance, insulation, breakdown, impedance, voltage level, current, and frequency, to determine fault isolation.
· Conducted studies and performed testability analysis on Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) to support findings and make recommendations for improvements on current and future technological changes.
· Acted as liaison to corroborate plans between contractors and base technical-management personnel. Facilitated strong communications between cross-functional teams and personnel.
· Analyzed and rewrote test requirements and set standards to ensure reliability and maintainability.

1987 - 1995
Electrical Technician
Provided on-site technical support for electrical components in navigation, communication, and weapons systems. Represented component manufacturers in prototype testing and production operation of military electronics. Designed, conducted, and analyzed shipboard equipment tests and compared field results to laboratory and prototype test results.
· Conducted drills to remain at full readiness for casualty responses to electrical failures.
· Installed and repaired wiring, fixtures, and equipment for all electrical services aboard ship and in shipyard facilities, following blueprints and wiring diagrams.
· Tested voltage, resistance, and phase angle in circuits, using voltmeters, ohmmeters, and phase rotation indicators. Prepared and maintained all equipment used in safety and compliance testing. Passed all equipment tests successfully.
· Constructed instrument panels according to specifications and technical manuals.
· Manually drafted specification drawings to update ship’s electrical records.

1981 - 1984
Industrial Engineer, Specialist 4th Class
Maintained engineering labs to US Army health and safety standards. Stress-tested tools and materials intended for use in combat arenas. Provided backup support for field-based electricians.
· Achieved outstanding performance reviews while attending Advanced Individual Training, accelerated through first two courses of study.
· Developed test methodologies for stress-testing combat equipment to ensure preparedness.
· Led squad to achieve and maintain highest rankings for battalion safety standards.


Bachelor of Science (Electrical Engineering), 1987
Omaha College, Omaha, Nebraska
Minors: Statistics, Computer Science


Master Electrician License, State of Nebraska
International Association of Electrical Engineers, Member
Defense Contractor Council, Member

Electrical Engineer Recent Graduate

Drew Sterlin
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234


Well-rounded, tech-savvy first class honors electrical engineering graduate producing useful solutions through comprehensive research and logical thinking. Strengths include:

· Problem-Solving
· C, Java, MATLAB
· Research / Report Writing
· Planning and Organizational Skills
· Protel, Flash
· Meeting Deadlines
· Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Two-time Dean’s List recipient over-delivering to ensure consistent high quality of work.


· Awarded Dean’s List twice in 00/01 and 02/03 semesters.

Thesis: Simulated theoretical performance of two new mode-switching controllers for 2.5” mini-hard disk drives on MATLAB.
· Initiated self-directed research to investigate feasibility and accuracy of previous research done on topic.
· Reduced disk latency 25%, from 12 milliseconds to 9 milliseconds, by optimizing time and accuracy through robust placement of controllers.
· Uncovered causes of deviation of theoretical and practical results (inaccuracy of laboratory equipment and depreciation of hard disk) through careful research and inquisitive questioning.

Notable Projects: Programmed software, designed circuit board and conducted hardware testing for construction of micro-controller of remote control car from scratch in group of five.
· Submitted project punctually without need for overtime work as compared to other groups due to meticulous planning of time schedule—received individual ‘A-’ grade for project.

‘A’ Levels—Hwa Chong Junior College (HCJC)
· Achieved 4As in nationwide examinations—top 10% of Singapore student cohort.

Extra-curricular Activities: Played key role in team’s third position placing in National Schools’ Bowling Championship in ’96.


Intern, Mechatronics & Microsystem Dept—DATA STORAGE INSTITUTE (6 months)
Performed programming of interface to link hard disk drive to MATLAB for testing together with another intern plus assistance from one engineer and one research scholar—program later sold to outside organizations. Enlisted help from research scholar to link source code in C++ to MATLAB.
· Consolidated functions of two software programs into one improved version with more specific testing functions that simplified processes and increased efficiency of operations.
· Wrote 30-page user manual to educate future users and produced 30-page industrial attachment report detailing learning experiences to NUS Engineering Department.
· Successfully completed project within four months—two months before deadline!

Volunteer—Joy Center (four months)
· Helped in establishing retirement community, including purchasing furniture and exercise equipment and planning and coordinating day-to-day activities.

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Sam Sterling
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234


U.S. Coast Guard
1996 - 2002

NESU, St. Louis, MO
1998 - 2002
Electrician's Mate 3rd Class
• Remained at full readiness for casualty responses to electrical failures.
• Installed and repaired wiring, fixtures, and equipment for all electrical services aboard ship and in shipyard facilities, following blueprints and wiring diagrams.
• Installed conduit to bulkheads using hand tools, and threaded wires through conduit to terminals, such as connection boxes, circuit breakers, voltage regulators, and switch panels.
• Stripped insulation from wire ends and created electrical connections, using stripping pliers and soldering iron, and coupled power-supply circuits to radio, radar, sonar, and fire control equipment.
• Tested voltage, resistance, and phase angle in circuits, using voltmeters, ohmmeters, and phase rotation indicators.
• Constructed instrument panels according to specifications and technical manuals.
• Manually drafted specification drawings for inclusion in ship's electrical records.

U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Obion
1996 - 1998
Seaman/Seaman's Apprentice
• Stood deck department watches and performed variety of duties to preserve painted surfaces of ship and to maintain lines, running gear, and cargo-handling gear in safe operating condition.
• Watched from bow of ship or wing of bridge for obstructions in path of ship.
• Mopped and washed down deck, using hose, to remove oil, dirt, and debris, ensuring safe movement of staff, cargo, and equipment.
• Chipped and cleaned rust spots from deck, superstructure, and sides of ship, using hand or air chipping hammer and wire brush, and painted chipped area.
• Spliced wire rope, using marlinespike, wirecutters, and twine.
• Created architectural drawings of all shipboard systems, using graph paper and measuring devices.
• Served as Officer of the Deck, as well as backup firefighter, hosehandler, and AFFF supplier for fire fighting team.
• Maintained responsibility for operation and inventory of HazMat locker.


U.S. Coast Guard
Basic Training, Electrician's Mate A-School - including Leadership and Management coursework, Managing Subordinates, and Accounts Payable processes.


Forklift: Heister 6000# gas-powered, Mercury 4000# gas-powered, and Yale 5000# electric-powered sit-down models

Crane: Qualified and Certified by Allied on Allied 6000# 51- foot hydraulic model

Caterpillar: Diesel Power Generation Master Mechanic

Emergency Response: Basic First Aid, CPR, OSHA, NEMA, NEC, Basic HazMat, Respirator Fit Test, Electrical Safety


• Windows OS (up to XP); MS Office Suites (up to XP); Adobe Acrobat and PhotoShop; PageMaker; Oracle DB; HTML; Basic Networking; JetForm Filler; Mainframe/CRT; Bar Code Labeling Applications; Shipping/Receiving and Inventory Control programs


Deck Hand, Regular Seaman, Able-Bodied Seaman, Mate, Team Leader, Drafting, Personnel Management and Administration

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Satellite Systems Operator

Drew Sterling
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234


Satellite and ground systems operator with 3 years experience in satellite command and control operations for the military, including satellite launch, first acquisition, and early-orbit operations. Successful in leading teams involved in monitoring, testing, configuring, troubleshooting, and maintaining both satellite and ground equipment. Ground equipment expertise includes operations center, antenna sites, and communication links. Achieved highest accolades for recognizing and implementing emergency procedures to correct problems and failures, and for ensuring integrity of equipment for continuous operations. Certified in satellite and ground communications. Computer skills include Microsoft Windows 98 and Office 97 (Word and Access), as well as various database applications.


1998 - Present
Satellite Systems Operator (SSO) / Ground Systems Operator (GSO)
Served as an SSO and GSO, and support ground equipment and orbiting satellites valued in excess of $5.2 billion. Provided additional support as a certification evaluator, certified trainer, and awards program coordinator.
• Earned highly qualified rating on four recurring evaluations and achieved zero errors.
• Bolstered unit's mission success rate of 99.7%.

1997 - 1998
Satellite Systems Operator
Led a three-member Mission Control Team involved in controlling the defense support program and midcourse space experiment satellites.
• Saved a multi-million dollar defense support satellite from total voltage loss during an eclipse by executing and directing relocation to back-up operations center and transmitting vital commands.
• Performed over 750 error-free satellite contact supports on four different satellite systems.

1996 - 1997
Ground Systems Operator
Served as a team leader to coordinate squadron system resources and primary interface for satellite command and telemetry readout capabilities. Developed performance logs in both the pre-pass and pass segments.
• Ensured command and control link integrity on 71 critical commanding support projects.
• Earned distinction as the first Bravo crew GSO certified in MSX contacts and alleviated staff shortfalls.
• Identified a timing problem, supervised substitution of equipment, and restored synchronization.
• Reconfigured telemetry control segment during satellite maneuver and saved a critical support.
• Identified and resolved faulty telemetry channel and restored loss of navigational data.

1995 - 1996
Certification Evaluator
Served as group evaluator, meticulously evaluating candidates' task performance in the emulator to qualify for both ground and satellite operations certification. Wrote and administered rigorous and demanding emulator scripts to challenge candidates. Measured candidates against peers to select very best operators. Re-certified personnel every six months. Served as a liaison between headquarters and four different groups supporting approximately 800 personnel. Prepared quarterly reports for headquarters.
• Recognized a trend and informed director of deficiency so that entire squad could be retrained: improved accuracy of the readings and reduced number of errors by an estimate of 25% per quarter.

1994 - 1995
Certified Instructor
Prepared team for worst possible competition obstacles, including simulations designed to accustom team to high stress levels. Provided performance enhancing skills and trained team members on all aspects of operations, emergency procedures, and vital ground system intricacies.
• Trained two personnel through their upgrade qualification training over a six week time frame.

1993 - 1994
Award Program Coordinator
Managed and administered the awards program. Collected information, prepared package with nomination awards, submitted material for grading by the squadron board and group commanders, tallied results, announced winners, and produced certificates and congratulatory letters.

1992 - 1993
Ground Systems Operator
Served as unit GSO, providing technical systems management and personnel supervision.
• Instructed link operators to reconfigure equipment that restored primary and backup communication links and sustained life-giving power where vital solar panel moves were threatened.
• Selected by crew commander to enter the Jump Start Program for highest achievers to earn multiple certifications.


Military Training
• Operations Group Evaluator Training - 50 Hours
• Satellite Systems Operator Upgrade Qualification Training - 144 Hours
• Operations Group Instructor Training - 40 Hours
• Ground Systems Operator Upgrade Qualification Training - 292 Hours
• Ground Systems Operator Initial Qualification Training - 512 Hours
• Space Systems Operations Training 240 Hours
• Basic Training

• Certified Evaluator - Ground and Satellite Systems Operations
• Certified Satellite Systems Operator - Two constellations
• Certified Instructor - Ground and Satellite Systems Operations
• Certified Ground Systems Operator - Five constellations

Secret Security Clearance

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Senior Technician

Renee McEvoy
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234


Over 12 years of experience troubleshooting and repairing electrical and electronic systems and equipment including robotic, pneumatic, mechanical, control circuit, power supply, hydraulic and vacuum systems. Adept at providing technical equipment support and developing new processes through ongoing maintenance, defect resolution, and enhancement solutions. Combines excellent technical, analytical, and engineering qualifications with outstanding customer service skills. Expertise includes:

• Customer Service, Support & Communication • Technical Documentation
• Training & Team Leadership • Project Scheduling & Management
• Blueprints & Schematics • Systems Design & Installation
• Problem Identification & Resolution • Quality Control & Assurance
• Inspection & Maintenance • Interpersonal Communications


1989 - 2002
Senior Technician - Engineering Equipment Support
Conducted and scheduled investigative tests, repairs, and overhauls of robotic, and automated manufacturing and processing equipment to ensure proper operation. Documented inspections, maintenance, repair work, and failures in maintenance logs and statistical process control charts. Trained employees on operational procedures with emphasis on quality, productivity, and overall equipment readiness.

• Designed and fabricated several equipment modifications including a parts handler to prevent breaking of tie bars in encapsulated parts, which resulted in saving $40,000 per breakdown.
• Created and installed low-level alarm system for slurry barrels, preventing $80,000 in damage to machine and product by sounding an audible alarm when slurry was low.
• Developed and implemented wafer guide for the Westech 372 Planarizer, ensured non-breaking feed of wafers saving up to $6,000 in materials cost.
• Reduced lot count time to seconds by designing electronic handheld lead frame counter.
• Selected to participate in Mirra Polisher installations and training located in Singapore, created a "team" approach to problem solving and technical support.


Assembly Encapsulation

• Nickolet X-Ray Machine • Lawton Encapsulation Press L.A. Rose Preheater
• AIS Automated Handler • Blaser 5000 Laser
• Boschman & Fico Automold • MTI Media Deflash
• Dia Ichi Seiko

Chemical Mechanical Planarization (CMP)

• Strasbaugh 6DS • Nel Taper & De-taper Ontrak Scrubbers (Series 0, 1, 2)
• Ipec 676 • Applied Materials Mirra & Ebara Planarizers
• Westech 372 • Shibayama Back Grinder
• ADE Ultra Gauge 9500 NOVA Scan 210 • 420 Prometrix UV-1050


ITT Technical Institute, Sacramento, CA
Electronics Engineering Technology

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Sound Engineer Recent Graduate

Drew Anderson
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234

Sound Engineer ~ Graduate

A passion for technical excellence, an intense commitment to deliver to deadline, and the vision to inject creativity into everyday tasks, are performance characteristics that have underscored work ethic throughout university studies, and hands-on freelance assignments in sound engineering. Acknowledged by lecturers, and clients as a meticulous trouble-shooter, rapid-paced learner, and independent thinker. Dedicated to enriching and maintaining the integrity of musical compositions of all genres, optimizing sound quality, capitalizing on equipment capabilities, and making a high-impact ‘behind-the-scenes’ contribution.

Value Offered
Ÿ Sound Engineering
Ÿ Mixing and Synthesis
Ÿ Advanced MIDI Application
Ÿ Digital and Analogue Editing
Ÿ Time Management
Ÿ Microphone Technique
Ÿ Video Editing
Ÿ Script Writing
Ÿ Real-time Digital Signal Processing
Ÿ Sound Reinforcement
Ÿ Control Surface
Ÿ Analogue Mixing Desk
Ÿ Instrument, Voice & Foley Recordings

Technology Snapshot: ProTools, Cubase, Logic, Cool Edit, DSP, Final Cut Pro, Premiere, Reason, Logic Control, Control 24, 02R, analogue desks.


Bachelor of Arts Communication
University of California

Academic Highlights
Recent examples of academic projects, challenges, and team work that support career goals

Music Technology
Solo project to produce a 24-track maximum, 5-minute recording. Secured services of popular local bands—Five Flavored and Fergus Recliner, to donate time to the project. Project challenges included band members with limited availability, excess noise on the night of recording due to a music festival, and a faulty analogue-to-digital converter.
· Overcame external noise leakage and faulty equipment, by altering layout recording plan to four microphones, no drum effects, and two tracks for keyboard. Fine-tuned gates and expanders to eliminate ambient sound from the festival.
· Awarded a distinction for efforts. As evaluated by lecturer, “This is a very slick recording. Well done. The documentation is great, and the data sessions well organized; the project is of a high standard.”

Media Arts—Sound Project
Independently recorded and mixed original music composition by local band, and augmented presentation with a re-mixed compilation of previous recordings presented as a sound biography. Achieved distinction result and top-of-the-class status for the subject.

Live Content
Produced 10-minutes of material focusing on MIDI in a live context using self-designed patches and networks, real-time digital signal processing, and sound reinforcement. 1-hour prior to performance, requested equipment had been incorrectly supplied, monitor connections were incompatible, and MIDI Controller Driver had been deleted. Quickly sourced correct monitors, installed back-up drivers on computer, and identified and resolved mixer issues affecting the PA system. Successfully performed on video before lecturers, achieving credit result.

Special Freelance Projects

Tapestries of Melody
Recorded and arranged a CD of eight classical Indian, Irish, folk, and improvised musical compositions featuring ten instruments and several solo vocals. Produced a brief, biographical music showcase, interspersed with audio commentary by the group’s founder edited from forty-minutes of discussion to four-minutes of highlights.
· Promotional tool was an outstanding success, scoring job offers for the group throughout Rocklin, and prompting a request to coordinate the group’s live audio during their appearance at the Rocklin Global Carnival—the largest world music festival in the state.
· Produced Tapestries of Melody recordings over 5-days in a secluded mountain retreat. Captured unique feel of the group by experimenting with the use of microphones designed to capture the band, while eliminating extraneous household and instrument sounds. Devoted more than fifty-hours to mixing twenty-two songs at both the retreat and in studio, and ten-hours editing the biography showcase.

Other Projects
· Entrusted by folk rock band Fergus Settee to resolve quality issues surrounding poor mix and distorted kick drum sound in separate tracks produced during a “rush job” by another sound engineer. Went back to basics and remixed songs to the band’s satisfaction.
· Recorded studio songs and mixed live music tracks for Fergus Settee entitled The Fisherman, Brown Cow, Mystery Train, The Letter, The Recliner, and Holding On. Resolved flawed vocals and misplayed notes during mixing process. Musical compositions mixed have since received frequent radio airing.
· Recorded eight songs for a classical group from India with forty-members, including five solo vocalists, thirty-person choir, and instruments including flute, guitar, veena, harmonium, violin, Jews Harp, and percussion section. With all group members new to studio environments, addressed all members on control room protocols, procedures, and expectations of the recording sessions.
· Coordinated equipment hiring and mixed songs for three bands for a live community event. Overcame power-line electrical noise through the PA to deliver a sound performance commended by all bands as “the best on stage sound they have ever had.”

Casual Work Experience

Radio 3KY Rocklin
Production Assistant
Independently networked among contacts to secure rare work experience opportunity with prominent radio station Radio 3KY Rocklin. Reporting to the Manager of In-House Promotions gained first-hand knowledge of operations, equipment, and broadcasting through observation and limited ‘hands-on’ tasks.
· Contributed to round-table discussions on up-coming promotions for on-air personalities, as well as strategies for marketing the prominent sports events.
· Trained in the use of RCS Selector and the Yamaha O2R digital mixing desk connected to DSP editing software where promotional clips were produced.

Work Experience/Assistant to Senior Sound Engineer
Experience/observation engagement that provided insight into the technical aspects of compression. Learned methods for communicating with clients and talent to convey a genuine commitment to achieving the best outcomes possible.
· Edited raw voice recording, adding sound effects and mixing it to DAT format. The production was considered superior with the artist using it as a talent showcase for securing new projects.
· Produced sound designs in studio that were included in advertisement development project.
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Telecommunications Technician

Chris Fong
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234


Telecommunications technician with more than 5 years of highly skilled experience, which includes one year as an electrical technician. Proven track record as a leader, receiving high accolades for quality workmanship and for achieving objectives without encountering outages.

Areas of expertise include:
• Equipment inventory management • Performing power connections
• Developing cable management systems • Installing and testing cabling
• Performing cabling y-splicing • Building fiber trays
• Equipment installing/testing/turn-up • Equipment power-up
• Monitoring for 24 hours • Troubleshooting/repairing problems
• Migrations without outages • Utilizing methods of procedure (MOP)


• Specialty Items: Austron PRR-10/50 GPS clocks (small and large site configurations), and Harris WS 3800 alarm units.
• Timing/Telemetry: GPS Timing Source, Symmetricom ST2, and DCD-523.
• Dac Installations/Expansions: Tellabs and Alcatel.
• Switches/Routers: Cisco, Nortel DMS 100/500, Lucent CBX 500/9000, and Larscom Orion 4000.
• Hardware: Cabling, racking, ironwork, proper fire stopping, earthquake bracing, and fiber tray construction.
• Test Equipment: 107 ThrowMaster and T-Bird testers.
• Certifications: MCI WorldCom and BNC connectors 2000.


Industrial Communication Systems, Houston, TX
1999 - Present
Telecommunications Technician III
Served in a lead role for special assignments such as MCI WorldCom and Nortel, traveling throughout the Houston metropolitan area to install telecommunication systems. Supervised up to 16 technicians and assigned tasks according to individual capabilities. Maintained quality control responsibility. Reported to field engineers. Interacted with directors of security, safety directors, site directors, and IT managers.

• Installed timing and telemetry for an NFL site, which was used as a template per client's request for Denver site which was having problems.
• Negated future problems for a client by recognizing a code violation in work being performed by another contractor for a brand new facility.
• Decommissioned an ST2 clock, and installed and migrated timing cabling to DCD-523 with no service interruption.

Doyle Communications, Burlington, VT
1996 - 1999
Splicing Technician
Served in several lead roles with full, onsite responsibility while working exclusively on Nortel projects across the U.S., ranging from 30,000 lines up to 130,000. Reported to the company president.

• Updated a step switch to digital, attending meetings with both Nortel and Bell managers to provide MOP on how to prevent outages.
• Spliced in overhead cable racking and cosmic MDF, performing final dress work for cables.
• Updated outside plant line maps, for both aerial and buried cable.

Helix Communications, Boston, MA
1995 - 1996
Served as a lead technician for primarily three telecommunications projects, an elementary school, a combined nursing home and correctional facility, and a remodeled office building. Managed crews of up to five technicians.
• Created an overall telephone system that linked two entirely separate facilities under one roof.

SFB Incorporated, Boston, MA
1994 - 1995
Electrical Technician
All stages of electrical work for both residential and commercial project - Pulled cabling to each patient's room for a CAT5 installation at a remodeled hospital.


Lincoln Vocational School, Worchester, MA
Attended an electrical apprentice program.

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Test Engineer

Dale Wong
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234


Electrical Engineer with experience in Computer Technology.


• VLSI Design • Control Engineering
• Digital Signal Processing • Digital Design
• Network Analysis • Random Signal & Noise
• Semiconductor Devices • Industrial Electronics
• TCP/IP • Computer Architecture
• Electrical Circuits • LAN


Zane Company, Fremont, CA
2000 - Present
Test Engineer
Responsible for PCB board-level functional testing, troubleshooting, and testing process and instruction configuration. Perform ICT test of DSL boards; burn-in test of Sun Microsystems motherboards; power module final diagnostic test of Intel CPUs; burn-in test of Xilinx BIOS; and test of high-end 3DFX graphic accelerators.

• Model SL120 Tadpole Cycle Computer motherboard based on Sun Microsystems architecture: 72-hour burn-in test with Sun Solaris 5 Operating System.• Acu Comm Internet Communications iDAC/iRacer/iModule Internet Router Simulation System with base and terminal: Data transmission length test to analyze failure signal.
• Quantum 3D AAlchemy 8164 High-end Graphic Accelerator, with 8 on-board 3DFX chip units: Xilinx BIOS burn-in test and PCB troubleshoot.
• Vina Tech E-Link 200/208/216 network product (Combines T1, Ethernet, and RS232): Data connection analysis between channels and IC controllers.
• Pycon PLB308 Power Module for Intel Pentium III/IV CPU core voltage test: Final diagnostic and voltage adjustment.
• Adastra ATX/ETX PCB Casino Data System motherboard and extension: Troubleshoot on-board BGA, AGP, and PCI interface.


International Technology University, Santa Clara, CA
MSEE, International Technology University, Santa Clara, CA
BSEE, National Taipei Institute of Technology, Taipei, Taiwan
In-Circuit Testing course with HP/Agilent 3070 Series II
Flying Probe Testing course with GenRad GR Pilot LX and GenRad's GR Alchemist III software suite


Avalanche Breakdown Voltages of Abrupt and Linearly Graded P-N Junctions.
- Performed general analysis of space charge, electric field, and potential distribution in Ge, Si, GaAs, and GaP.

Numerical Analysis for The Linearly Graded P-N Junction.
- Conducted fundamental analysis specified by Poisson's and time independent continuity equation.

Bipolar Transistor Model for Computer Simulation.
- Used Gummel-Poon model to obtain result of second-order effects on bipolar transistor characteristics in active mode.

TAP Controller State Machine using Verilog HDL.
- Wrote behavior model of TAP controller finite state machine, and created test bench to exercise all functions.

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