Resumes by Industry: Engineering Mechanical

Aeronautical Engineer

Stacey McGovern
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234


A position employing education in Aeronautical / Mechanical Engineering to contribute to the timely completion of space projects.


Reed Polytechnic Institute, Rochester, NY
Bachelor of Science, Aeronautical Engineering / Mechanical Engineering
GPA: 3.5, Relevant Courses
Fixed Wing Design* / Space Flight Dynamics
Elements of Mechanical Design / Experimental Fluid Dynamics
Vehicular Dynamics and Automatic Control
*Designed a four- seat GA aircraft with a turbofan engine.

Awards & Scholarships
Graduated Cum Laude (1999)
Dean's List
Pi Tau Sigma
(Mechanical Engineering Honor Fraternity)


• Academically competent in all areas of design, development and testing of aircraft or space vehicles.
• Skillfully apply knowledge of aerodynamics to theory, development and modification of aircraft / components.
• Research and analyze data to develop mechanical and electro-mechanical products and systems.
• Expertly organize project guidelines.
• Systematically test prototypes / subassemblies to study and evaluate effects of stress.
• Ensure conformance of engineered product to design and customer specification.
• Coordinate operation, maintenance and repair activities to maximize productivity.
• Computer Knowledge:
Operating Systems: Unix / Windows
Programming Languages: C / HTML
Applications: Word / CAD / Maple / SAS / Matlab (Simulink) / Alpha 5, P-Spice


Geo Laboratories, Inc., Syracuse, NY
1997 - Present
Computer Technician
• Developed database system for use in a warehouse / reorganized warehouse.

Zane Furnishings, Albany, NY
1996 - 1997
• Prepared large and heavy furniture and appliances for transport.
• Identified and delivered client possessions.


Academic Tutor
GM Week Committee Member
Eagle Scout--12 years of dedicated service
National Conservation Award
National Thespian Society

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Aerospace Engineer Recent Graduate

Devin Saunders
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234


Dynamic, forward-looking team player with a sound understanding in mechanical and aerospace engineering. Excellent working knowledge in CAD drafting, including ability to interpret and analyze data to develop and design models. Inspiring team leader with the ability to think laterally to provide solutions, exercising independent judgment and decision-making in the diagnosis and resolution of problems. Outstanding communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to communicate effectively at all levels.

· CFD Analysis
· Gas Dynamics
· Propulsion
· CAD Drafting
· Viscous Flow
· Structural Design & Analysis
· Aerodynamics
· Stress Analysis
· Numerical Analysis
· Space Systems
· Finite Element Analysis
· Engineering Graphics & Design

Advanced skills in AutoCAD 2000/2002, Catia V5, Matlab R12, Ansys V5.5, and FLUENT


Research Assistant (Summer Position)
Reporting directly to Professor for New York’s Propulsion Research Facility performing research and analysis for various projects; data extrapolation; aerodynamics; CFD analysis and CAD drawings.
· Instrumental in managing complete set-up for solid motor rocket experiment; designed bed assembly and performed all CAD assignments utilizing AutoCAD.
· Collaborated with assistant professor regarding the usage and operation of the Waveview software for the new data extrapolation hardware to be used by thesis students; wrote a step-by-step technical manual for students on software use.
· Independently calculated aerodynamic coefficients for the RTD-1 at various altitudes in order to correlate CFD analysis results, enabling the matching of numbers in Missile Datcom program.
· Performed CFD analysis on RTD-1 and SPHADS vehicles to determine aerodynamic coefficients and visualize the flow over the rocket vehicles, resulting in possible design recommendations for both vehicles; testing and analysis, was performed in FLUENT.
· Created and developed all CAD drawings for experiments, including Solid Rocket Motor (SRM) Safety duct GA/Detailed, SRM Bed Assembly GA, SRM Bed Assembly Detailed, Small Payload High Altitude Delivery System (SPHADS) GA/Detailed, SPHADS 3D, and Rocket Glider Vehicle 3D.


2001 – 2002
· Appointed as Project Leader for numerous group projects, supervising small groups of 4-6 and assisting team members in troubleshooting problems.
· Collaborated with project team in successfully designing an International Space Station (ISS) module designed for regular experimental purposes. In case of emergencies, module had an ability to separate from the ISS and serve as a safe-haven to crew.
· Analyzed and interpreted information from data to develop a CFD model of an external flow over a rocket vehicle for thesis project; rocket vehicles were modeled in AutoCAD and meshed in Gambit, while CFD analysis was carried out in FLUENT.


Bachelor of Engineering (2002)

Major: Aerospace Engineering

Jennifer Rushton - -

Aerospace Mechanic

Renee McEvoy
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234


Military-trained jet engine mechanic offering more than 2 years of experience working on F100 jets and more than 3 years on OH-58 helicopters. Experience includes inspecting, removing, disassembling, repairing, testing, reassembling, and installing various aircraft accessories prior to flight, according to technical manuals and guidelines. Computer skills include Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher, and TAMMS.


1998 - Present
Aerospace Propulsion Apprentice
Inspect, remove, repair, adjust, reassemble, and install various parts including the gear box, compressor (fan), augmentor, augmentor exhaust nozzle, turbine section, engine accessories (such as exciter, fuel pump, anti-ice valve, igniter, and fuel control), engine manifolds/electrical wiring, and core engine. Perform hourly, quarterly, and time compliance inspections to determine which parts need repair or replacement. Measure parts to determine wear, determine which parts are serviceable or non-serviceable, replace defective components, and reassemble units. Repair serviceable parts onsite or send to support/depot level for more complicated work. Operate forklifts.
• Received a Navy Achievement Medal in March 1999 for working eight hours straight until 1:00 a.m. (ran an engine in the hush-house prior to test cell equipment going down for calibration).

1997 - 1998

Diesel Engines, Starke, Florida
1995 - 1997
Fuel Injection Specialist

1991 - 1995
Cannon Crew Member
Received training at Ft. Bragg (North Carolina) from October 1991 to December 1991. Transferred to Germany until December 1992 and then to Ft. Sills (Oklahoma) until February 1995.

UNITED STATES NAVY, Texas and Florida
1989 - 1991
OH-58 Helicopter Mechanic
Performed similar responsibilities to those of a jet engine mechanic. Performed daily inspections prior to flight. Replaced main rotor mast assembly. Rigged cyclic and collective control systems. Replaced tail rotor hub and blade assembly.
• Awarded an Expression of Commendation in August 1990 for completing additional maintenance courses through the Smart Troop program


(Military) Certificate - Aerospace Propulsion Apprentice - Jet Engine / F100 (518 hours) - October 1999
(Military) Diploma - OH-58 Helicopter Repair - August 1990
(Military) Licensed to operate a 2-15,000K G&D forklift

Aircraft Common Hardware, Safety Procedures, Aircraft Electrical Power Systems, Basic Hydraulics, Hydraulic Plumbing, Hydraulic Systems and Components, and Aircraft Technical Drawings

ITT Technical Institute
A.A.S., Electronic Engineering Technology

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Aircraft Maintenance

Kerry Cordova
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234


Over 14 years of experience in aircraft maintenance, warehouse and transportation management, and domestic/international logistics operations. Proven leadership, organizational, negotiations, communications, time management, and client relations skills. Accustomed to making quick decisions in an environment that is dependent upon critical timing. Knowledge of computerized maintenance management systems and processes; solid experience in preventative maintenance and repair of aircraft from nose to tail, wing-to-wing, and cockpit to tires. Comprehensive background in the areas of inventory control, materials handling and distribution, transportation/logistics (including international tariffs and regulations), preventative maintenance programs, safety (HAZMAT), quality assurance, and continuous improvement strategies.


Materials Planning & Logistics
• Experienced with the operational documentation procedures and regulatory compliance required to clear shipments through U.S. Customs.
• Extensive experience in inventory control: monitoring, maintaining, procuring, and issuing inventory; managing documentation of materials in use at the facility; brought in from outside sources, and shipped to other destinations.
• Utilize JIT (just-in-time) inventory practices based on deadlines required by airline schedules/deadlines. Interface extensively with 200+ stations and other departments to coordinate activities, often working in extremely tight timeframes.
• Assure standardized "kits" are maintained; work with Kit Department in assigning inventory codes to track materials.
• Coordinate efforts with Maintenance Control to assure parts and materials are available at the proper station at the required time to assure minimum downtime of aircraft.

• Hands-on experience dealing directly with type-certified aircraft, including Boeing 727-200, 737-300, 757-200, 767-200, MD-80, BAE-146, and Fokker. Familiar with engine types produced by Rolls Royce, Boeing, Lockheed-Martin, and McDonald-Douglas.
• Oversee maintenance, servicing, and troubleshooting on all aircraft systems and structural parts from wingtips to landing gear, nose to tail, interior and exterior, including inspections, removals and replacements of component parts, repairs, lubrications, refueling, cleaning/painting/polishing, and other procedures to assure plane is airworthy and ready for next flight.
• Perform careful inspections of aircraft for FOD and other damage; make necessary repairs and make notification, as necessary, to correct problem(s).
• Ability to operate forklifts, crabs, trucks, tugs, cranes, de-icing equipment, and snorkel lifts.
• Experience working on structural parts: propellers, electrical systems, fuel systems, hydraulic systems, vacuum and static systems.
• Assure hazardous materials are utilized, stored, properly inventoried, and disposed of in compliance with all governmental and U.S. Air regulations.

• Oversee tooling, assuring parts are stocked and calibrated; monitor and track parts to assure availability through phone, fax, and e-mail.
• Manage inventory and upkeep of all tools and equipment; provide on-the-job training as necessary.
• Stage 18-30 RON aircraft per week for service/maintenance procedures based on maintenance schedules for the particular aircraft. Assure aircraft downtime is minimal.
• Maintain relevant log book entries, AD research, and paperwork as required to comply with U.S. Airways and governmental regulations.
• Utilize Windows operating systems and applications including Microsoft Word and Excel; develop and maintain customized inventory, tooling, hazardous materials, and materials management spreadsheet reports. Based on knowledge of Excel, asked by other Departments to assist in setting up their reports.
• Served as Senior Shop Steward, coordinating activities with other Shop Stewards, serving as liaison between employees and management. Assured labor contracts and company policy procedures were met and maintained.


Helix Airways, Atlanta, GA
1988 - Present
Transferred to and between various positions in the Company based on Company's needs. Performed duties as Aircraft Appearance Utility Maintenance Lead, Aircraft Appearance Utility Maintenance Support, Aircraft Mechanic, and Line Stock Clerk.

SFB Skycaps, Augusta, GA
1981 - 1988
Assisted passengers with baggage check-in, air-freight, computerized ticketing, and directions. Provided assistance for disabled and underage passengers.


Zane Aircraft Technical School, Tallahassee, FL
Aircraft Mechanic/Maintenance
Airframe Certification


• Windows 95 and 98 - currently training with Windows XP
• Maxi Merlin
• Sabre
• Microsoft Excel and Word

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Aircraft Maintenance Technician Federal Employment

Taylor Anderson
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234


11/01/01 – Present, 50 hours per week, AIRCRAFT MAINTENANCE TECHNICIAN, $17 per hour, Vertex Aerospace, 1160 Saratoga Ave, NAS Kingsville, TX 78364, Jon Doe, 360-516-1212. Perform Contractor Maintenance on assigned aircraft to meet and exceed Contractual obligations, customer Requirements and Standards for aircraft availability, and Contract profitability. Maintain Airworthiness of C-130A, DC-6, and DC-7 firefighting air tankers for United States Forest. Meet Requirements, Regulations, and Objectives for Multiple, Complex projects ranging from extensive aircraft modifications and detailed Aviation Maintenance records keeping to advanced logistical research.

AVIATION MAINTENANCE OVERSIGHT: Coordinate and conduct annual Aviation Maintenance Inspections and subsequent repairs according to Federal Aviation Administration approved and manufacturer’s Standards and Requirements. Lead team of augmentation Contractor Personnel when dispatched with aircraft to various air-tanker bases in western United States. Audit Aviation Maintenance Inspections of Aviation Maintenance Inspection team members. Train other Contractor Personnel in Aviation Maintenance Activities for assigned aircraft.

AVIATION MAINTENANCE EXPERTISE: Perform Alterations, Modifications, and structural repairs to supported airframes and other major components. Overhaul T-56 turbine engines and R3350 Radial engines. Carry out routine Aviation Maintenance Activities on wide range of aircraft electrical, mechanical, fuel, hydraulic, engine, oxygen, fire extinguishing, and pneumatic systems, including scheduled and unscheduled inspections, emergent repairs, and operational checks. Expertly operate precision measuring and test equipment, hand tools, and other special tools.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Sustained DC-7 air tanker in mission ready up status for 100% on-call firefighting support, with aggressive Preventative Maintenance and repairs over two months while sole Aircraft Maintenance Technician deployed with aircraft and crew. Secured deployment logistical and supply resources locally for ready availability. Achieved sustained Zero-Percent Defect Rate in overhaul of 28 R3350 radial engines over 19 months as Lead Aircraft Maintenance Technician for project.

10/15/99 - 10/30/00, 43 hours per week, AIRCRAFT MAINTENANCE TECHNICIAN, $15.50 per hour Boeing Aerospace Operations, 1160 Saratoga Ave, NAS Kingsville, TX 78364, John Doe, 212-555-1212.
Performed majority of same duties as above for Butler Aircraft Company. Maintained Airworthiness of Cessna, Piper, and Beech single- and multi-engine aircraft. Conducted standard Aviation Maintenance Activities on variety of aircraft electrical, mechanical, fuel, hydraulic, oxygen, and pneumatic systems. Established strong reputation for providing high quality maintenance and customer satisfaction in safe and timely manner.

08/01/96 - 09/14/99, 40 hours per week, C-130 PROGRAM MANAGER, E-7, HQ 15th Air Force, 540 Airlift Drive, Travis AFB, CA 94535, John Doe, 707-424-2965. Provided Program Management Oversight of C-130 Program of 143 AMC, ANG, and AFRC C-130 aircraft, Aviation Maintenance Activities of 99 professionals, and $2.5 billion dollars in support equipment and supplies throughout 15th Air Force area of responsibility. Directed 15th Air Force Requirements, Regulations, and Objectives guiding Multiple and Complex logistical planning for worldwide deployment of mobility forces supporting US national interests.

Furnished Single-Point-of Contact Technical Expertise and Guidance to senior staff members and all regional Aviation Maintenance Activities, with emphasis on funds forecasting and resource planning. Inspected and evaluated Aircraft Maintenance Activities at nine subordinate units, executing total Oversight of Shops, Contractor Activities, Work Processes, and Aircraft Systems, with Continuous Process Improvement feedback.

Managed 15th Air Force Training Review Process, supplying Commander with clear overview of training quality and efficiency for nearly 17,200 enlisted personnel, including deficiencies requiring attention and change-management visibility. Oversaw Pacific Theater en route-ground-trainer program. Managed logistics unit and individual maintenance awards program.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Earned Air Force Meritorious Service Medal (Second Oak Leaf Cluster) for successful aggressively coordinated actions to ensure high state of Aviation Maintenance readiness to meet USAF Global Engagement requirements. Eliminated environmentally unsafe C-130 aircraft engine wash requirements, saving over 700 man-hours per year. Improved Pacific theater en route maintenance operations for C-17 systems, by drafting and implementing comprehensive training plan to increase lead technicians’ proficiency. Identified and resolved severe shortage of C-130 defensive armor kits. Re-equipped entire C-130 fleet to full defensive configuration for high-threat areas, through planning and coordinating funding and logistics to obtain kits from other active duty units. Developed and implemented Policies and procedures to realign improper Aviation Maintenance practices with corporate Standards and Requirements. Authored computerized training review process implemented by higher authority to assess enlisted training and provide continual improvement.

02/01/93 - 07/30/96, 40 hours per week, AVIATION MAINTENANCE PRODUCTION SUPERINTENDENT, E-7, 731st Air Mobility Squadron, Hickam AFB, HI, Chief Sergeant John Doe. Managed all Aviation Maintenance Program Activities as Airworthiness Expert Overseeing Requirements, Regulations, and Objectives for Complex planning, inspecting, repairing, and servicing of Multiple USAF aircraft, including the C-5, C-17, C-130, and C-141. Provided Technical Expertise and Guidance to manage production efforts of 123 personnel in 10 different technical fields performing Aircraft Maintenance. Served as Senior Maintenance Representative when deployed to numerous worldwide locations supporting airlift operations. Regularly assumed flight superintendent duties. Balanced people issues with mission demands.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: earned the Air Force Achievement Medal after being hand-selected to lead maintenance operations in support of Operation DEEP FREEZE ’95, and instrumental to 94% launch reliability there and 100 % rate to New Zealand. Consistently maintained 98% or better aircraft Return-to-Service and departure reliability rate within safe and healthy work environment. Salvaged launch and recovery operations for C-141 aircraft supporting COOPERATIVE OSPREY joint US/former Eastern Bloc forces exercise. Resolved logistical challenges to repair aircraft mission-critical discrepancies, ensuring minimum ground time and on-time takeoff, by exercising superior decision-making Technical Expertise and Guidance. Produced high quality technicians in short order through creation of key upgrade training program.

11/16/89 - 01/30/93, 40 hours per week, AVIATION MAINTENANCE INSPECTION TEAM CHIEF, E-6, 86th Airlift Wing, Ramstein Air Base, Germany, Master Sergeant John Doe, 960-775-6684. Managed Aviation Maintenance Inspection team of 59, providing Oversight of Requirements, Regulations, and Objectives for Multiple and Complex phases of Aviation Maintenance Inspection and preplanned maintenance tasks. Directed all Aviation Maintenance Activities during inspection process, providing Technical Expertise and Guidance. Interpreted inspection discrepancies and determined validity of corrective actions. Evaluated individual system discrepancies and verified delivery priorities when ordering mission-critical components. Ensured sufficient levels of properly trained and fully qualified personnel to perform Aviation Maintenance Inspections and required maintenance.

Managed Aviation Maintenance Organization, providing Oversight of Requirements, Regulations, and Objectives for Multiple and Complex weapon systems valued in excess of $500 million, as Maintenance Squadron Assistant Systems Section Chief. Managed maintenance and safety programs and performance of 59 personnel across 13 different Aviation Maintenance fields. Led safely performed Aviation Maintenance efforts to support 17 assigned HC-130 Combat Shadow, MC-130 Combat Talon II, and MH-53J PAVE LOW III helicopters. Oversaw more than $8.5 million in Aviation Maintenance resources assigned to seven different functional areas. Concurrently I performed full-time duties and responsibilities of Section Safety Program Manager, Section Self-Inspection Program Manager, and Flight Technical Order Distribution Office (TODO) Manager.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Decreased inspection flow time 30% through Aviation Maintenance Inspection process improvement and effective short- and long-term goal setting, as Isochronal Inspection Team Supervisor. Eliminated over $67,000 in duplicate supplies by integrating Inspection Dock with Heavy Maintenance shop to improve use of resources and personnel skills. Concretely increased capabilities of over 800 personnel and readiness of multiple weapons systems, while serving as Maintenance Squadron Assistant Systems Section Chief. Accomplished consistent timely, correct, and complete documentation of aircraft maintenance records, special inspections, and Time Compliance Technical Orders, through aggressive and effective management.


BS, Professional Aeronautics, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Daytona Beach, FL 32117, May 99, GPA 3.60

AS, Aircraft Maintenance Technology, Community College of the AF, Maxwell AFB, AL 36112, Aug 95, GPA 3.99


Maintenance Engine Run C-141 Initial Course, Jun 97, 24 hours; Aircraft Maintenance Technician, C-141, 2A5X1J, Sep 96, 136 hours; C-141 Aircraft Maintenance Technician (Transition/En Route), 2A5X1J, Aug 93,186 hours; C-130 Aircraft Maintenance Specialist Courses, 431x2, Mar 81, 453 hours.


FAA INSPECTION AUTHORIZATION, Jan 01; FAA AIRFRAME AND POWER PLANT CERTIFICATE, Federal Aviation Administration, Sep 98; FCC GENERAL RADIO OPERATORS LICENSE, Mar 98; Air Force Meritorious Service Medal (Second Oak Leaf Cluster); Air Force Achievement Medal; Air Force Noncommissioned Officer of the Quarter; Squadron Noncommissioned Officer of the Quarter; Proficient in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, IE 6.0, and Advanced Maintenance Information System (MIS) Applications. Volunteer for Boy Scouts of America, Cub Master, Pack 27, Redmond, Oregon.

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Aircraft Mechanic

Taylor Anderson
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234


A&P mechanic with 18 years experience in personnel management, training, scheduling, and administration for up to 39 personnel and 31 aircraft. Lead team members by example and employ techniques to encourage full potential of performance. Empasize importance on quality and integrity of parts and assemblies used in production, repair, and maintenance of aircraft. Maintain conformance with FAA, OSHA, SOP, and HAZMAT safety regulations through monitoring and education of staff.


Boeing 707, 727, 747, 757, B1B, and B2B • Convair 240, 340, and 440 • J-29-217 Engines
DC-8, 9, and 10 • MD 1011 • C-17, 141, and 405 • F-5E, B, and F / F-4C and D • T-38A and 37 • KC-135


Aircraft and Sheet Metal Maintenance
- Perform pre-flight, thru-flight, and post-flight inspections on assigned aircraft and document findings.
- Facilitate design and development required for the fabrication and modification of tooling apparatuses.
- Study specifications documents, such as blueprints and sketches, to plan sequence of operations and set up machine tools.
- Install, disassemble, repair, and replace variety of subassemblies on diverse aircraft.
- Make use of extensive knowledge in areas of aerospace structural technologies and prototype design to guarantee highest levels of quality assurance and FAA regulations are met or exceeded.
- Use micrometers, height gauges, calipers, and electric/electronic measuring instruments, as well hydraulic, pneumatic, and digital tools and equipment, including squaring shears, seamers, bar folders, brakes, stakes, sliproll forming machines, and welding equipment, in performance of daily operations.
- Operate hand and power equipment, inclusive of forklifts, cranes, hand trucks and hydraulic mules.


Air Cargo
1995 - 2001
A & P Mechanic / Team Lead

ABC Services
1994 - 1995
Sheet Metal Mechanic

Plane Corporation
1985 - 1994
A & P Mechanic

United States Air Force
1984 - 1985
Flight Line Mechanic


Jet Engine Technician • OJT Trainer • USAF Supervisor Course
Earned 28 CE Credits in Welding, Drafting, and Accounting - Community College of USAF
Aircraft Maintenance Technician
Licensed A & P Mechanic
FAM 727 Certified

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Drilling Engineer

Jordan Winters
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234


Engineer with 18 years of overall experience in the oil and gas industry, with 7 years in drilling production and operations engineering. Project management experience includes preparing cost estimates, bidding the services and working with vendors, writing bid specifications, negotiating bids, preparing workover program, and working with drilling or workover contractor to supervise and coordinate the project. Additional experience includes budget development, control of expenses, billing of services, writing procedures, coordinating operations, and supervising an engineering team. Earned a degree in petroleum engineering. Computer skills include Microsoft Windows 95, Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, and Outlook), Lotus Notes, ARIES, PEEP, and VOLTS.


BURLINGTON RESOURCES, Farmington, New Mexico
1989 - Present
Acting Regional Drilling Engineer
Coordinated and directed drilling operations for the San Juan Basin. Supervised two engineers, a technician, and a drilling clerk. Interacted with other regional engineers within the division. Worked with the drilling manager to develop and revise the annual drilling budget and to control expenses.

• Supervised horizontal drilling projects that came in 25% under budget.
• Instrumental in developing under balanced drilling and completion techniques in coal bed methane development.
• Incorporated air/gas drilling techniques and saved up to $50,000 per well, while also enhancing project economics.
• Contributed to the development and implementation of a logistics management team database that eliminated the need to compile environmental impact statements, streamlined the process of data gathering and reporting, and improved the ability to track the progress and costs of each project.

BURLINGTON RESOURCES, Farmington, New Mexico
1982 - 1989
Petroleum Engineer
Managed various drilling projects. Wrote procedures for drilling, completion, and workover projects in the San Juan Basin. Negotiated contracts with vendors and prepared billing statements. Interacted internally with purchasing, materials, drilling, and engineering managers. Worked externally with sales representatives, safety engineers, field service engineers, and field personnel, including equipment operators, laborers, roughnecks, and rig hands.

• Overall projects ranged from $.5 million to $30 million.
• Completed 50 coal bed methane development projects.


Bachelor of Science, Petroleum Engineering

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Equipment Maintainer

Casey Catello
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234


• Noted for expert knowledge of all Maintenance of Way equipment.
• Demonstrated marketing and negotiating skills.
• Known for exceptional work ethic, strong integrity.
• Excellent oral and written communication skills.
• Highly respected by workers. Good listener.
• Well organized and able to prioritize diverse workload.
• Adept at working under intense conditions to meet operational requirements.


Acme Machinery, Cleveland, OH
1989 - Present
Equipment Field Maintainer
• Utilized mechanical skill to repair and maintain Maintenance of Way equipment.
• Assessed, determined and repaired mechanical defects toward safety maintenance according to standards of rail service.
• Recorded and reported machine performance and arranged for routine checks against requirements for safety.
• Developed and instructed a fire extinguisher training in-service for fellow employees; implemented annually. Improved knowledge by staff increases safety, reduces the risk of fire, keeping damage costs to a minimum.
• Served as member of "Quality Action Team." Collaborated with outside supplier to use engine oil precleaner on machines to improve efficiency, saving oil interval changes and environmental disposal fees, projected savings during next 3 years: 2.5-3 million dollars.
• Served as member of Health and Safety Committee.

Baker Trucking Inc., Akron, OH
1982 - 1989
Truck Mechanic
Maintained mechanical condition and records for truck fleet of a large waste disposal company.

Akron Automotive, Akron, OH
1977 - 1982
• Successfully completed apprentice mechanic program (Class A).
• Specialized in the maintenance of pickup trucks, delivery vans, and short-haul trucks.


Training Courses:

Electronics Training
Hydraulics Training
Fairmont Tamper Training
Municipal Fire Suppression Course
Trades Training
Engine Repair Course, Mack Truck School
Several CN courses including hydraulic repair, propane gas furnace repair, and machine operation
Dale Carnegie Course


Hoisting Certificate 0-8 tons, Concord, Ontario (2001)

Computer knowledge:

Word Processing, Internet, E-mail, CN expense report database, Fax


Volunteer Firefighter
Member Masonic Lodge
"Santa Claus" for annual Christmas parade; hospital visits.
Organized community food/supply drive during major ice storm.

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Heavy Equipment Mechanic

Lee Robertson
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234


Professional with 21 years union and non-union experience, with over 10 years as an Equipment Mobile Mechanic.


- Strong time management techniques, capable decision-maker.
- Troubleshoot mechanical and operational problems.
- Reputation for dependability, integrity and professionalism.
- Ability to produce in a demanding work schedule.
- Work well with others.


• Operated / repaired various types of excavating, demolition and construction equipment: scrapers/spreads, backhoes, loaders, bulldozers, compactors, road graders, haul trucks, forklifts, lattice friction crane, boom welding, and over-the-road trucks. Brands: Caterpillar, Komatsu, Hitachi, John Deere and more.
• Owned and operated a 1987 Ford LN8000 Service Truck, with a15,000-lb crane, 500-amp welder, 45-CRM air compressor, water and oil capacities, and all hand tools required.
• Performed all repairs -- light field maintenance / repairs to major field and/or shop overhauls.
• Skilled at performing welding fabrication and repairs - stick or MIG.
• Subcontracted welding and fabricating, and equipment maintenance/repair for a number of construction businesses throughout Minnesota.
• Mobile mechanic on large housing site development and water reclamation projects throughout southern California during the housing boom of the 80s.
• Worked on Housing and Highway projects in the Minnesota Metro area.
• In-house shop mechanic for DH Blattner, a global excavation and mining corporation.

• As Head Mechanic on a California-based water reclamation project, directed and supervised a crew of 3, and made daily decisions regarding repair.
• Shop Foreman in Guam, overseeing equipment repair operations. Managed a staff of 9, procured parts from Mainland suppliers, negotiated equipment repairs and payment within a global market (Korea, Japan, Australia, and Guam), prepared written job estimates for customers, and simultaneously performed mechanical repairs.
• As a Leased Mechanic (Minnesota Union Local), was selected by company to spearhead a non-existing Maintenance Program. Managed all facets of establishing this new area. The division has grown from initial staff of 1 to 11, and is accountable for +440 equipment units.


Zane Company, St. Paul, MN
1998 - Present
Subcontractor Mobile / Equipment Mechanic

Union of Operating Engineers, Anytown, MN
1991 - 1998
Mobile Equipment Mechanic

Doyle and Associates, St. Paul, MN
1990 - 1991
Shop Mechanic

Union of Operating Engineers, California
1985 - 1990
Master Mechanic / Mobile Crew Mechanic

U.S Naval Base, Guam
Equipment Repair Shop Foreman


• Graduate, Heavy Equipment Mechanic Engineer School, U.S. Marine Corps.
• Ongoing dealer training regarding changing maintenance requirements and product knowledge.

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Industrial Equipment Engineer

Jamie Hill
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234


Industrial Equipment Engineer with 17 years experience in engineering processes and procedures. Manage the maintenance, repair and upgrade of capital equipment, using skills in troubleshooting, critical thinking, problem solving, analysis, and written and oral communication. Keep current on industry news and apply knowledge to daily operating procedures. Train and manage personnel and help enhance team-oriented work environment.


- Maintained and repaired capital equipment used for polishing, planarization, dry etch and ashing of semiconductor devices, for world-class organizations.
- Implemented procedures that improved polisher availability from 56% to 85%; cleaning tool from 80% to 99%.
- Developed and maintained tracking and diagnostic programs for troubleshooting and added operational efficiency.
- Authored, cleaning, maintenance and procedural manuals for use by equipment and systems maintenance personnel.
- Directed quality control programs for fuel oil transfer and purification systems. Administered preventative and corrective maintenance programs. Ensured hazardous material handling compliance, environmental quality and training of all personnel in engineering department.
- Remained responsible for the maintenance and continuous operation of $350 million of communications equipment.


Ferndale Corporation
1999 - Present
Equipment Engineer

Helix International
1997 - 1999
Plasma Maintenance Technician

Maxwell Management
1995 - 1997
Equipment Engineer


United States Navy. Fuels Officer/Engineering Administration Officer/Division Officer (1994-1995)
Electronics Materiel Officer/Division Officer (1992-1994)
Various Progressive positions in Electronics and Electrical Equipment/Systems Installation (1985-1992)


• Hydraulics • Friction and Tribology • Pneumatics
• Chemical Deliver • Electronic Controls • Heat Exchangers
• Refrigeration • Temperature Control Systems • Polishers
• Cleaning Stations • Mass Flow Control Devices • Spray Acid Tools

• Vertical Furnaces • Diffusion Equipment • Heat Exchangers
• Refrigeration • Vacuum Systems • Blower Pumps
• Cryopumps • Turbomolecular Pumps • Pressure Control
• Power Supplies • Gas Delivery Devices • Ultrasonic Systems

• Microwave Systems • Radio Frequency Generators • Spin Rinse Dryers
• Etch Systems • Ultra-High Vacuum Systems • Ashing Systems
• Diesel Engines • Gas Turbine Engines • Fuel Oil Systems
• Water Chemistry Control • Lubrication Oil Systems • Electrical Power Generation


Portland State University
Mechanical Engineering

State of Washington
Bachelor of Science, Industrial Engineering
Navy Nuclear Power School
Engineer Training Certificate, #12345, State of Washington

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Machine Mechanic

Devin Saunders
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
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Mechanically inclined individual with numerous technical trade skills. Extremely hard-working with an outstanding record of success and achievement on the job. Skills offered include:

• Machining • Basic Electricity • Plumbing
• Carpentry • Mechanics • Hydraulics
• Pneumatics • Inventory Control • Fork Lift Operator
• Warehousing • Rigging • Job Pricing


Manning Property Management, Augusta, GA
1992 - Present
Supervised the maintenance and upkeep for 75 rental and lease properties, including private single-family residences, multi-unit dwellings, and commercial spaces. Ordered repair parts and maintained inventory of frequently used items. Interviewed, hired, and managed sub-contractors for major repair work.

Community Resorts, Savannah, GA
1988 - 1992
Performed routine maintenance and emergency repair work for 82-unit vacation resort. Compiled and maintained complete records on all major appliances. Supervised major renovations to building exteriors and interiors.

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Mechanical Engineer

Stacey McGovern
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
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A dynamic, bilingual Mechanical Engineer recognized for excellent organizational and interpersonal skills. Possesses significant engineering experience in design, analysis, testing and quality control. Career objectives surrounding project management ensuring the earning of a Professional Engineer designation within the next 3 years.
Significant skill set including:

· 2 years in Manufacturing
· Engineering and Design
· ISO 9001:2000 quality system
· Leadership and teamwork
· Bilingual Certificate (English & French)
· Mechanical Desktop CAD
· Finite Element Analysis Software
· CNC Milling
· Microsoft Office
· In-depth knowledge of MIL-Spec aircraft hardware and materials


Bachelor of Applied Science in Mechanical Engineering
Queen’s University, Kingston, ON

Certificate of Training in Human Performance in Aviation Maintenance


Engineer, International Avionics, Chilliwack, BC
2002 to 2003
· Designed and analyzed a wing test structure to support an Otter wing loaded with 14,000 lbs .
· Charged, as the only staff engineer, to write compliance programs, loads reports, and load analysis reports regarding aircraft modifications for Transport Canada approval.
· Cataloged and maintained an inventory of aircraft hardware and materials for manufacturing.
· Planned and implemented forms for ISO 9001:2000 accreditation.

Inventory Manager, Taylor Aviation, Kelowna, BC
· Purchased, organized and distributed aircraft parts, hardware, tools and materials with a high degree of traceability in a busy maintenance and manufacturing environment.
· Responsible for shipping, receiving, reception, and chairing the safety committee

International Student Trainee, Lester Quaek Tube, Yurs, Sweden
· Learned the processes, hands-on, involved in manufacturing large stainless steel pipes.
· Investigated, completed, and made recommendations for three quality control projects.

Maintenance Planner, Gotwayr Transportation Systems, Barrie, ON
· Updated and revised Microsoft Access Visual Basic coding from previous summer’s database work for the Operations and Maintenance Department of the Systems Engineering Division.
· Implemented customizations to the Maintenance Database (MAXIMO) for the JFK Airtrain, NYC
· Projected train scheduling and mileage for Vancouver’s Light Rail Transit extensions.

Maintenance Planner, Gotwayr Transportation Systems, Barrie, ON
· Using Microsoft Access and Visual Basic designed, coded, and created a database to track the arrival and details of maintenance equipment and deliverables.
· Wrote the access plan for all the buildings associated with the JFK Airtrain, NYC.


Adam Wallgren Memorial Award, 1998
“Given as a memorial to Adam Wallgren by his friends and awarded to a first year engineering student who, through actions and friendly disposition, has eased the rigors of day-to-day life in first year.”

Governor General’s Award, 1998
For attaining the highest graduating average in the final year of high school.

INCO Reserved Scholarship Recipient, 1998
Four-year scholarship, awarded for overall proficiency in academics and extracurricular activities.

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Mechanical Engineer Best

Max Miller
18 Central Avenue, Hoboken, NJ 10012 / Tel# (307) 555-9954 Email:

Mechanical Engineer


Mechanical Engineer with over 20 years experience designing and delivering engineering solutions for major construction projects. Specializing in HVAC systems using the latest components and techniques. Demonstrated ability to direct a team of technical professionals to meet or exceed project goals. Expertise in theoretical model analysis and prototype testing. Pioneer in applying computer technology to mechanical engineering processes achieving improvement in quality and savings in time.


· Innovation – research and apply new technologies and methods to improve service.
· Management – coordinate professionals to deliver integrated, high quality construction.
· Planning – institute long-range forecasting for growth and improvement.
· Technical expertise – in-depth knowledge of diverse aspects of mechanical engineering, recognized as an expert in HVAC systems.
· Client relations – maintain focus on client needs and expectations, follow-up to ensure satisfaction and improve products and services.


1994 - Present
Mechanical Engineer
Directed mechanical engineering team for major construction company, including personnel management, planning and budgeting, technical design, bids and working documents, project management, and quality control. Implemented and monitored strict use of project management procedures and systems. Researched new products and techniques in industry.
· Researched and implemented HVAC innovations, reducing costs by 22%.
· Developed detailed project proposals and presented recommendations to senior partners.
· Institutionalized process of conducting follow-up studies of engineering projects to identify opportunities to improve products or processes.
· Spearheaded long-range planning to prepare for growth and technological change.

1991 - 1994
Industrial Engineer
Served as liaison between the engineers, architects, and clients for large-scale construction projects. Analyzed all technical drawings and identified inconsistencies among designs.
· Standardized working drawings and specification sheet formats across sub-contractors to improve communication.
· Developed simulated models of projects to conduct theoretical analysis of construction materials and techniques.
· Analyzed all change orders to quickly identify ripple effects on other systems.
· Constructed prototypes of specialized components to test durability and suitability.

OCTAGON, INC., Hoboken, NJ
1980 - 1991
Associate Engineer
Designed HVAC systems for office buildings, restaurants, hospitals, schools, and stores. Created detailed drawings and related documents for bids, coordinating with project engineers and architects. Presented alternative designs to engineering staff and clients.
· Calculated building HVAC requirements to ensure adequate capacity of system.
· Applied OSHA and EPA requirements and prepared documents to support permit and inspection process.
· Attended vendor presentations to learn about developments in HVAC technology.
· Applied CAD tools, reducing design time by 20%.


Master of Science (Mechanical Engineering), 1980
Garden State University, Newark, New Jersey

Bachelor of Science (Mechanical Engineering), 1977
New Jersey State College, Trenton, New Jersey


Certified Professional Engineer, State of New Jersey
American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Member

Mechanical Engineering Professional

Drew Anderson
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234


Highly motivated and results driven mechanical engineer with more than 20 years of continuous experience. Aggressive at identifying and resolving inefficient procedures and processes. Adept at completing demanding projects within crucial timelines. Thorough; detail and process oriented; strong follow-through skills. Known for analyzing a situation, and quickly implementing innovative resolutions. Highly articulate, demonstrating excellent interpersonal skills across all levels including the effective exchange of complex technical / manufacturing / industrial data. Flexibility with respect to long and variable hours of work. Dependable: no sick day usage for 10 years. Core competencies include:

• Quality Assurance • Technology Development
• Problem Resolution • Confidentiality Assurance
• Sourcing & Procurement • Regulatory Compliance
• QS 9000 & ISO 9000 • Six Sigma Training
• Material Requirements Planning • Concurrent Project Management
• Team Building, Training & Leadership • Process & Performance Optimization


Engineering Centre, Mississauga
2000 - 2002
Granted second contract for this civil airframe manufacturer, with annual revenues of $12B. Requested to Project Plan new experimental design program.
• Provided Material Review Board and design support for two refurbishment programs.
• Accountable for overseeing complete process from planning, design, methods, materials and quality to the final issuance of Engineering Change Overs. Co-ordinated and granted signing authority for fuel systems, structures, electronics and hydraulics.

Engineering Inc., Downsview
1996 - 2000
Contracted to project manage two vital company initiatives.
• Directed the necessary engineering technical procedures of Material Review Board specifications for final line assembly and testing. Efforts recognized by receiving Material Review Board signature in July 1996.
• Drove Liaison and Engineering Team to fulfill requirements for Global Express Aircraft Modification Program and Certification at Montreal facility.

Engineering Canada Ltd., Mississauga
1980 - 1996
Initially retained to serve as a senior liaison engineer to provide expertise in the investigations and analyses of vendor nonconformance discrepancies. Skill-set recognized, earning promotion to final position. Scope of responsibilities included hiring, training and supervising a staff of 15 liaison and quality engineers, (union and non union), leading corrective action initiatives, senior management presentations, and departmental budget control. Received Six Sigma training. Trusted to assume Director of Quality's role during absences. Selected accomplishments include:

• Spearheaded the implementation of both Customer Quality Reporting Program, and Quality Engineering Electronic Acceptance Procedures.
• Earned "Supervisor Award" and "Department Recognition Award".
• Utilized strong analytical skills to address vendor-based disposition nonconformance discrepancies, traveling extensively throughout North America when required.
• Selected to contribute Quality Assurance expertise to Sheridan College advisory committee for new Quality curriculum development purposes.


Windows 98/200/XP/NT Word, Excel, MS Project, Unigraphics, Catia, AutoCAD (level 1 & 2 versions 2002) Internet, e-mail, multiple proprietary company software for methods, work material planning, quality assurance and on line drawing review.


• Management / Supervisor Training
• Health & Safety
• Juran & Deming Quality Management
• Material Requirements Planning
• Just-in-Time Delivery

Ryerson Polytechnical University and Humber College

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